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Jennie Lok: Sharing the Knowledge of Success in Real Estate

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What is the point of having knowledge if you do not share it? Knowledge without actions is just plain white noise. And in today’s contemporary evolving world, having knowledge itself is no longer a power. Instead, it is about practicing a collective effort that drives innovation and engagement. It is the ability to pull together multiple sources of knowledge into something meaningful or add value by sharing knowledge.

For Jennie Lok, CEO of Zen Coast University, the primary purpose of having knowledge is to empower others. She firmly believes in sharing knowledge and envisions to unlock the potential of individuals to realize a dream life they could not have dreamt of.

Foray into Real Estate

Jennie’s entrepreneurial mentality emerged early in her life. At the age of only 12, she realized that ‘sales’ was in her blood. This prompted Jennie to start early. She made her first-ever engagements by selling sneakers in a creative way. “My first ever sales gig was selling sneakers. I would buy sneakers from eBay and different websites, clean them up and resell them,” she recalls.

Moreover, she made money by putting up events for friends. “In high school, I would put on events for friends, such as after-prom or going to the Bahamas and would collect extra funds and go to those events for free.” After moving to California, Jennie continued her practice by selling football tickets and life insurance during the summer.

From a career standpoint, Jennie always wanted to be a teacher. And the thought of becoming a real estate agent was almost non-existent. However, listening to her father’s advice, Jennie began her career in Technology Sales in the San Francisco Bay Area. “It was a valuable experience, but I didn’t fully understand what I was selling,” she states.

It was also during this time that she pledged to buy a house by the time she reaches the age of 28. And to do so, she studied by attending seminars, and reading books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. She also underwent coaching lessons on Real Estate.

Her hard work soon paid off, and she bought her own house by the age of only 23. Jennie Lok worked her sales-oriented mind again and rented out rooms, which paid for all the mortgages. That moment was nothing short of an epiphany for her. It was the moment she realized she wanted to be in the real estate industry. “It snowballed into me wanting to be in Real Estate and teach others that if they set a goal for themselves, they can do it quicker through creative ways.”

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Earning the Badge of a Real Estate Agent

While achieving the goal of owning a house was a single milestone, other challenges awaited Jennie to overcome. Her initial plan of winning over people was to build a rapport among them and show them open houses. As such, she commenced her real estate journey by going door to door in her neighborhood.

Her idea did not work as she had hoped; it was not easy and certainly did not happen overnight. “I’ve had people slam doors at me and say, No,” shares Jennie.

Regardless of whether people showed her interest or not, Jennie Lok was adamant about helping others and sharing her story. And soon, she triumphed again and became a household name in the community. “Now, I lead a team of amazing women and have been able to help 26 families in the first quarter of the year. We are working towards helping more,” states Jennie.

Besides handling the initial hustle of building rapport, managing people’s expectations was her biggest roadblock. However, she takes it in a positive stride and shares that it helped her serve different people.

“I learned that people have differences, and to really acknowledge the differences, it’s okay to let go and separate, and continue on our own journey because sometimes, the people holding you back are the biggest roadblocks.”

Winning People’s Hearts

Jennie’s winning formula entails learning about the clients’ personalities, visions, and future goals. “It helps us understand more about what they want to achieve and how we can fit into helping them reach those goals,” explains Jennie. This is also where she practices first Buyer Consultation and lays out the current market information and buying options. She states, “Paying close attention to their stories and feedback during the home search process also creates a more comfortable environment for clients to communicate, which ensures that we are giving what they really want. At the end of it all, providing added value is important to give the best service to our clients.”

At the same time, Jennie shares her vision with clients by answering ‘Why.’ For Jennie, her ‘why’ is to get her immigrant parents to retire sooner. She shares her why factor with the clients, builds trust, lets them know that she is sincere, and that it is a two-way street.

Zen Coast University as a Coaching and Mentorship Community has become the stepping stone for Jennie to empower others. It is a community built for growth-minded individuals seeking passive income and a portfolio from real estate. As the leader at the helm, Jennie Lok guides students to make sound decisions towards financial freedom. She also empowers amazing women to succeed and take charge of their lives.

Advice for Aspiring Players

Jennie’s corporate journey has taken her to many places. Starting from her little entrepreneurial adventures to transitioning into real estate, Jennie has collected much learning and experience. Hence, she advises young aspirants to learn as much as possible. Jennie gives a perfect metaphor of becoming a sponge and soaking as much as one can. Her advice extends to looking after yourself and looking within to understand what you truly want, and what your goals and gifts are.

A Future of Empowerment

For Zen Coast University, Jennie envisions a future where the community delivers education to diverse corporations, companies, and organizations. She wants to empower many people who do not have easy access or understanding of the benefits of Real Estate investing and passive income.

On the personal end, Jennie Lok wants to create a large student base to teach people worldwide. She wants to empower people into envisioning something they have not been able to in the past and be excited about that journey. “I see my future building a legacy that I can truly pass on because this is really what it’s all about,” concludes Jennie.

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