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Leadership is a unique and multifaceted blend that inspires and fuels progress. At the forefront of this dynamic force are leaders who drive results, the catalysts of change who infuse their teams with purpose and determination.

Allison Walsh is an example of a powerful leader who knows how to drive results to ensure optimal client satisfaction. In this Exclusive Interview with personal brand and business coach – Allison Walsh shares about her journey and ideas of entrepreneurship.

What according to you makes one a powerful woman? How do you integrate the same thought into your leadership?

A powerful woman is ALL WOMEN ALL THE TIME. The most powerful woman, though, is one that sees her passion and her craft through to happiness and success. The Most powerful woman prioritizes her needs and her goals and makes them happen! I hold myself accountable and teach all of my clients the importance of happiness and passion in success, and how it takes action in order to achieve it all.

What prompted your interest and subsequently your foray into the consulting and coaching space?

I started as Miss Florida in 2006 and quickly realized that I have been able to find success in many things that I do. After gaining that title for myself, I knew I wanted to help others achieve amazing results pursuing their goals because I am a huge fan of both personal and professional development.

I had a few clients that I was working with, but it wasn’t until 2009 that I jumped in and started treating the company as a priority. My first business was truly born during the recession because I needed to figure out how to help us dig ourselves out of the hole that we were in as a result of my husband losing his job.

I knew I had experiences that I could share and that there were clients who wanted to learn what I had to offer, so I figured out a pricing structure and started hustling. They were getting great results and word of mouth referrals were coming in. I knew it had even greater potential and so I decided to partner with a dear friend to expand the business, which was such an incredible experience.

In 2015, I returned to a solo practice and evolved what I offered to reach a new clientele. Fast forward to 2021, and my niche has continued to evolve as I have. In addition to running my own business, I’ve built other very successful businesses along the way. Consulting has always provided so much joy and I am eternally grateful to the amazing clients I’ve had the chance to work with.

What is the approach followed by you when offering your services to ensure optimal client satisfaction?

I am constantly evolving, growing, and learning. Everything I’ve ever done or experienced that’s moved the needle is incorporated in my training and work. I’ve seen a lot of coaches pull back and not share, at the risk of over-sharing and not having anything new to sell. I’m the opposite and a complete open book.

I also know how to drive results, and always give 110% to my clients. If I can’t provide what someone needs, I will refer them out. To me, results are what matter and if I am not the woman for the job, I’ll connect you with someone who is and cheer you on as you chase your next goal.

What does a day in the life of Allison Walsh look like? How do you ensure work-life balance?

4:30 AM: Rise and shine, meditate, light exercise and journaling.

5:15 AM: Working on a passion project or something that lights me up and fills up my cup.

7:00 AM: Getting my 3 kids ready for school.

8:00 AM: One-on-one coaching sessions with my clients

9:00 AM: Team meetings and one-on-ones with my team

12:00 PM: Lunch, meetings and re-prioritizing the afternoon to ensure deliverables are able to be completed.

3:00 PM: Grabbing a snack, meetings and praying that my kids don’t zoom bomb any videos calls (which happens at least once a week).

7:00 PM: Doing the dance mom shuffle, picking up and dropping off, and getting my little guy ready for bed.

9:00 PM: Fast asleep. I’m an early to bed, early to rise kinda gal.

Balancing work and life are extremely hard, as I’m sure most of the Fem-Founder readers know! One of the main ways that I work to find balance is by knowing and understanding what is in alignment with my goals. This is both professionally and personally. When I understand and acknowledge what is working with me, instead of additional work, I am able to cut what does not serve me and focus on what does. I focus on integration and alignment over balance.

Looking back at your journey, what would you have done differently when starting out?

Stop overthinking and just go for it. I learned so much when things didn’t go right and one of the biggest lessons is that procrastination, especially around launching something new, will never result in sales (it only delays progress).

I got in my own way, more ways than I care to share but now I’ve adopted the mentality that it’s better to put things out there than to talk myself out of doing what I know I need to do.

What would be your advice for women entrepreneurs in today’s work environment?

I see way too many women with brilliant ideas fail at execution – not because they weren’t capable – but because they allowed their excuses to be way louder than their WHY. Once you lay out a plan for what you want to do and why you want to do it, the most important and critical step is HOW.

You grow stronger, more resilient, and more capable each and every day as an entrepreneur, and I promise you will be so impressed with your results if you commit to your “why” and “How” and stay crystal clear on your vision.

What does the future look like for you and your brand? What are you most excited about?

This year will allow me to cross an exciting goal off my list as my first book will be out this Fall! I’ve dreamed of this opportunity since I was a teenager, so I’m thrilled that it’s coming to fruition.

I am also really excited to continue speaking and contributing, and I’ve also looking forward to my company scaling. Our methods and approach work, and not only am I excited to work with new clients, I am excited to bring new coaches into the company to help us scale.

Finally, recommend / mention one thing in each of this category:

One Book Entrepreneurs must read:  Scale of Fail by Allison Maslan

One Productivity Tool that everyone should use:

One Mobile App that you use the most: Instagram.

One Movie / Show that you would recommend: Schitt’s Creek

One Quote that Motivates you the Most: “The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.” Oprah Winfrey

One Investment Advice that you Follow: Hire an experienced advisor to help you.

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