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People often tend to take up jobs that suit their needs. At first, the job seems apt with the right kind of money. But then comes responsibilities. The same money that helped one enjoy their life without worries, now seems insufficient. This, then triggers hasty decisions that more often than not leads to miseries. As a result, money becomes the master instead of becoming the means.

“Money should serve your life, not the other way around,” says Beth Blecker, the CEO of the Eastern Planning. With a profound knowledge behind her back about how lives work, Beth explains why things like this enslavement happen. And, this precise knowledge gives her the insight to bypass financial troubles and establish a system where people can avoid such a stifling turn of events.

Only a few tweaks in daily lives can secure a healthy future with a perfect work-life balance.

What Inspired? How Did It Start?

One thing that commonly lacks among people with a notable financial crisis is a proper investment plan. Most of them have a faint idea of why it is needed. Some even have plans, but they never implement it. Either their lackadaisical approach prevents them from stepping up or they never get the opportunity due to other pressures.

This inspired the idea of helping individuals with financial planning. In 1995, Eastern Planning came into being. But the start was rough and the first few years influenced a change in the leadership, leading to Beth’s emergence as the sole leader of the firm. Then, due to the attacks of 9/11, the firm suffered a few blows. However, Beth was quick to take command of the situation and steered the company efficiently.

Today, she has Matthew Blecker, her son, as a partner who shares his mother’s resilience and is a “highly intelligent and compassionate financial planner and money manager.”

What Makes the Difference? What’s in the Future?

Over the years, Eastern Planning has emerged as a trustworthy name in the financial planning segment. The credit goes to their idea of a thorough background check. Before planning a course for their client, the company believes in getting a good grasp of their lifestyle and where they plan to see themselves in the coming years.

The aim is to make lives better. Eastern Planning focuses on making the right charts for the clients to help them make critical decisions with confidence, all the while enjoying life.

At its heart, the company believes in delivering excellence. To maintain this, they never stop striving for the best, which gets corroborated by their evolution with time and embracing of fiduciary standards to serve each need of their clients.

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