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In order to manifest anything, one needs to believe in its inevitability.

For Nikki Gal, the belief in her inevitable journey in entrepreneurship was what led her to the heights of success.

She believed in her dream of selling her own art someday and the universe conspired to turn it into a reality. Today, Nikki Gal is a pioneering entrepreneur and digital creator who is spearheading See Thru Nikki, a digital art company specializing in custom artwork such as portraits, logos, and animations.

Encouraging others to follow their own dreams, Nikki mentions “You can never give up on your dreams, dreams do come true if you put the dedicated work in. If you really want something to happen, it will happen. You have to believe.”

In this exclusive Cover Feature of Exeleon Magazine, we ‘see through’ the journey of Nikki Gal and beyond.

Coloring Book

It is said that creativity takes courage. Creativity forces one to think, imagine, and dream. For Nikki, creativity was her language of dreams.

Growing up in a small town in Massachusetts, Nikki developed her passion for the field of arts at a young age. Soon she realized it to be her calling and was determined to pursue her dream of becoming an artist.

“It was something at the time that I didn’t know, or think was possible, but I still kept the option open. I never gave up on that dream,” she recalls.

Nikki recalls her days in her parent’s living room scribbling through a coloring book and hoping to sell her own art someday. “Now at 24, my inner child has given me motivation, inspiration, and continuous clarity within my art and my business life.”

Nikki Gal See Thru Nikki

Opportunities Ahead

Nikki’s artistic bend of mind led her to the fashion industry. It caught her attention at a young age and remained on her radar as she grew up.

“Fashion is a lifestyle, as it is expression – it’s hard to ignore. Fashion is not only a creative outlet, but it is also an outlet of diversity, artistic vision, innovation, and liberation.”

Nikki carved her path into the modeling industry at the age of 15. By the time she turned 17, she was signed by two modeling agencies. However, Nikki chose to quit her modeling stint a year later as she wanted to seek further opportunities and work outside the industry.

She remembers, “Although that decision was difficult for me to make, changing my path was a necessary decision for both me and my career.”

Nonetheless, Nikki gained a lot of valuable life lessons from her time in the industry and leverages the same in her day-to-day entrepreneurial journey.

See Thru Nikki

At the age of 20, Nikki’s creative exploration led her to launch her very own digital art company – See Thru Nikki.

“Launching a company at 20 years old was never the plan for me, it just happened so I took control.”

She adds, “A friend of mine knowing I had a passion for art requested me to do a digital design for her to post on her social media. After my digital art was posted on her social media page, it went viral. Her inbox was full, my inbox was full, and at that point that’s when I knew I had a product and a business to pursue.”

Today, See Thru Nikki is well on its way to truly becoming a legacy. A legacy of creativity and the ongoing power of self-expression.

Since launching the company in 2019, it has gained over 4,000 clients, sharing a common passion and interest in Nikki’s artwork.

For Nikki, art is form of expression and she started using her art to convey powerful messages that impacts people and facilitates conversations about subjects of relevance.

‘In June 2020, I created a dedicated art piece in honor of the #sayhername movement, honoring the women who lost their lives due to police brutality and racial injustice. Knowing that I was speaking through my art on this matter while also spreading awareness and education was one of my proudest moments as an artist. That one piece gained over 8 million social media impressions worldwide”

Her work caught the eyes of American actresses Tracee Ellis Ross, Marisa Tomei, Amber Riley, Zoë Kravitz, music talent Sheila E., Ice Cube, Afropunk, as well as American author and anti-racist activist, Ibram X. Kendi.

“I wish for my clients to see their own vision through my eyes; therefore, you are seeing through me, Nikki.”

Learning on the Go

Talking about what she would change if she were to start again, Nikki mentions “Looking back, I would have not taken everything on so much all at once- my career, my clients, my craft.”

When Nikki first launched her company, she never gave herself room to set boundaries. As her company continued to boom, she struggled to find a moment to catch a breath for herself.

She recalls, “I realize that setting boundaries back then would have saved me much time from exhaustion. It’s not about how fast you can go; it’s about how far you can go. I have a bittersweet relationship with how I operated my company a few years back.”

Nikki explains by adding “Working 12+ hours Monday-Sunday was great at the time because it gave my business the momentum that made it what it is today. Things are different now, and I have grown immensely from that experience.”

According to her, in business, it is common to hit a point of fast momentum and take off. However, it is imperative for one to remind themselves from time to time – You are a priority!

Learning to navigate and balance one’s life in a healthy way is one of the most strategic things that one can do for themselves and their mindset.

As her business continues to grow and expand, Nikki has realized the importance of this balance. She has now learned to take life one day at a time; “you cannot overwhelm yourself.”

“I choose to remind myself throughout my days that even though my ongoing persistence is valuable, it can only get me so far. Overworking myself will not do me any good, so I set necessary boundaries.”

Nikki’s thoughts and ideas echoes the growth and maturity she has grasped over the years as an entrepreneur.

Going Forward

In the coming years, Nikki Gal wants to practice and produce the same ongoing momentum within both her creative journey and mental health advocacy.

Nikki wants to reach more individuals within the mental health community, not only within her art but also within her voice.

Furthermore, Nikki passionately asserts “I wish to meet more individuals while gaining inspiration and spreading inspiration. I wish to spread the ongoing power of creativity for our future. Personally, I strive for all to gain some type of artistic voice within themselves- creativity is a light that I believe everyone can have the power to hold- you just have the power to hold- you just have to see it.”

Leadership with a Vision

Much of Nikki’s journey can be attributed to her belief. She advices emerging women leaders to stick to this very belief to achieve their individual dreams.

“Stand your ground. There are going to be the nonbelievers, naysayers, and people that just don’t understand you or your dreams. And that’s okay. Learning to accept that not only makes you a stronger entrepreneur, but it makes you a stronger human.”

A powerful woman in every right, Nikki believes female leadership is defined not only within the mind, but also within the eyes. She explains, “You have to envision a concept to truly capture and feel the empowerment within.”

For her it has always been about controlling her own narrative; her own idea of success. She encourages others the same with her concluding line “At the end of the day, you control your own success. Don’t let someone else define it.”

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