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Pam Kurt: Helping People to be the Best Version of Themselves

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The five-letter word ‘faith’ is as strong as its meaning and diction. When heard or read, the expression brings soothing, positive energy to the human mind. It would be hard to apply logic or any reason to explain the meaning of the word. Still, ‘faith’ as a word extends beyond hope. At its core meaning, the word is deep-rooted in the expectation of good things to come. And when situations get tough, no matter if it is professional or personal life, this faith is what keeps us going.

This deep understanding and keeping faith in God certainly made a difference for Pam Kurt, Attorney and Professional Women Life Coach at Best Version of You, LLC. As a divorced single mother, she overcame all the hardships of her life to get education, becoming a skilled professional and helping those who are in need with everyday problems.

Pam’s ‘faith’ in God empowered her to overcome adversities. It allowed her the opportunities to watch people grow, learn and become the best version of themselves through their difficulties.

The Belief of Moving Forward

Pam Kurt doesn’t have a rich family or husband. But she is proud to have faith. She went back to college as a divorced single mother and worked multiple jobs to get her education. Her hard work paid off as she got her Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate. Still, on her own, she went on and opened a law practice along with being a substitute and adjunct college professor.

Pam’s love for teaching further paved the way for the formation of Best Version of You, LLC. As a lawyer, she now loves to counsel people on their life choices and the legal issues they face daily.

In her earlier days, faith being not as strong as today came as a challenge for her. If there’s one thing that she had done differently, it would have been overcoming the lack of confidence and fear of the unknown. They played an enormous role in her early life. Something she advises aspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs to be mindful of. She wants them to have faith and be themselves. Pam also says to get under the wings of a strong woman’s mentor to balance how to be a ‘woman’ along with being a powerful leader.

While relying on her faith to achieve everything has been a challenge for Pam, the biggest roadblocks in her life have been the expectations of others. She now understands that others don’t always want the same things she would want in a scenario. She learned the skill to listen to people and help them realize their goals and dreams and not just what she perceives of them.

Pam also held to deal with the perceived stereotypes of women willing to ‘give in’ in negotiations. According to Pam, one of the general stereotypes is that women are caretakers. They are given the responsibility of taking care of details for any event or project. They have to do follow-ups and take responsibility for all details. While that is true, Pam Kurt also clarifies that women as leaders know how to set the boundaries necessary in business settings to not be taken advantage of.

The journey hasn’t been easy for Pam, but she is grateful for all those years of learning. Her journey was possible only through her faith in god; something that helped her overcome hardships.

During all these challenging and self-learning phases, Pam also came across her biggest learning. She realized she can’t believe and force people to do and believe more than they do themselves. This investment of hers, later, became the stepping stone of becoming a transformational leader.

Wisdom Lies in Listening

While Pam Kurt invests her time to listen to people, she also makes sure that they are also willing to achieve change. If they aren’t, then as a leader and business owner, the process can cost money and time. Hence, she takes a step back to assess when and if someone is actually willing to do something to reach their goals. This is another key trait that makes her an excellent leader.

Pam never ceases to listen and never asks someone to do something that they aren’t willing to do themselves. She makes directions clear and concise as well as the outcome and expectations.

Additionally, her faith in everyone she encounters that they can be anything drives her as a leader and entrepreneur. She believes they can be the best version of themselves. If they can dream it, believe it, they can achieve it. She helps them to realize that they can do it.

It is also the approach she follows to ensure optimal client satisfaction. “Listen to them and validate their position and feelings. Then you can discuss that they are feelings and might not always be best to react to feelings in making decisions.  But being there and listening is something that is important to reach any resolution,” asserts Pam.

A Message for ALL

Pam Kurt is quite excited for the future and tags the forthcoming time as ‘amazing.’ She has also set her eyes to become the first women version of Tony Robbins, her mentor. On the professional side of things, she wants her program and practice to be recognized nationally.

She wants every professional woman to know about her program. A program that is available to them with the coach who is willing to listen and help them navigate their current position. A coach who will also help them change positions or start a new career and elevate them to be the best version of themselves. As the overall agenda, Pam wants to empower professional women to have satisfaction in their lives, not just their career.

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