Antonella Rubicco: Driving Ahead with Data

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Progress becomes smooth only if it has a foundation empowered by data. Data with the knowledge of the past and present can help in predicting the future in a better way. But the bulk data generated in the process is huge and requires quick reaction to ensure the benefit reaped from it increases the profit margin.

This massive data needs highly sophisticated data systems for the examination of the information and the conclusions gleaned from it has to be almost in real-time. Only then, the user can optimally perform and live up to his potentials.

A3Cube is doing this for years in a very efficient manner. Antonella Rubicco, the Co-founder of the company, deserves much accolade for that. Her will to edge out peers and pave a path like a pioneer, has led the company to where it is now. And, it is showing no signs of curbing any momentum.

Her goals are set. She wants the company to always stay a few paces ahead of its peers and scale newer heights. Her visions have been well-shared with her colleagues and all of them are in perfect sync in their common aspiration.

Clarity. Determination. Perseverance.

When it comes to leading a lot, Antonella follows a few simple, yet effective sets of principles. She opines, “An inspiring leader has a mission in mind and is able to attract people and engage them. He is completely focused on the aim and knows that the positive energy will affect others and influence them.”

This unwavering attitude helps in maintaining a clarity in goals. When the goals are established, she figures out ways to encourage her team and bring them on the same page so that their goals become common and striving forward becomes easier. Antonella Rubicco believes that going a step forward is always possible and it could lead to greater heights.

Reaching the pinnacle requires a team effort. Alone, it cannot be achieved. That is why she chose to be an empathetic leader and refused to follow the status quo of being a boss. The decision to drive the flock has its roots in her ability “to get along people and create bonds of trust.” The outcome is a healthy team climate where people thrive through their performances and take the company forward in the process.

Instead of making compromises and cutting corners, she believes in persevering. Instead of words without weight, she believes in speaking through actions and attitudes.

From Passion to Profession: A3Cube

Finding motivation is the hardest part of waking up and going to the office every day. This happens when the matrimony between the passion and profession choose to stay aloof from each other. Only a few can carve a path out of their passion that becomes their profession in time. Antonella Rubicco and her co-founder, Engineer Billi, belong to that group of lucky few.

Their early days witnessed two passionate individuals spending hours to study new technologies and locking horns with the most challenging problems. They faced hurdles of various degrees while starting and running the business.

Since the beginning, Antonella has been “in charge of every aspect of management.” She also played the perfect supporting role to Engineer’s groundbreaking ideas. They have come a long way now and she realized, that their complementary skills in leadership have made their success, “a reflection of our fully commitment to excellence.”

A3Cube’s “unique, well-designed and easy-to-scale systems” can easily adjust to any application-based needs. Antonella Rubicco guarantees that it would provide “fastest data access, best resource balancing, best application performance, and computing power.”

The current challenges, she and her company are facing, are mostly AI-related. The huge volume of data that various data centers generate require a near to real-time reading for better results. As she stated, “to get fastest results and best efficiency, you need faster data (reducing data access latency) and faster math (reducing computation latency).”

That is why their approach is always holistic and it resulted in the company winning trust and respect from all quarters. It has now become a name in fields involving Machine Learning, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.

Tête-à-Tête with Technology

It is in their blood and, in a way, it helped them see what lies in the future. In her words, they were the first to realize how data is going to shape the future. They knew it from day one that data is going to influence every aspect of the modern society. Data’s role would be pivotal in ushering in all the transformations.

This knowledge of the future gave them a chance to stay ahead of their peers and they explored it to the fullest. Their technological proposals always reflect this notion and it helped them emerge as a vanguard that would read the upcoming trends beforehand and invest in mining opportunities from there.

Following trends is not their cuppa, rather they would spend the time in deciding technologies for the future.

Antonella Rubicco believes that “companies should be always up-to-date and be proactive. They should be willing to rethink their aims and their business models according to the technology changes.” But she also harps on gauging the social and economic issues to understand how the changes would impact.

To explain the idea, she took the liberty of using their methods of tackling the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The company has a vast repertoire of knowledge, expertise, and skill in Artificial Intelligence that they can use in supporting the “nationwide efforts to fight COVID-19.” Their endeavors bore fruit in the shape of a “turnkey system for thermal body temperature screening, in order to help reducing the spread of the virus.”

Looking Back 

Now, after all these years pondering about all the ‘what ifs,’ she realized that the path she is walking on now was chosen by life, a long time back. The life she imagined for herself after graduating in Biology is completely different from where she is now. The path she started walking on with Engineer Emilio Billi to start their own business became a natural one for her.

She has no regrets when she looks at her own career. She had hard times and constraints were substantial. As a woman, it was difficult for her to create a niche for herself in the technology sector and that too, as a leader. And yet, Antonella never gave up. She persisted till she achieved the success she always dreamed of.


Her experience gleaned from the field over such a long time has taught her “that there is no need to plan your life, no need to be always rational.” Instead, she would advise to “follow your instincts in business, believe in your unique features and go straight your way.” Sometimes, things appear a bit mu rky at first and chances are high of discarding it. But wait till a different angle appears and get you a different perspective.

Antonella Rubicco’s leadership reflects her attitude towards life. People often say that her enthusiasm is contagious. All these come from her passion and commitment for her job and life as well.

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