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KSBC – Creating Opportunities, Improving Economies

Dejan Stancer KSBC

Obstacles are often common for people who wish to rise as entrepreneurs. But if these challenges arise from socio-political issues, then red tapes are something to be worried about. This was the case with Kazakhstan and Slovenia, wherein businesses were lacking prospects in Central Asia in the early years of the 21st century. However, exploring the regional growth possibilities were becoming essential to back the rising GDPs.

That is when entrepreneurs from both Slovenia and Kazakhstan decided to come up with a solution to ease bilateral moves. In 2013, they formed Kazakh-Slovenian Business Club, aka KSBC. Their endeavor was to strive for growth, which they followed with extreme diligence, and still do. The company tries to make business easier for new entrants and existing players so that they can improve their profit margin and expand their business with ease.

Economic diplomacy of these countries are now on a track of development and it is getting mirrored in “public finances in the form of taxes,” which KSBC member pays for realized transactions.

What Was On the Cards?

The idea got backed by entrepreneurs of both countries. For the people of Kazakhstan, Slovenia is a remarkable economy that is investing much in “research, development and knowledge.” The country has a robust production facility to support the demands of the automotive sector. It is also spending much on robotics, transports, and logistics.

The country has substantial experience in tourism and it has “one of the largest ports in the Adriatic- the Port of Koper.” In addition, the country also benefits from “the openness of borders (Schengen) and the area of the common European currency (Euro).” Its moves can definitely improve the economic condition of Central Europe.

Kazakhstan, on the other hand, is emerging as a crucial country for the Central Asian region. It is opening up possibilities for other rising economies like Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

What Is Leading KSBC?

Dejan Stancer, the President of KSBC, is taking the company to new heights with each passing day. He took up the onus back in 2016 to create a network to ease operations for various entrepreneurs, and this network now includes eminent businessmen and politicians.

Like many other enterprises and organizations, KSBC is suffering from the blows of the COVID-19 attack. Plans and strategies for the coming years got disrupted by it. However, the company was quick to assess the situation and adopt short-term strategic moves to lessen the impact.

The company has also increased its focus on strengthening its network to maintain a steady influx of investment. It will create opportunities for businesses and, in a time like this, collaboration to fight off odds is the best solution.

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