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Why Magazine Features are a Great Marketing Strategy?

Magazine Features

The world of marketing is changing rapidly. With the introduction of a wide-variety of tools and strategies, the marketing scene is becoming more and more convoluted than ever before.

In such a scenario, brands all over the globe are facing major struggle in aligning their marketing strategy in accordance to their services and operations. From budgetary issues to choosing the right marketing platform to finding the correct target audience, brands are not able to narrow down their marketing needs in the most accurate and effective manner.

Both established as well as emerging brands are looking for alternative solutions to cater to their marketing goals. In this quest, marketers are realizing media placements and earned press mentions to be the most effective strategy for them to partake in.

Among this marketing strategy, magazine features stand out as one of the most effective methods for brands to establish their credibility and reach out to their potential audience.

What is a Magazine Feature?

A magazine feature ideally comprises a brand’s executive interview or profile. The feature is backed with engaging content and design that best complements the brands identity and services.

Furthermore, these magazine features are structured in a manner that is simple and informative to read while being inspiring to aspiring entrepreneurs in the said industry.

From business to fashion, lifestyle to entertainment, magazines are being considered as one of the most effective directions for brands to voice their story.

However, the magazine world is populated with a number of publications that offer little value in return, while claiming great numbers.

Hence, it is imperative for brands and their marketers to be smart and thorough when it comes to researching about these platforms.

Benefits of Magazine Feature?

A magazine feature effectively adds credibility to the brand as it adds the magazine’s reputation to its name. Furthermore, a magazine feature offers the opportunity for brands to reach out to potential customers that were beyond their reach thus far.

With both paid and earned magazine feature options, this is a form of marketing strategy that is highly sought-after among entrepreneurs today.

A brand can leverage this feature by promoting this across their social networking and bookmarking sites. This further deepens the trust among existing customers as well.

Brands need personalization to survive in this day and age and sharing their story through a magazine placement is the ideal tactic to establish the same.

Exeleon Magazine

When it comes to effective magazine placement, few names stand out as much as Exeleon Magazine. The Delaware-based magazine is one of the premier platforms for entrepreneurs and leaders to showcase their journey and establish their brand presence.

The magazine has thus far featured over 1200 leaders and companies in its platform. An interview, profile or Cover placement in this magazine can be a great marketing strategy for brands of different sizes and industries.

With an ever-growing audience base comprising leaders themselves, Exeleon Magazine has established a presence in the market one which can be attributed primarily to their content and design standards.

Various Exeleon Magazine Reviews suggest favorable results for this brand. Moreover, these reviews are an indication of the effective services the platform provides.

According to Daryl Yeung, the Editorial Head of the magazine, Exeleon was launched to give voice to the unheard and unseen stories of the world. However, the rousing response that the platform garnered in its initial days made them spread their wings and open up to companies of all sizes.

Furthermore, they made sure to offer effective marketing solutions to all their featuring clients. This is one of the prime reasons behind Exeleon Magazine reviews being ever positive among its readers and clients alike.

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