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LeanFeast – A Toast to Good Health

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If you ask random people today about calorie intake or how to eat healthy, chances are that you will get an answer in the right direction. A decade or two ago, the chances would have been relatively lower. So, what has changed? The answer is the permeation of social media and search engines into our daily lives. People are now more aware of healthy meals and its importance than ever before.

But are they getting time to prepare one for themselves? In most cases, the answer would be a resounding ‘No’. Why? Rapid-scale urbanization and industrialization have left people with very little or no ‘me time’. Even if they want to cook their meal, they are too exhausted.

Back in 2015, LeanFeast realized this visible gap in the society and decided to bridge the same by introducing a healthier and smarter way of consuming food.

What Boosted the Way?

For a working population, “time is valuable,” and staying fit is of utmost necessity. But they hardly get their hands on ‘clean food,’ which thereby hampers their fitness. This prompted LeanFeast to adopt a smart meal planning, wherein the meals are planned in a way to get their clients “through the day without the temptations of eating unhealthy foods.”

From the very beginning, the intent was to serve clean food ‘without sodium, oils, and fillers.’ For 85% of the population, having it is a tough task and there is always a chance of the meal routine becoming boring. LeanFeast used the right resources to cover more grounds with an enticing menu. Moreover, customer satisfaction is their topmost priority, which triggered more innovations.

The Route Map

“From a small bar kitchen, an online platform, brick & mortar to now franchising nationwide,” the proceedings for LeanFeast were crazy all along without any hiatus. In it, the company got the backing of a visionary leader like Eric Larosa and extensive support from social media.

According to Eric, social media serves as the main media outlet for the company in getting the brand reach out to people. Add to this, LeanFeast is now eyeing for “a media presence, branding, and a concept that works.”

The future of LeanFeast is in the hands of the individuals that believe in the vision, creation, concept, and overall willingness to achieve the benefit of eating cleaner. “Our executives and current Franchisees have embraced the culture that we have created. The more communities that we pop up in, the easier it will be to rival the fast-food industry,” concludes Eric.

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