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Rachel Katzman: A Journey of Strength with Pvolve

Rachel Katzman of Pvolve in Exeleon Magazine

The following article is written by Rachel Katzman, Founder of Pvolve. In this article she shares her journey into forming her omnichannel fitness company and more. This is part of Exeleon’s Women History Month Celebration.

It’s 2016. I’m living in New York City and, like so many others, bouncing around the thriving boutique fitness studio scene. Despite all the time I put into my workouts, I still found myself unsatisfied with my results – and worse, I was in pain. A diagnosis of scoliosis soon followed, and I knew that my lifestyle would have to change.

That is when I was introduced to functional fitness, which emphasizes moving in a way that supports your body for everyday life – before I knew it, my body felt strong, mobile, and energized. Feeling inspired, I began assembling a team to put the pieces together for Pvolve, a low-impact workout methodology that abandons the notion that fitness must be punishing to be effective.

We started with a small studio in Chinatown, NYC, where we offered classes and a camera on a tripod to film the workouts for uploading. We developed a suite of patented resistance-based products to pair with the functional movements. Leading with science was important to me. We brought on a team of Doctors, Clinicians, Physical Therapists, and PHDs to help validate the method and help push the upper limits on what this profound way of moving could do for our members.

Since then, we have built a digital platform with over 1,300 on-demand workouts that feature everything from classic Strength & Sculpt and Progressive Weight Training classes to workouts designed for women’s unique and evolving physiologies. This includes pelvic floor training, workouts for the phases of the menstrual cycle, and a menopause series intended to mitigate the often-debilitating symptoms that accompany the transition into menopause.

In seven years, we have opened eight studios across the US and Canada and have over twenty-five in development through our franchise partners. We have undergone three clinical trials that underscore the efficacy of the method. And most importantly, we have an incredible community of thousands of members worldwide who have transformed their bodies and their relationships with fitness through Pvolve.

In 2023, I had my biggest “pinch-me” moment of all, when our most famous member, Jennifer Aniston, came aboard the company in an official capacity. She now helps advise on content and programming and stars in our ad campaigns.

What started as a personal quest to find a workout that would give me results without pain, has grown into a solution for many women with various goals and sensitivities. And while it’s hard to believe it’s been seven years; it’s thrilling to know how bright the future is ahead.

About Rachel Katzman

Rachel Katzman is the Founder of Pvolve, an omnichannel fitness company with a science-led method that pairs low-impact, functional movement, and patented resistance equipment to sculpt, strengthen, and restore the body. Rachel launched the company in 2017 and remains a leading force within the female-led company. Known for her customer-centric leadership style, Rachel drives the brand’s creative vision forward, elevating the overall member experience and growing the global digital platform. Before Pvolve, Rachel founded Cuvee Beauty, a champagne-based haircare line, in 2016 and sold it in 2019. Rachel has been recognized in top publications such as Forbes, Marie Claire, and Women’s Health. She was also honored on Inc. Magazine’s list of “2023’s Most Dynamic Entrepreneurs” and the “2023 Entreprenista 100.”

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