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Happy clients are loyal customers, and loyal customers are your ticket to success in the real estate business. When your buyer is satisfied, and your customer has a positive experience buying from you, there is a good chance they will continue to do business with you and refer you to their friends and family. The best way to win over the trust of your customer is by resolving all their issues and being able to show them that you truly care for their needs. Building trust can take a long time with any business, but it is even harder in real estate because it involves buying one of the biggest investments people will make in their lifetimes, if not ever.

Real Estate realtor Sharon Male understands the mentioned significance of making a good investment and what it means to give a positive experience to the customers. Sharon has been selling Real Estate for over 25 years and has consistently earned awards and achievements every year. Her years of experience and winning attitude sets her apart from other realtors in the industry. Moreover, her sincere and passionate attitude with a genuine dedication to her clients is a pleasure to see and admired by many.

Her Career at a Glance

Sharon commenced her entrepreneurial journey in 1996 when her son asked her to get into real estate. Her love towards houses, cottages, people, alongside her desire to make people happy, reflected her son’s request. Hence, she took the advice and formed unyielding roots in the industry and since then, she hasn’t looked back. “I love people, and the opportunity to make them happy with a good investment drives me in delivering my services,” states Sharon.

At present, she has three assistants and is serving the areas of Rice Lake, Northumberland, Kawarthas, and beyond with much pride. Leveraging almost three decades of experience, she has joined the ranks of top tiers in the regions.

Going the extra mile every single time has led Sharon to receive the Re/Max Hall of Fame Award. For her esteemed efforts, she has also been bestowed with a Re/Max 100% Club Award every single year since 2007.

On the humanitarian side of things, Sharon Male loves to stay and spend time with people and their families in the community. In the last 15 years, she has been a member of Roseneath Fair and since 2007 has been assisting the Children’s Miracle Network.

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An Indomitable Personality

Sharon describes her life as a series of ups and downs and has overcome her fair share of hardships to reach where she stands today. Growing up she worked at her father’s butcher shop in Burlington and took over its proceedings after the demise of her father for six years.

In 1983, her husband passed away in a car accident and left behind two boys for her to look after. Taking responsibilities at the forefront, she served Johnston Motor Sales in Hamilton on the mountain for over ten years as a receptionist. She extended her duties at the company by working full time undertaking their bookkeeping as well. Later, her dad helped her to get a job, and she worked for G.T French Paper.

After joining real estate, Sharon enjoyed continued success throughout the years. However, the biggest challenge in her life came when she told her broker that she did not want to continue with him and suffered major monetary loss. “One very serious hardship was when my licensed real estate Broker stole over $150,000 of my commissions and 28 of my listings in 2006. He did not want me to leave and punished me for leaving, stealing my hard-earned commissions, and taking all my listings that I went out and got, not him. I almost ended up on the street. I had equity in my house, so I was fortunate,” says Sharon.

Sharon also explains that she lost all of it as all her listings were in the broker company’s name, along with all the cheques she had earned. “Had they been in my name, that would never have happened.”

Learning a lesson from this, Sharon went on to become a formidable real estate agent but with a caring personality. “The journey so far has been an absolute pleasure dealing with folks and helping them with their real estate needs for over 25 years. And I appreciate that very much,” elaborates Sharon.

Becoming on Your Own

If Sharon wanted to, she could have succumbed to her circumstances. But she came through with flying colors, and with her love for people and homes. When questioned about what she will change about her entrepreneurial journey, she replied with a simple one-word answer ‘nothing.’

With the said answer, Sharon Male teaches us how to make the best of resources at hand, no matter the situation. Her guidance even extends to young aspirants and budding entrepreneurs to work hard every single day. She asserts, “Enjoy your work and what you do. If you don’t get it right the first time, try it again. Don’t give up. In my case, I guarantee client and customer satisfaction and with pleasure. I will do whatever it takes to make my clients happy. Thinking positive is huge. Forgive people and yourself if needed. Stay true to yourself. It pertains to so many things in life.”

What the Future Holds for Sharon Male

Many of Sharon’s clients attest to her sense of humor and how it makes everything easy. With such care and charm, Sharon Male will continue to serve people, clients, and communities in the real estate industry. For the forthcoming years, she looks forward to working hard for these people. She is also planning to convince her son to get his real estate license and make an excellent career out of the industry.

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