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The World’s Chunkiest AI chip

Chunkiest AI Chip

Cerebras introduced its latest AI chip in the recent ‘Hot Chips’ tech convention and it is fair to say that microchips are no longer micro. While the largest silicon-based AI chip in use currently measures around 815 mm2, the Cerebras chip comes at a gigantic size of 46,225mm2, thereby justifying its name as the chunkiest AI chip.

It is needless to say that this is indeed a breakthrough development in the field of artificial intelligence chips technology; however, what practical uses will it hold remains to be seen.

As of now Cerebras has not unveiled any details about what sort of performance specs the chip holds, neither has it announced a price for the technology. The chip comes with its own set of needs such as a liquid cooling board, meaning that it can’t just be fitted into any processing unit necessary. Thus, questions have been raised regarding its usability and whether it will have any buyers at all.

As per Cerebras, this AI chip will primarily be used for running AI functionality as it’s not your run of the mill computer chip. The chunkiest AI chip in the world has not been made available in the market yet, but will soon be, reports various tech journals who attended the ‘Hot Chips’ convention.

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