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LUXE Digital Now: Breaking Boundaries with Technologies

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It’s good to be a market leader with goals attained, but it’s better to be ready for tomorrow. The flicker should not rest at the finishing line, but light the torch for the future, thereby paving the way for more landmarks. For that, meeting demands of the present and having a vision for the future is of utmost necessity.

Artificial Intelligence serves both these purposes. Those who are ready to flow with it, are most likely to have an edge in the market. LUXE Digital Now LLC is one of them and they have fused their endeavors with various pioneering technologies that hold the key to the future.

In just two years, LUXE Digital Now emerged as a leader in the digital marketing field. This has been possible for their affinity towards technology and imbibing of AI to provide best-in-class digital marketing solutions.

AiDAS, their premium AI technology, can vouch for it. 

The Core

It is never easy to sustain in a competitive market with general practices. One has to hone skills and chart routes to stand out and offer a difference. It is all the more true for a field like digital marketing that has become a rage with companies scrimmaging for an online brand presence.

However, solving this dubiety is possible with a perfect balance. LUXE Digital Now is doing that by maintaining an equipoise between their ‘values and professional ethics’ and the exact needs of their clients.

In many ways, their technologies perform the balancing act. For instance, AiDAS has been the torchbearer for the company. Yet, LUXE Digital Now believes in keeping an array of technologies to support each specific need when the time arises. With that intent, they have filled their arsenal with technologies like Premier Jet App and Liquid Beauty AI.

The Mind Behind

The journey from achieving success to building legacy becomes comfortable with an adept helmsman. And, Jacqueline Hudson, the CEO and the Founder of LUXE Digital Now, knows exactly how to steer the wheel. She is not just a ‘brand asset and communication executive,’ but an expert in ‘designing and implementing communication campaigns using channel success metrics.’

Moreover, her knowledge spans across multiple fields like cosmetics, luxury, technology, beauty, fashion, and real estate. In fact, she has enviable expertise in skills like editorial writing, copywriting, creative content management, brand marketing, and project management. Her PgD degree in digital marketing gave her a base for what she is doing now. Whereas, her zeal to learn more and explore uncharted terrains fueled the desire to stand out, and LUXE Digital Now can corroborate that.

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