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The Curious Case of Space Toilets for Astronauts

Astronaut in Space

Space exploration is no longer a marvel to the world. However, there are various things about such missions that are not of common knowledge to people. One such thing is how astronauts who go on these missions are able to carry out regular bodily functions or about space toilets.

As we all know the space cannot be littered. So, how do astronauts go to the bathroom to relieve themselves? Another question that comes to our minds is that since there is no gravity, what stops the excreta to not simply float around and actually go into the bathroom pot! Well, a recent video from astronauts has clarified the matter.

The space toilets are fitted with a suction like device that use high level suction technology to ensure that the excreta gets swooped in as soon as it’s released from the body. It is then safely stored in a container which is to be emptied once the shuttle lands back on earth.

Most astronauts go only for short missions so that they do not need to visit the toilet often, but in case they do, this contraption helps them. They are also made to wear certain special diapers in case of emergencies as well.

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