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Dr. Marlow Hernandez – Influencing Social Health by Integrating Personalized Care

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The difference is breathtaking when one compares the infrastructure in Cuba’s healthcare sector with that of the US. The number of doctors serving the people is indeed greater in Cuba than the US (when considering the doctor-patient ratio). But, infrastructure-wise, the US is miles ahead in the race.

Hence, when a young Cuban migrates to the States to work his ways in the healthcare sector, he should at least be intrigued, if not enthralled by the dramatic change in scenario.

That happened with Dr. Marlow Hernandez. What makes his case appealing was his ability to identify the flaws in an otherwise superlative infrastructure. He had this advantage of being an outsider with eyes to look for details and identify cracks that can grow into chasms. He found things that were obvious but often overlooked.

For his entrepreneurial venture Cano Health, he used those as the founding stones to serve people better and build a healthy society.

At Cano Health, the intent is never to just treat a disease or condition. Dr. Marlow believes that temporary measures can never provide a solid foundation. He aims to preserve health through a holistic approach. This idea has a deep root in the knowledge of the polarity of the two mediums. The normal treatment procedure is a transactional, one-time event, whereas what he offers is a “long term, often times, lifelong commitment.”

What is so Intriguing about Cano Health?

Marlow’s journey from Cuba began as a simple promise he had made long back, as a child, to his grandmother. To keep that intact, he migrated here in the US and developed a system that focuses on “the process of fundamentally improving healthcare for all Americans.” His achievements are of historic proportions in many ways. A little peep inside the architecture of Cano Health could very well reveal that.

Dr. Marlow Hernandez still continues to practice Medicine as that is where his heart lies. But his vision for a healthy society helped him assess his steps and pave ways to achieve greater things than a single practitioner could ever grasp. He has built a system for himself, his fellow practitioners, and other staffs, thus allowing him to engage with patients in remarkable ways. This system has been the core of Cano Health, where patients always come first.

However, such a system can never flourish without an ideal wedding between compassionate clinicians and state-of-the-art technologies. Cano Health has cutting-edge technologies in their arsenal that empowers the system to simplify the process of connecting “with patients to achieve their personal health goals.” This also makes it easier to adapt services as per the needs of an individual or community.

The work culture follows a tripartite structure. The first step includes treating patients as they are a part of the Cano Health family to instill a sense of community. The next step provides technology and various metrics to set parameters. It helps in measuring the performance through the eyes of both clinicians from Cano Health and the patients. The last step adheres to the policy of shunning the cookie-cutter approach to medicine. This stems from a belief that communities are different and so are their medical and wellness needs.

Pragmatic Steps Support this Claim

Dr. Marlow has a profound understanding of this idea of personalized care and he believes that this is a definitive step towards the future. He knows that in a time of crisis, this can emerge as the differentiating factor. This belief gets reflected in the flexibility of Cano Health that, in no time, can adapt to situations and offer solutions.

Over the years, Cano Health has gone through several litmus tests and emerged triumphantly. The recent COVID-19 pandemic is one such momentous occasion. To fight this ongoing battle, they had introduced measures that could withstand blows and help progress. As mechanisms to achieve that, Cano Health “expanded programs such as TeleHealth, Care Management, and Rx home delivery, which it already had in place, and utilized its Population Health platform (Cano Panorama) to innovate COVID-19 specific programs.”

Their steps were quick and by April 6, Cano Health deployed the COVID-19 program that included the screening of patients for COVID-19 and other associated complications and then referring them to a specialized COVID-19 team. The results were largely in favor of Cano Health as the program encountered thousands of patients and helped “achieve a 60% lower COVID-19 mortality when compared to age and gender-matched mirror group in Florida.” This proved supreme in establishing the credibility of the healthcare organization.

What Drives The Move?

The factor that keeps Dr. Marlow motivated and takes him out of his bed every day to visit his office is the mission to make Cano Health “America’s Primary Care.” It would be his way of expressing gratitude to the country that gave him freedom and opportunity. He wants to pay back by saving and improving the lives of millions of Americans.

But that is not all. Marlow Hearnandez is also equally concerned about the well-being of thousands of Cano employees, as they are the ones that are helping him build a lasting legacy for the coming generations.

Dr. Marlow’s perspectives are quite unique and that is evident from his branding of roadblocks as opportunities. He believes that hindrances shake people out of their comfort zone and force them to see the crisis from a different angle. There were days he had to wade through challenges and rely on gut-wrenching decisions to get out of a crisis. But he always took them head-on and still does. It is his perseverance that always steers him back on his path.

What is the Future?

Sometimes, with the burdens of thousands of families on him, Dr. Marlow Hernandez mentions that it feels a bit lonely. But he has accepted it as a part of his professional life. His vision is quite clear as he wants to take Cano Health to the pinnacle of primary care by improving the health, wellness, and quality of life of the communities that he and his fellows serve, while reducing health care costs and forging lifelong bonds with members.

He cannot envision himself as dissociated from Cano Health, but Dr. Marlow Hernandez knows that a time may come when he will have to move on. However, he will never stop fighting for his patients. As an entrepreneur and an influential leader, he wants to set examples for people who look up to him for direction. His dynamic stature and views will indeed ensure enriching experiences.

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