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6 Biggest Tech Trends of 2020

Tech Trends

Major technologies have been profiled that are about to become hot shots in 2020. Here are the tech trends of 2020.

Change is the only constant many would say and technology would corroborate that. Technology, from the beginning of time, is evolving and it will continue to do so in the coming millenniums. Some fizzle out quickly, others flourish profusely. And it is the one with lasting impact that counts the most. Adapting yourself as per the latest business and tech news is the sustainable route. The more one knows about beforehand, more the possibilities to dominate the market.

But why 2020? It is always better to stay a step ahead and plan accordingly. This would provide an edge over the rest. All these trends have cemented their grounds, it is only about the leap now.

Technology 2020: What Are the Possible Trend-Setters?

Several technologies are in the pipeline but some of them have the potential to turn big in 2020.

Blockchain Technology

Originally started to support Bitcoin revolution, this tool has proven its mettle in the last few years. But what lacked is the backup and scope provided by infrastructure. Meanwhile, industries have realized the potential of blockchain and many are eager to welcome it. Its features are quite astounding:

  • Transparent technology
  • Hacking-proof
  • Decentralized, with several operating points
  • Relies more on authenticity of the source
  • Less time-consuming
  • Versatility, from banking to charging cars, it can work with any model

Artificial Intelligence

It never ceases to evolve. And last few years have helped it make computers see and listen. Those who follow business and tech news are well-aware of it. Decisions now can become more precise and simplified.

  • People will find it more pervasive than ever before with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and other AI helps taking charge of decision-making.
  • More projects will get funding.
  • Generated revenue to turn lucrative to bring in investment.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart technologies are here to increase the standard of living. The style will become finer. With sensors and internet speed, everything will be connected to form a single entity that would share data for a predictive model and simplified service.

  • Not just an individual, cities are to turn smart.
  • Routers will have self-defense mechanisms to prevent hackers.
  • An example, cars are to become self-driven. Now imagine what it can do to other spheres of life.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is about to become one of the game-changing tech trends of 2020 as per various market predictions. With wearable devices to produce updates on heart rate, glucose level and other things, the healthcare sector is already allowing inclusion of treatment based on IoMT. Various apps and devices in combination with telemedicine are going to provide health benefits.

Edge Computing

It is a method that places the computing element near to the source solving latency issues and connectivity challenges. Efficiency would increase lie never before. Read Source.

  • Will better the performance of cloud by giving it lightning speed.
  • A major chunk of cloud data will be analyzed and stored using this technology.
  • Adds a protective layer on sensitive data.
  • Reduces bandwidth.


A term that has become quite popular with business and tech news, this can use IoT and AI to maximize its potential. Started its journey with juice packaging, automation is now a technology that is all pervasive.

  • With robotics and machine learning, this system is only going to get better in 2020.
  • Would reduce human participation in monitoring manufacturing procedures. That means lesser chance of manual errors.
  • In defense, transport, and other sectors, its impact is bound to be substantial.=

AR/VR/MR Evolution

For quite some time now, this sector of augmented reality, mixed reality, or virtual reality is having a gala time. But its utilization is yet to hit the peak. Althougth the technology has changed the gaming world already, in healthcare sector it is about to become a big deal. The technology would help students in their preparation. However, its dealings in therapy such as in cognitive realm is about to get significant. Read Source.

  • Enhanced simulations could help in dealing with motor skills.
  • VR could help in treating dementia.
  • Could be used in data collection.

Technologies are here to make our lives better. Some drawbacks are there but that would not bottleneck progress. With ample experimentation, these hindrances can be eliminated. If these tech trends of 2020 are to be believed, then the time is ripe now for a full conversion. Adoption of these technologies are going to make businesses future-ready.

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