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Kate Broddick: Cultivating a Mindset of Growth and Support

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Inherently, entrepreneurship is a field that is risky. It is riddled with complications and is unpredictable in nature. However, persistence and belief go a long way in turning an entrepreneurial vision into reality. It enables one to find positivity amidst the challenges; find direction amidst the unexpected detours; and find insights and experience amidst the heart-wrenching failures.

While trying to establish her name as an entrepreneur, Kate Broddick faced a similar situation. And like any other entrepreneur, she had to persevere and stick to her belief to ‘find her way’ in the real estate industry.

Talking about her initial days of struggle, she mentions “Like any new entrepreneur, you sacrifice other areas of your life to get your business off the ground. There were many sleepless nights and feelings of anxiety, wondering “am I going to make it?” For every step forward, sometimes you feel like you had to take 3 steps back to get there. You really do learn more from your failures than you do from your wins.”

She further emphasizes the support one needs from their friends, family, and colleagues in the initial years of establishing a business. Add to that, she points out, “more than anything, you need to be able to cheer yourself on when no one else is around.”

The Real Estate Dream

Kate started her career in real estate when she and her husband, Ryan, started building their own personal real estate portfolio. This prompted her to make the decision to become licensed, in order to facilitate her own purchases.

She recalls, “I quickly fell in love with the real estate processes and soon left my career as a dental hygienist in order to focus solely on real estate.” Her love for the industry is not limited to the professional side of things, rather she firmly believes Real Estate to be one of the best investment decisions one can make.

Over the last 5 years, Kate Broddick has been busy growing her real estate business. She now boasts a team of 10 wonderful women who, according to her, “inspires me daily.” Furthermore, she has grown a family with 3 lovely boys.

“To say I’m “busy” would be an understatement. But I thrive off my busiest days and remind myself along the way to stop and take it all in. I’m truly blessed to have the accomplishments that I have at 38.”

However, talking about what she would do differently when starting out her business, Kate mentions that she would have hired an admin or support staff sooner. She asserts that having an admin who she trusted and always had her back allowed her to focus more on her clients, so that she could focus on helping them with their goals and requirement. “Essentially this allowed me to double my business, in what seemed like, overnight! Having a great support system makes all the difference in this industry,” she claims.

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In a League of their Own

The Kate Broddick Team takes a systematic approach to selling real estate to their clients. They have a strong support staff that are experts in their position, thereby allowing the team to offer an all-encompassing package to its clients. This covers everything from online/print marketing, professional video/photography and drone work of their home, consistent social media marketing across all platforms plus insights into their online analytics. This is further paired with constant communication, feedback, engagement, and contract negotiation. Moreover, the team goes above and beyond to know the clients personally, which further adds to the element of connection and trust.

Even during the pandemic, the team positioned itself in the market as a positive force. This made people turn towards them for guidance and trust while buying and selling during such uncertain times.

Kate understands that real estate can be a very lonely career, thus having support from like-minded individuals who motivate you and cheer you is invaluable. The Kate Broddick Team has instilled the same culture within its company.

“We are a group of women with similar goals but yet we are all very unique in our personalities and that is what makes us so strong. Oftentimes I consider our brand like a franchise; each agent has The Kate Broddick Team brand, values, and mission statement, but add their own personality to really create a unique business within a business. Collectively, we are a powerhouse of women who strive to be better day in and day out,” Kate beautifully summarizes.

She firmly believes that the support that the team provides to each other is the backbone that has driven the company towards becoming the #1 team of REALTORS® in Brantford.

There is Enough Business for Everyone

Through her years of knowledge and experience, Kate has formed a belief system that is not only inspiring but also intriguing.

She advises aspiring and emerging players in the marketing to stay true to yourself. “Be mindful of your competition but don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Real estate is a competitive business and constantly watching the success of others can bring you down and make you question your worth.”

“Always put your client’s best interests first, step out of your comfort zone and “put yourself out there” when it comes to marketing, and always remember – there is enough business for everyone,” she continues.

From her personal experiences, Kate recalls her biggest learning curve was the understanding that bigger didn’t mean better. She realized that having more agents doesn’t necessarily mean having more success. Rather, personalities, relationships, and having people around you that share similar core values will bring about greater success.

She further advises, “Make sure you hire and position yourself around people that want the best for you, and the team. Being on a team means sacrificing a part of yourself for the betterment of the whole. That isn’t for everyone, and you need to watch for those who are only looking out for themselves.”

Future and Beyond

Kate believes that the future for her business is bright, prosperous, and exciting. “I believe in organic growth and “re-inventing” a better version of our team as the times change, new marketing presents itself and as we captivate a larger audience,” Kate exclaims.

Not one to look for big changes to feel success, Kate rather stresses on the need to feel happiness, support, and growth in order to feel success.

Moreover, Kate is driven towards following her own advice of leading by example, whether it be as a leader, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, or as a family person. In her own words, a person who leads by example is truly inspiring; a statement that fittingly applies on Kate Broddick.

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