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What is the fundamental difference between a buoyant company and a not-so-good one, when all the factors are the same? The reply is simple- expeditious actions. It is the outcome of the ability to form an idea about the situation, find a perfect response, and then act accordingly. And all that, without an iota of hesitation. Companies that belong to the second group are known to lack this decisiveness, which sprouts from an absence of clarity in vision or rather the faculty of processing the steps mentioned above.

For a thriving entrepreneur like Ariel Tavor, these are the basics. Something that everyone should get right before starting their venture. His opinions side with clarity and decisiveness as he believes that these are the mark of a great leader, someone with the ability to lead a lot of people. The clarity leaders have as their means is clear and concise and their mind is never shrouded by questions regarding “their vision and what needs to be accomplished.” When they decide to move forward, it is either all or nothing. They never dwell in two minds.

When Ariel launched Lions Financial in 2015, he was clear about his goals. But he needed a solid premise upon which he could build his system. That’s when this trust in clarity and decisiveness came in as utilitarian.

The Launch

Ariel started his venture Lions Financial as an ‘independent diversified financial services company.’ He intended to provide a ‘full range of risk management, business consulting, and capital solutions.’ He took his time to get things assembled so that he can deliver one-of-a-kind solutions. Digging deep into his work method reveals that he never wasted a minute as each of his moves bear a mark of precision and punctiliousness.

After spending almost half a decade in the market, Ariel Tavor has diverted his focus on finding more companies to add to his ‘base of long-standing business clients.’ These clients could be from myriad sectors, spanning across “communication services, automotive technology, consumer staples, energy, health care, information technology, materials, real estate, and utilities.”

Ariel’s efforts are getting backed by a tight-knit team. It influences his method of working closely and collaboratively, with CEO’s of companies and “their executive teams, boards of directors, internal and external stakeholders.” The intent is always to plan something for clients that could lift their spirit by fetching better outcomes.

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The System

It is always better to have a work culture embedded in the system. This simplifies the flow and connects segments to bring them on the same page quite easily. Ariel developed such a culture and named it SIRE, which is a “closed-loop, collaborative, value-focused, four-step process:”

S is for Survey. The step is all about getting both primary and secondary facts and build a data pool to “assess and evaluate each client’s specific business situation and going-in objective.” This makes the job easier for analysts as they get something robust to start their work.

I for Insight. The job in this step is to sieve. When experts are working on it, things become easier. They seek and sort relevant data from the pool “to identify the unique mix of competency, skills, and business value, as well as internal weaknesses and external threats, that each client has at a point in time to help properly diagnose the full extent of the challenge or opportunity confronting the company.” The more one knows about these in detail, the better.

R for Recommend. A proper move needs precision in action. That is why the company narrows down to 2 – 3 solution options, with the pros and cons of each prescribed programs. These programs encompass “financial, organization, communication, and technology solutions for a client to achieve healthy business objectives.”

E for Execute. The last step is crucial as it decides the outcome. To ensure a better result, the team works closely with “each client, the CEO and their executive team, boards of directors and advisers, internal and external stakeholders such as staff, investors, and regulators, to help our clients achieve a finally agreed-to business outcome.”

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The Uniqueness

Ventures always want to create a market value for themselves. That is only possible if it has something to offer outstanding, or it has a demographic advantage. The financial sector is riddled with companies offering similar services, but they gain mileage based on how well they are covering areas. “Lions Financial offers three categories of solutions: Risk Management solutions, Business Consulting solutions, and Capital solutions.” The company “provides these solutions on either an integrated or stand-alone basis, depending on each client’s defined business goal.”

Moreover, offered solutions are customized to make sure clients reach their optimal potential and reap maximum benefits. In its approach, it stands starkly in contrast with most point-solution providers as they do not limit the company “to just Financial Strategy, or just Organization Strategy, or just Communications Strategy, or just Technology Strategy.”

To find business solutions, the company relies on a collaborative aspect and takes the viewpoint of a skilled holistic practitioner, but it never holds itself back from forming a superlative structure that allows better teamwork. This comes from experience. Some time-tested practices like these always yield better results and clients love that.

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The Journey & The Motivators

Ariel Tavor has a decade of experience in the financial sector. He started his career with Fortune 100 insurance and investment companies, where he used to formulate “financial solutions by leveraging the limited range of offerings from these companies.”

His diligence paved his way for him to become a consistent top-performer and helped him earn “a reputation for understanding clients’ financial situations and needs, crafting risk management and investment solutions to fit, and building trusted long-term service relationships” with his clients. This reputation also fetched him a “few business clients, CEO’s of companies in the $3 – $65 million annual revenue range, to provide financial solutions beyond the prior limited offerings set” that Ariel introduced.

All these helped him learn more about the sector, which later bolstered his business decisions. This acquaintance with the field beforehand set the tone for his company, where he knew how to handle crises of different sorts in an efficient manner.

When he ponders to find who influenced him the most, his response is quick as he does not have to look outside. He got all the support from his family as his roots were strengthened by a family of entrepreneurs who taught him thoroughly about managing businesses successfully for decades, not just in the USA but around the world as well. These lessons also included all kinds of business cycles. Ariel now oversees the family office investment group for a diverse portfolio of companies. He also takes part “in the board of directors of several internal and external companies and real estate developments.” He gives credit to this direct exposure as it helped him garner an experiential education that inspires him to move forward.

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The Tomorrow

The past has its fair share of roadblocks. Ariel’s first draft for the system relied on performance-based compensation, where he felt that it would entice savvy clients. They had chalked out their course but found it difficult to lure in customers. Clients offered excuses like “too difficult to quantify the attributable value of actual results, to this requires a level of transparency that clients didn’t feel comfortable with, or no other consultant worked this way.” That is when Ariel and his teammates launched a menu that would honor the client’s preference. This included three levels- Level A for retainer, Level B for subscription, and Level C for hourly. It worked well to take the company forward and bring it to where it is now.

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From here, to move forward, the company is trying to form a “complementary closed-end fund to supplement investment capital for funding deals.” In doing so, Ariel Tavor will surely get a lot of backing from his teammates who respect his clarity in the work process and honor his decisions with great zeal.

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