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Looby Law – Breaking Time Constraint By Going Virtual

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A lot can happen if pieces of a puzzle find a way to their exact spot at the right time. For entrepreneurs, owners of small and middle enterprises, players with almost no experience of running things, issues get magnified as they hopelessly search for missing pieces of a puzzle to solve a crisis. What they lack in such a crucial moment are time and resources.

It is something Looby Law understands pretty well as they like to think of themselves as startups. They place themselves where others were, while trying to resolve issues. From their experience, Looby Law realized solving this issue requires breaking the time barrier and providing better access to SMEs and companies.

As a solution, the company decided to go virtual, a masterstroke in its own merit, as this increased its client base in almost no time. Eldon L. Looby, the Founder and Managing Attorney of Looby Law, took this decision of going virtual from an insight that taught him to stay aligned with clients. He realized that clients often suffer because they cannot reach their advisors in time and lack the right kind of access to do so. The fissure created by time and space between advisors and clients had to be bridged and Eldon did that by going virtual.

How Does It Work?

Going virtual means that clients can reach an attorney for a quick discussion from their comfort zone or a distant location and at non-traditional hours. This deepens the bond between a client and his attorney. The virtual model also works well in reducing the cost of function.

Eldon believes that technologies can play a pivotal role in integrating better communication methods. It can also streamline the workflow. For instance, using e-Signature, virtual phones, and fax operations can save time and trouble of managing things on the go.

Looby Law is also using a cloud platform to simplify their work process. All these actions burgeon from Eldon’s belief of working “smarter, not harder.” Technologies provide an opportunity to deploy customized solutions, which are quite challenging to achieve in the traditional model. Eldon, due to his love for technologies, learned this at an early stage.

Changing Platforms

Looby Law is quite adept at handling projects that are unique in every aspect. This is because their attorneys are trained in thinking out of the box to solve unprecedented crises and address evolving strategies of their clients. It makes the company more result-driven, one which is increasing its reputation among clients.

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