Interview with Rishi Anand: Beyond the Language Barrier

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What according to you makes one a powerful leader? How does Rishi Anand integrate the same thought into his leadership?

Strong leadership is when you can encourage, motivate, inspire, and challenge your team to produce their best work.

Strong leadership connects a team together through a common purpose and builds relationships in the workplace that allow for effective communication, more creativity, and better problem-solving skills.

In my view, a powerful leader is one who connects the team together with a common goal and builds relationships in the workplace that facilitates effective communication, increased productivity, and better problem-solving skills.

For me, it is important to connect with people around me. Moreover, I prefer to have frequent brainstorming sessions with my team. Also, on the personal front, I do not encourage micro-management. It is crucial for my team to have an opportunity to be the owner of the task assigned to them and take accountability and responsibility for the same.

Talk to us about your growing up years. What is your earliest memory as an entrepreneur that you can remember?

I was born and brought up in Patna, Bihar in a middle-class family. During my school days, I was very notorious and hardly had any interest in studies. After completing my High School, I came to New Delhi for my higher studies.

As already mentioned, I had no interest in studies but yes, I was always inclined towards different Languages. I followed my interest and completed my Bachelors in German Literature and Translation from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

In my twenties, I had big dreams but no money in my pockets. However, With the monetary and emotional support of my friends and relatives I came to Germany to study Masters in German Literature and Translation from the University of Rostock. After gaining all these experiences, I registered my Company pertaining to Professional Language translation services in Berlin, Germany.

What was the idea behind Linguidoor Language Services? What was the pain point that you wanted to address?

The main pain point was the language barrier. Due to globalization, internet boom and advances in social media, companies are expanding and making their presences across the globe. During this process they face language barriers.

Language has always been one of the most empowering as well as the most limiting factor for businesses. On one hand, it stems a sense of understanding and enables you to reach out to customers and, subsequently, convert them.

However, on the other hand, the diversity of it can be a barrier for communication. In order to tackle this limitation, business professionals have always been on the lookout for a solution that enables them to get past this barrier

At Linguidoor we help them to grow their customer base in foreign markets by providing them professional translation and localization services. We provide document Translation, Website Translation, App and Software Localization, Video and Audio Transcription.  As per a survey, 70% of the people want to make online purchases in their native languages. Hence, we provide services to E commerce, Apps, software.

What is the approach followed by the company to ensure optimal client satisfaction?

At Linguidoor, we follow a very customer centric approach. We continuously take measures to provide high quality, accurate and timely translation services. We make use of various CAT and CAD tools and most importantly the 6 eyes Principle. The 6 eyes principle means that a translation is reviewed and proofread by two other linguists to ensure the quality of the translated document.

Our priority is providing error free and timely services to our clients. For Client relationship management we assign a dedicated project/ account manager to each customer so that they are available for client requirements whenever they require.

As the Founder and CEO, what role do you play in the day-to-day proceedings of the company?

In addition to conceptualization of the overall strategic decisions I am also deeply involved in day-to-day operations of the Linguidoor. My normal day at work would be attending client meetings, exploring opportunities of collaboration, supervising the staffing needs, sales forecast, Branding & digital presence and so on.

Other than this I make to represent Linguidoor at different platforms such as meetups, events, trade fairs, job fairs, webinars speaking platform’s, interviews etc.

Looking at your journey, what would you have done differently if you were to start again?

I think it would be a delegation of tasks and responsibilities. I started Linguidoor Translation Services by being a one-man army. In the initial phase most of the functions such as business development, Marketing, Sales, Finance Client relationship management, project management in addition to overall strategy formulation was taken care of by me single handedly.

So that is one thing I would like to change as it is important to delegate tasks to experts in the respective function to ensure smooth functioning of the organization. Additionally, I also think I would like to have the assistance of a business coach to guide me in my initial stages.

What would be your advice for young and emerging entrepreneurs?

Think huge and have a firm belief in your conviction. Be open to networking and let your critic help you form a better version of yourself. Know your market and focus on their pain points and strive to provide solutions to those pain points in an effective and efficient way.

Finally, what does the future look like for Linguidoor and you?

I look forward to seeing my company offer one of the most fast, efficient, and best translation services in Europe. Through Linguidoor, I eventually will help businesses around the globe in driving growth by being understood.

On a personal front, I wish to make ‘language’ an opportunity for everyone, not a barrier. I strive to see a future, where anyone can communicate candidly, and convey their message in the way they want with ease, in any language.

Moreover, to actualize my true potential and to fulfill my dream, I have already worked my way through a cloud based software development called Awtomated which will help small and medium size translation companies to automate their business processes and revolutionize their business workflow resulting in sustainability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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