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Dejan Stancer – Resolving Demographic Challenges To Bolster Growth

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Since the ancient days of trade, Central Asia has been playing a crucial role in bridging boundaries. A historical study of the famous Silk Route can vouch for it. Today, after the discoveries of sea routes and cargo flights to maintain the supply chain of goods, the roads have lost some of its former glories. But its influence is never derisory, especially when it comes to a discussion of Eastern Europe and its business allies.

Kazakhstan and Slovenia are two countries that act as gateways to two continents- the former guards the door of Asia and the latter protects Eastern Europe’s lines. But it was not just the boundary that was holding back financial exchanges. History also played a pivotal role in preventing businessmen do their bidding by opening the gates of these two countries. Socio-political crises clouded regional prospects and it needed some sort of intervention- an intervention that could lead to sustainable solutions.

In 2013, some entrepreneurs from Slovenia and Kazakhstan, led by Dejan Stancer, found that “bilateral economic relations between the two countries” were in dire straits and they are losing business opportunities even though they have strong potentials to emerge as economic powers in that region. As a solution, these entrepreneurs announced the launch of the Kazakh-Slovenian Business Club or KSBC. This was a crucial point and is vital for economic historians if they like to argue later about the resurgence of the region’s financial condition in the 21st century.

Digging Deep Into The Crisis

Bilateral ties always benefit countries involved in it, but they also offer more than what is visible to the naked eyes. The entire region, surrounding these two countries, stands to benefit from it as the ties open up scope for indirect dealers to make their presence felt in the market.

For instance, the bilateral ties of Kazakhstan and Slovenia is not just about two countries profiting from their shared interests. Slovenia is a small economy from the Eastern European region. Still, it is known for its strong investments in research and development that inspire data collection and ensure a substantial infusion of knowledge into various fields. Entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan knew how beneficial this could be for their individual ventures. Dejan Stancer was quick to analyze the moment and he started convincing people beyond boundaries into forming this club.

As a plus, Dejan Stancer realized that “Slovenia has a well-developed support activity and production of automotive components for the automotive industry, robotics is developing rapidly, it has extensive experience in tourism, which has a significant share in national GDP, and Slovenia is also important for transport and logistics. it also has one of the largest ports in the Adriatic – the Port of Koper.” When studied alongside the benefits of the openness of borders (Schengen) and a vast region that deals in a common European currency (Euro), these factors revealed possibilities on a continental scale.

On the other hand, due to rearing in Central Asia, Dejan was well-acquainted with the demographic offerings. He knew that the geographic location has been developing rapidly. If one considers the region’s map, he will understand how strategically connected the land of the Great Steppes (Kazakhstan) and the Central Asian region are. Moreover, developments taking place in “Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, and the potential in the Caspian Sea and beyond in the Caucasus” can trigger influence outcomes of business ties.

What’s The Method Of Function?

Companies involved in export businesses mostly express their interest in operating using the link of the KSBC. The steps start with the inclusion of a review of the company to find its potential and make it a member of the club. It is followed by experts from the club looking for possible partners for these companies. “Meetings are organized, either within business delegations or individually, all with the aim of enabling member companies to enter the target market.”

Once the partnership is formed, the club starts monitoring “the cooperation of companies and try to expand it, while also offering members new partners and customers.” In fact, the club has been so successful in its endeavor that companies from far off lands like Canada and the USA are showing interest in getting involved in the process. It has also piqued the interest of companies from the Middle East.

What’s So Charming About KSBC?

A business gains followers when the idea driving the company is both exclusive and alluring. In that respect, KSBC is miles ahead in the Central Asian region. Moreover, the company has a beginner’s advantage. All thanks to Dejan Stancer who had the insights to start and run the club.

The core intent behind the club’s formation was to help companies expand their business and explore new opportunities in the region. KSBC never failed to deliver what it intended to do in the first place and its members can vouch for it.

Moreover, it played a prominent role in developing countries’ economic diplomacy, “which is reflected in public finances in the form of taxes that are paid by our members for realized transactions.”

So far, KSBC’s contributions have been well-lauded and it received numerous awards that also boost the morale of the club.

Pondering Upon The Past

The roads were never as smooth as the highways of California. Yes, it was for development, for the betterment of the entire region, but obstacles popped each day out of the blue. These had to be sorted first to design the future. In fact, Dejan realized that there is a tussle going on between these two countries, which will make convincing these two countries in building bilateral economic relations difficult. However, in his endeavor, he got the support of the Ambassador of Kazakhstan H.E. Kairat Sarybay, who helped Dejan and his peers, with his vision, form the club. Other diplomats also involved themselves in boosting the market prospects.

Impact of Dejan Stancer

Dejan Stancer’s role as the helmsman for KSBC is reassuring. He is in charge of the club since 2016 and his efforts ensured the club perseveres and achieves new heights with each passing year. It is difficult to imagine the club without his deft touches at the right time.

To start with, it was the blend of his unwavering will, immense energy, and unflinching determination that ensured the club’s establishment. Dejan never considered the club as a means to benefit financially. Rather he spent countless hours building it and nurturing it from scratch and now, he enjoys its growth. This proximity with the organization has opened up avenues where the expansion of the club is secured.

Moreover, Dejan Stancer never limits himself within a demographic boundary. He takes part in meetings that take the club’s message abroad and helps in reaching out to investors. There he builds contacts with eminent businessmen and politicians to ensure a strong network for the club.

His recent achievements are also remarkable and are perfect for placing the club on a broader map. He now leads the Global Chamber of Business Leaders where investors, governmental deal-makers, entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives, and business and industry stalwarts come together and share a common vision of creating a sustainable business growth in a disruptive and constantly changing global economy. Under the leadership of Dejan, they work is in sync with the UN-declared Decade of Action. He is “an ambassador of one of the peace institutes operating under the auspices of the United Nations. He is still an active lobbyist and has a license for the entire European Union.”

Road To Future

KSBC is following a unique growth strategy since day one and it never faltered. It was Dejan’s vision that set it in the first place and held there with steadfast determination. However, the proceedings also depend on international operations and it is getting “affected by increased risks and crises.” Early awareness and clarity in vision taught the members well about methods to counter a global crisis like the COVID-19, which have impacted almost all industries across the world.

Dejan Stancer advised the club members to adopt short-term strategies and mold them as per the market conditions. At the same time, it started combing through regions for new opportunities as an increase in the business volume can be a good solution to curb the impact of the crisis. The time is to restore normalcy. The faster it is the better. And at KSBC, with Dejan holding the reins, people are positive about it.

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