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Keith Kirkwood – Transforming Societies By Empowering People

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As a Diplomat and the Chairman of Gift Global Initiative, a global charitable diplomacy organization that provides Humanitarian Aid, Conflict Resolution and Economic Development in The Middle East, Asia, Africa, South, Central and, North America, Keith Kirkwood’s expertise lies in facilitating and building Private Public partnerships. As a person, Keith never forgot his roots, making him passionate about helping people and guiding the vulnerable ones in the society towards a better future. His zeal to stand for human rights has taken him across borders and now he finds himself actively participating in various plans as an International Activist for kids and animals.

Like his role model the late President John. F. Kennedy, Keith stands in solidarity with the people who are stripped of their rights. While working with such people, he realized that it is the young who can usher in a change, thereby inspiring him to work with children and young adults. Thus, earning him a tag from his peers, “California’s Kennedy.”

As an entrepreneur, he has been equally successful. But his willingness to do something for the people, for those deprived of privileges, has led him to a different path. His efforts have been lauded by the government when he was appointed by the California Governor and confirmed by The President of the United States to The Selective Service System.

He also serves as the Global Goodwill Ambassador for United States. Standing at the intersection of diplomacy, humanitarian aid and public service, Keith is not just highly skilled at representing governments and /or private sector as a liaison on international matters and bringing humanitarian aid to the host country residents but has been proactive in locally, ranging from his involvement in “the Budget Oversight Committee, School Site Council, Chairman of Social Services and Education Committee for the city of LA.”

The Beginning

Keith had a simple upbringing. He spent his formative years in a “middle-class home in Acushnet, a small town in Bristol County, Massachusetts.” But the ambience he had in those years was slightly different from any traditional family. He is not a product of a nuclear family, rather he had this good fortune of getting raised by “his grandparents, his mother, and his aunt.” The impact of having three strong women around was immense on him, thus inspiring him to take challenges head-on.

His worldview was shaped by his days across different parts of the globe. Keith Kirkwood spent a few years in Europe and soon got into the MMA industry. He followed up his success in the fighting world by investing into two professional basketball teams and restoring the famous ‘Webster Hall’ Restaurant & Lounge.

When he moved to LA, Keith’s life took a different direction as he joined the production business. Soon, he started producing film/TV projects under his company Bio Pic Entertainment’s (Biopicent.com) banner.

The Other Side

A good foundation can lead to a better future. That is why arming the young with the idea of rights, of what they can achieve, and how they can transform the society for a cumulative evolution is essential. Keith knew that the right way to begin this would be by setting up more schools to teach young minds.

The dynamic entrepreneur is dedicated towards this direction. That is why be it within the boundaries of his country or across the government defined walls, Keith is developing moves to modernize the public-school system curriculum and school safety. His plans are often out of the box but they are futuristic and pragmatic. A peep into his “Studentpreneur Program” can reveal how his mind focuses on building a sustainable future.

Keith believes that institutions’ focal point should be entrepreneurship, wherein students will receive practical lessons about how to start companies and act in creative ways. If taught well, this could be a solution for the future unemployment crisis. The Studentpreneur program has a holistic approach as it includes mortarboards, lessons on “critical-thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.”

To make it more pragmatic, Keith Kirkwood expanded his team by including business leaders like Billionaire Real-estate Developer-  Rick Caruso; Music Mogul – Steve Lobel; and the President of the Chamber of Commerce – Steve Kramer. These individuals bring-forth their expertise and knowledge in order to inspire the direction of the next-generation.

The Fitness Factor

It is difficult to focus in class with a jam-packed mind. A brief pause for a walk or some activity could be stimulating for the brain. That is what Keith has incorporated in his Kid Fit program. The focus here is on getting their grey cells as active as possible. Teachers prefer this program as its implementation has inspired good results and influenced more students to participate in the class. Mark sheets have also shown promising signs because of this program.

Moreover, Keith has also been active in curbing down the problem of obesity. The launch of the “Political Pump” program was a result of that very thought. To effectively put this into practice, he uses Facebook as a medium. It is a live interactive fitness training program, where the intent is to make children more active and educate them about nutrition.

Crossing The Border

Although his primary focus has always been on helping children and young adults, Keith has never forgotten about his obligations for others as a social rights activist. He is aware about the living qualities in deprived regions and is working hard to implement affordable housing policies.

Another glaring problem is human trafficking, where people get treated like cattle and in many cases, they are sold off as slaves. Keith’s work to prevent such heinous activities puts him on the front line. His works also encompass securing prospects for “women and girls, and young people all around the globe.”

As a spokesperson of those from the world’s impoverished regions, Keith founded GIFT Global Initiative. This broadened his reach and helped him start a movement by encouraging people to fight for those without a voice. The initiative talks about empowering the “disadvantaged and vulnerable families with a special focus on children, in some of the poorest areas of the planet.” The step, taken by the organization, to bring families into the fold is driven by a belief that only a family can provide the ideal ambience for a child to have a healthy start in life.

To make this all-encompassing, the organization includes plans like “Education for All, Access to Portable Solar Energy, Clean Water, Sanitation, Healthcare for All, and Creating Employment Opportunities” that could curb the stress of families living in adverse conditions.

Thus far, Keith Kirkwood has served 10000 children (and counting) through GIFT in the US, Mexico, the Middle East and several countries of Africa and Asia. The diverse nature of Keith as an entrepreneur and his social activities is inspiring in many ways. It influences people in impacting society positively. Their resultant cumulative effect creates a space where young minds can be nurtured for a better future. But what sets Keith’s entrepreneurial vision apart is its kaleidoscopic viewpoint that tries to solve problems from not just one angle but sides that no one knew existed.

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