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Shakemore Timburwa: Building a Better Tomorrow

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Often a slight detour or a change in perspective due to something that has happened or is happening around sets things in motion for an entrepreneur. Ideas start taking shape in their mind, inspiring them to build a working model and then reach out to people to make a lasting impact. This is also the story of Shakemore Timburwa, an entrepreneur from Zimbabwe. But there is one thing that sets him apart from most of his peers, and that is his plans to handle resources better to develop sustainable projects.

Shakemore Timburwa is a serial entrepreneur with immense interests in fields like alternative energy, manufacturing, mining, and real estate. He is the founder of Energy Plus, a leading integrated energy company specializing in ‘Liquified Petroleum Gas installations and distribution, and solar electric design and installation.’

Shakemore’s endeavors have earned him several accolades. He has also been listed among ‘100 Most Influential Young Leaders in Africa’ by Pan-African Youth Leadership. On an international scale, he has the experience of working with the Italian energy consultancy expert Avant-Garde.

His Early Days

Shakemore’s entrepreneurial journey started when he was still in college. He had a plan of attaining a Diploma in Diesel Plant Fitting Mechanics from Mutare Poly Technical College. But the period was deeply unsettling as his community of Dangamvura witnessed a serious energy crisis. That got him thinking about possible way-outs and this drilling down brought him face-to-face with another national problem, deforestation.

The forest wood was the prime ingredient for the energy sector in Zimbabwe. But it has a far-reaching impact on the community. On the one hand, the resource incurs high operational cost and, on the other, it has some serious environmental impacts. Air pollution is one of the many mal-effects this deforestation has on communities.

Shakemore’s research on LPG and solar panels made him realize how he can transform the lives around him. The insights he had from it was the cornerstone for his company – Energy Plus. He started the company with his personal and his mother’s savings. The company’s formalization happened in 2015 in association with a close friend, Rinos Mautsa.

What Motivated Him?

While doing his research work on the energy sector, he realized “traditional energy companies didn’t seem to understand the spiking energy poverty and rising demand for clean energy.” That is where his vision worked well as he belongs from the younger generation and his views rely on future-oriented plans.

His other company Parvaim Gold is aligned with operations related to mining. The company looks for opportunities with the potentials to create value within a reasonable time-frame. Simultaneously, the company invests in technologies, products, and services that can be disruptive in the coming years.

With IFF or Infinity Farm Fresh, Shakemore Timburwa is planning to promote the idea of leading a healthy life. Health is wealth and it is one of the core beliefs that is driving the company ahead. The process it follows has an indelible impact on the community as well.

To ensure his customers get the best quality at a fair price, he works closely with farmers and his company has a detailed plan to cover aspects ranging from production to distribution in the urban market. His strategies reap profits for both the producer and the consumer, which has helped the company earn a position among the leading e-commerce brands in this particular sector.

The company adheres to various protocols to guarantee freshest, high-quality fruits and vegetables. Its efficacy depends a lot on the company’s expertise in operations, distribution and logistics with high health standards. From a very nascent stage, the company is getting steering by a vision that includes bridging gaps in “food and market security through an organized platform for an efficient, fair, transparent and formal market.”

What Makes His Companies Outstanding?

In the field of LPG supply and storage, Energy Plus has the lead in the country. Agile workforce and the ability to leverage their operational expertise to chalk out courses for the future have made them reliable. Now they have reached a point where they can fulfill almost any gas supply requirements.

The company has taken the gas supply aspect quite seriously and that is why they are nurturing an in-house customer engineering team that displays unprecedented technical design capabilities. It also offers free consultancy and project management services for LPG supply installation. In fact, the company has different tank sizes to meet almost all the major storage requirements. It has a particular focus on health, safety, and social responsibilities, due to which it tries to maintain the international standards in these areas with a dedicated department.

The solar department also has a varied portfolio involving diverse designs and installations for remote off-grid applications and large utility-scale systems. From aspects like linear power and workmanship, what Energy Plus offers is unrivaled.

With Parvaim Gold, Shakemore Timburwa ensures organic growth that encompasses both extending boundaries to new territories and entering new markets. The company has a substantial focus on investments in development and production stage mining companies. In the product and services segments of the sector, it has a nation-wide presence. It is further getting backed by the R&D segment that is developing disruptive products and technologies.

Shakemore’s approaches are always customer-centric and he has a special corner in his heart for the environment – this combination puts him at a vantage point and allows him to plan in more futuristic ways.

The COVID Scenario

No one has planned for the COVID-19 crisis in advance. The last time the world has witnessed a pandemic outbreak like this one was in the early decades of the twentieth century. That is why when it struck, it struck hard. The first few months of the impact left industries in tatters and some industries are still struggling to get back on their feet.

But the scenario was different at Energy Plus. As an essential service provider, the company had to bear added responsibilities and it never backed down under that immense pressure. Shakemore Timburwa and his entire team deftly handled the workload and kept the company on its track. They knew from the beginning that they have to play a crucial role in serving the country in such a trying time, which helped them devise strategies to counter such a large-scale change.

His Plans for the Future

Shakemore Timburwa is always planning ahead to meet his targets and keep his companies aligned with what he has envisioned. His focus is now more on building communities in Zimbabwe and other African countries. This attempt will also see a contribution from Energy Plus, as energy is one of the core ingredients that puts communities on the path of progress. His focus will be mostly on expanding energy infrastructure and reducing energy poverty.

His futuristic steps involve nurturing new areas and to do that, he is planning to hire people with specific skill sets. This is mainly to accommodate new technologies like Artificial Intelligence that have the potential to transform the energy division.

So far, he has experience of working with polyester manufacturers, Spidex Media, Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Platinum Holdings, FBC Holdings, Pickstone Gold Mine, Gava Restaurants, among others. At present, the company is working with property developers like Picco Construction, Millennial Property Group and others to ensure these properties have LPG connections.

In 2021, the company is planning to expand further into countries like DRC, Rwanda, South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia. The intent is to reduce energy poverty and protect the environment of the continent. The company also has plans to plant 10,000 trees by 2023. Energy Plus now has 32 direct team members with diverse skill sets and experience. By the end of 2021, Shakemore plans to double it to support the expansion process.

As an entrepreneur, Shakemore Timburwa had started small, but now he has managed to ride on the upward trajectory with his tenacity. His story is all about identifying the right opportunities and leveraging them at the right time. But he has also shown that all this can be done without compromising the environment, and that is the need of the hour.

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