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Finding Clients for B2B Businesses on LinkedIn

Clients for B2B Businesses on LinkedIn

Online social activities open wide opportunities for business development and client prospecting. Social networks are created not only for sharing moments from your life with friends and relatives. With the right approach, a simple app can turn into a practical tool.

As fast and easy as you find new friends and services on Instagram, as quickly as you can find clients for B2B business via LinkedIn. LinkedIn connects professionals across the globe. Whatever the aim you pursue — career opportunities or broadening the clients’ list — LinkedIn is the right way to go.

We compiled a list of practical tactics you can use to grow your clients’ database.

Search the market

Let’s skip the part where we discuss profile optimization, content sharing, and targeting. If you are already interested in this topic, you’ve probably created a business profile page, made some connections, and explored LinkedIn a bit. Now it’s time to make it work.

How do B2B services differ? Corporations usually change their suppliers and providers once in several years. Most of the time they prefer to enter into long-term contracts. So instead of winning over big brands, try to concentrate on newcomers. Search the market for potential clients, who just entered the industry. They might be in search of partners, and advertising towards them can bring you a new client.

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Create a perfect pitch and place it in your company description

Don’t make people wonder and guess who you are and what you offer. The first two lines of your company description should tell the primary information about you: how you can help people to solve the problem. Make it sound appealing and interesting so the person looking through your profile would want to click the button “see more.”

Look at these examples:

  • “Helping freelancers…” — right in the first sentence, you define your key audience.
  • “…automate recruiting processes” — again, you are being very exact, telling people how your products help with recruiting processes.

If users understand this is what they were looking for, they will want to see more.

So pay attention to the copy, which has to grab attention from the first words.

Clients for B2B Businesses on LinkedIn

Don’t be afraid to stand out

It doesn’t matter what you offer to the client, services, or goods. The first thing you need to do is earn their trust. Trust makes customers believe that your company is worth spending money on.

Those credits can be earned by showing your expertise. Tell more about your activities and achievements, show people results and display the history of your success. This will create a clear perception of what you do and how you do it.

Show what you do with Showcase pages

Not only you should create posts and articles on LinkedIn to share knowledge and expertise but use the Showcase pages. The latter was created to promote smaller brands within one big company. Independent projects, directions, and branches of the company can be displayed on these pages.

Showcase pages are perfect for B2B organizations to better generate leads. This separate initiative has a different audience segment. Showcase allows concentrating their attention on the particular content and differs the page from the main profile.

Put everything on track: use automation

Keeping up with LinkedIn and ever-changing trends on the social platform is not a piece of cake. To help yourself and make sure your work is efficient, integrate an automation tool.

One of the greatest tools is Linked Helper — an automation and prospecting LinkedIn tool. A simple in use instrument creates unlimited possibilities for you to grow your business through LinkedIn. It helps you easily make connections and reach out to people and turn them into clients.

Linked Helper will save you time that you usually spend completing tasks manually. It let you import contacts into built-in CRM, schedule messages, track responses, and set auto-replies. The tool allows you to bring personalization into your relationship with connections. For example, you can join a relevant group, collect the member’s contact information (even if they are your 2-nd and 3-rd connections), and contact them later.

Clients for B2B Businesses on LinkedIn


It is obvious LinkedIn can bring you, clients, if only you are using it right. Don’t run the page to mark your presence on the platform. Use it wisely and distribute valuable content, that will show your expertise.

Automate some routine tasks, and remember to build relationships with connections, rather than trying to sell them anything. This way, LinkedIn will help to grow the database of your clients and raise brand awareness.

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