13 Must Read Business Books for 2023

Must Read Business Books for 2022

The business world is constantly changing. It’s hard to keep up with all of the latest developments, and it can be even harder to find time to read about them. But there are a few books that every leader should have on their shelves at home or in their office, if not both! This list contains 13 must read business books for any entrepreneur looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Must Read Business Books for Every Leader

The Lean Startup: This book is all about how to start and grow a business in today’s rapidly changing world. It offers advice on how to create a company that is both innovative and efficient.

Exclusive Interview: Interview with Maggie Adhami-Boynton

Zero to One: This business book is all about innovation, creativity, and taking your company to the next level. If you’re looking for ways to stand out from the competition, this is the book for you to pick first.

Exclusive Interview: Ryan Walicki: Innovate and Improve

The Innovator’s Dilemma: Written by Clayton Christensen, this book discusses the challenges faced by successful companies when they are confronted with disruptive technologies. It’s definitely among the must read business books for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced business world

Exclusive Interview: Kathleen Black: Persevering Towards Success

The Art of Possibility: This book is all about turning challenges into opportunities and making the impossible possible. If you’re looking for a way to increase your productivity and creativity, this book is for you!

Exclusive Interview: David Pawlan: Creating the best B2B payment experience

First Things First: This one is all about time management and getting the most out of your day. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs who are struggling to find time to do everything they need to do.

Exclusive Interview: Pablo Garnica: Simplifying Real Estate

E-Myth Revisited: This business book is centered around entrepreneurship, and it offers advice on how to turn your business idea into a reality. If you’re looking to start your own company, this book is a must-read!

Exclusive Interview: Jane Peyton: Meet the Drink Expert who Built a School of Booze

The Millionaire Fastlane: This one is all about creating wealth quickly and efficiently making it a sure pick among our must read business books. It’s perfect for emerging entrepreneurs who are looking to get rich fast!

Exclusive Interview: Stefania Di Bartolomeo: Investing in a Better Tomorrow

The Power of Intention: This book is all about achieving your goals and reaching your full potential. If you’re looking for a way to achieve greater success in life, this is where you must start!

Exclusive Interview: Matthieu Kohlmeyer: Disrupting the F&B Industry

Think and Grow Rich: This one is all about wealth creation and financial independence. It’s a must read business book for any entrepreneur who wants to make money and build lasting wealth!

Exclusive Interview: Nikila Cole: A Creative Pioneer

The Phoenix Project: This book is all about improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace. If you’re looking for ways to improve your team’s performance, this book is a great place to start.

Exclusive Interview: Veronica Bay: Reinventing the Concierge Service Industry

Man’s Search For Meaning: This memoir is a great choice for anyone who wants an inspiring read without necessarily needing advice on how to become more productive in their life or career. It tells the story of a man who survived Auschwitz and went on to become one of the most influential psychologists of all time.

Exclusive Interview: Magda Osman: Exploring the Unconscious Mind

The One Minute Manager: This book is all about managing people and prioritizing your work. If you need help with hiring and training new employees, this book is an absolute must-read!

Exclusive Interview: Kresse Wesling: Sustainability and Luxury at its Best

Start With Why: This one by Simon Sinek discusses the importance of knowing what your business stands for and why you do what you do. It’s a great read for entrepreneurs who are looking to build a successful company that is truly meaningful and fulfilling.

Exclusive Interview: Nic Hyl: Amplifying Beauty Through Fashion

Automate Your Busywork: This book by Aytekin Tank is all about how you can move from busywork to less work by using an automation-first mindset. If you’re looking to offload repetitive tasks and focus on what truly matters in your business and life, then this book is a must-read for you!


There are many great options out there, but these 13 must read business books chosen by Exeleon’s Team are simply the best of the best. Whether you’re looking for ways to build a better company or increase your effectiveness in life and work, each one contains actionable advice that can be implemented immediately!

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