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Nicole Carter: Driven by a Passion to Help Communities Grow

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Grants provide valuable resources for organizations to address important issues within their communities and to carry out projects that otherwise would have been difficult to accomplish. Grants, however, are competitive. A lot of time and preparation is needed to find grant opportunities, plan a project, and then develop a proposal.

Writing a grant proposal is not as simple as it may seem. One should have a realistic understanding of the grant process and of the time and resources required to submit a competitive application. Whether you are a small business, a nonprofit organization, or an individual, whatever you need help for, your writing must be done flawlessly to gain funding for your project.

For over 20 years, Nicole Carter, Founder and CEO of Carter Consulting Corp., has offered professional grant writing services to a wide range of organizations. She revels in supporting non-profit and faith-based organizations by providing technical and grant writing related assistance.

Nicole is a seasoned consultant, grant writer, and a certified evaluator. For the majority of her career, she has been a grant writer or a grant monitor. She maintains and develops positive relationships with partner organizations, policymakers and media. She also represents the organization to the public, assume a leadership role in community planning by identifying gaps and duplications in client services for the best possible utilization of resources and is a spokesperson for clients and community when a highly visible advocate is needed.

Her exceptional experience in this niche has allowed her to support her clients with whatever they require. Nicole Carter is ardent about creating grants that will make a true difference for the community and lives of the disadvantaged.

A Benevolent Leader

Born with the mindset of giving back to society, Nicole was taught from a young age to help those in need and provide community services. Continuing her father’s legacy as a grant writer she has served numerous social services and units of Federal Government for more than 25 years.

After attending Alabama A&M and regularly volunteering in her community, Nicole began taking public service roles with a number of established non-profits and a few local government agencies. She has held different positions throughout her career like state auditor, director of development, grant writer, compliance officers, director of operations, and program officer. This vast range of experience gave her the necessary tools to establish Carter Consulting Corp. She understands the needs of the minority and has made it her mission to aid them.

Carter Consulting has enabled her to leverage her experience with development works, grants and community training and sustain and uplift those grassroots agencies and community stakeholders who share her vision. Her success is a result of her love and passion for her role and those she supports.

Nicole is a true business mentor and is driven by her passion for helping people succeed and thrive in today’s economic market. Since the inception of Carter Consulting Corp. she has worked tirelessly to ensure success for everyone. She believes it to be an honor to assist people with employment opportunities and enable them to sustain their families and livelihoods.

Leading with Experience

Nicole is a determined business leader and has expertise in multiple sectors. At Carter Consulting, she oversees everything from the smallest task and is always keen about maintaining quality. She supports non-profit and faith-based organizations by providing technical assistance, grant writing, capacity building, program evaluations, resource development and professional development training. She has served hundreds of grantees from all over the country and abroad.

Nicole believes in building the capacity of nonprofits by analyzing the conditions that help or hinder performance, finding their roots and creating improvement strategies to increase the impact of client services. She also works to provide grant and management services to agencies nationwide.

She has a proficiency in creating a wide range of legal documents and also holds the position on the advisory boards of several local organizations. She is the primary instructor for the regional community-training workshops: ‘Nonprofits and Federal Funds’. Nicole has also served as a Federal grant reviewer for more than eight U.S. Departments; serving as panel chairperson and consultant for identifying and making recommendations for grantees.

Additionally, Carter Consulting’s expert team has more than 65 cumulative years of experience in the non-profit industry and has served hundreds of grantees from all over the country and abroad, resulting in securing more than $50 Million. The firm’s executive staff is composed of high-level executives from numerous industry arenas including: construction, non-profit, government, commercial, technology, accounting and primary federal contractors.

Owing to this integrated knowledge, Carter Consulting, under the leadership of Nicole Carter is able to offer a range of services designed to make projects more efficient, controlling costs, schedules and work scope without compromising the quality. The firm’s capabilities combine its expertise and experience in compliance, human resources, recruiting, staff training, administrative support, and contract negotiations.

Notable Accomplishments

Carter Consulting Corp is truly a labor of love for Nicole Carter. She feels it is an honor to assist organizations that provide essential life-services and resources to the communities. In 2019, Carter Consulting was proud to receive the ‘Top 10 Most Influential Female Businesses in the Southeast’ award. Nicole has also won the ‘2019 Most Influential Businesses Woman’ from Acquisitions International, CIO Views ‘10 most successful women to watch 2021’, as well as ‘The 10 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch in 2021’ from Tycoon Success.

Nicole has secured nearly $10 Million in federal, state, and local funding in the past three years, established more than 32 grassroots/community-based organizations and assisted in the initiation of more than 50 Housing and Economic Development programs, including: emergency food assistance, education and employment, job training, counseling, recreational, housing and rehab, elderly, healthcare, crisis intervention, and family development programs.

In 2019, Carter Consulting was awarded more than 4 million dollars in grants and contracts. Nicole also owned the 1st minority hemp farm in Tennessee and acquired 3 buildings for rental property. This was a community effort which took critical thinking, strategic planning, and relationships. By collaborating with community organizations, Nicole was able to meet the needs of its various stakeholders and provide support that could not be found elsewhere.

Humanitarian Way of Life

Nicole, from the very beginning, has supported non-profit and faith-based organizations. With Carter Consulting Corp., she has more than 35 years of experience in the non-profit industry and has served hundreds of grantees. The combined expertise of Nicole and her team secured nearly $10 million in federal, state, and local funding in 2020.

Nicole also leads a number of free services including a quarterly Grant Writing Class in low-income counties throughout Alabama. This class is widely attended and trains individuals on how to start a non-profit, the responsibilities it carries, where to find grants, and how to write them. The class is essential to impoverished communities who can’t afford Carter Consulting’s paid services and is widely attended.

In addition to her work with Carter Consulting, Nicole Carter is also the Founder and Executive Director of a nationally recognized and federally funded organization in Birmingham, ‘The Institute for Community, Youth & Family Services, Inc’.

At any given time Nicole employs 6-10 team members to help her accomplish these remarkable goals. She enjoys employing and training people and has, on numerous occasions found opportunities to employ struggling youth and other community members on a part-time basis. This dedication to her community has traveled with Nicole throughout her career and she truly looks for every opportunity to give back.

Driven by a Motivation to Help Others

Nicole is driven by her motivation to help others and confront inequalities in her community. As a Leader of a Women Owned Minority Business, Nicole is committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible solutions for her clients.

For over 25 years Nicole has used her business and non-profit experience to help socially-oriented organizations increase capacity and improve services leading to greater impacts in the communities they serve.

Seeking to grow even further and build upon the success, Nicole Carter with Carter Consulting Corp. intends to develop more housing units as well as secure federal and state contracts in administration and construction services. This will help Nicole and her team to truly establish their position as key innovators and thought-leaders in today’s competitive market.

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