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Human emotions are a powerful thing. They can take us to a place where we can conquer the world, or they can break us and show us the bottom of the ocean. If we do not understand them, they possess the power of taking over us at every possible turn. But, if we know how to use them to our advantage, it can become a powerful ally that lifts us to heights we never thought were possible.

For Larry Hightower, it was the feeling of being inspired from a loss that took him to the zenith of success. Larry saw a successful family business go down due to the lack of financial planning and literacy. Then and there he promised that he would never let it happen again and ventured into the Finance Industry.

Fast forward to thirty years, Larry Hightower has become prominent in the industry dedicated to providing financial guidance. He also established his own Investment Advisory Firm, Hightower & Boler, LLC, in 2017, where he currently serves as President & CEO, and Chief Investment Officer. At the firm, Larry ensures that all the investments for the clients are sound, compliant with FINRA regulations, and best address their financial goals.

A Veteran in the Industry

For 30 years, Larry has been dedicated to providing financial services. Prior to establishing his Registered Investment Advisory Firm, he worked as a Financial Advisor for BMO Harris Financial Advisors, Inc., where he offered financial advice to bank customers at seven BMO Harris bank offices in the Chicagoland region.

Before joining BMO Harris Financial Advisors, Larry worked as a Senior Financial Advisor for Ameriprise Financial He offered financial services to clients in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, and Washington State, as well as Illinois, while there.

After taking a short sabbatical from his work, Larry founded Hightower & Boler, LLC., a Registered Investment Advisor Firm. Through his organization, he delivers financial solutions for today and tomorrow through a personalized financial planning approach that offers clients comprehensive financial services. He works alongside individuals, municipalities, business owners, charitable organizations, and estates and trusts to deliver these exceptional services.

The Definition of Transformational Leader

In Larry’s opinion, a transformational leader works with little more than a vision of a goal. The leader then forms a plan and acts on or implements the plan to transform that vision into reality. For him, it was to learn from the mistakes of the family business going down and making sure that does not happen with anyone else.

And today, even after 30 years of service, Larry serves his clients with utmost dedication. His team meets with each prospective client to determine their goals, timelines, and risk tolerance. Based on the gathered data, the team devises a plan as to what the next steps of the plan would be.

As such, the clients are rest assured to get the best offerings of a multitude of financial planning services. The services range from Wealth and Investment Management for Individuals and Municipalities, Tax planning and preparation, as well as Estate and Philanthropic planning.

And when it comes to clients, Larry knows just one thing: to place values of integrity above all else, both personally and professionally. He also makes certain that all customers not only receive investments that match their risk tolerance, but that they recall each stage of the process as a pleasant experience with a qualified and experienced adviser. He wants clients to recognize his firm and himself as maintaining the highest level of integrity. He attributes his ability to keep to his ideals and deliver the best possible service to his religious upbringing.

Doing What’s Best in the Interest of Others

Both He and his Firm act as Fiduciaries for all clients. While his three decades in the financial industry have won him national recognition, Larry is taking his time to establish his expanding client base, ensuring that he can provide personal attention to each and every client. He is currently leveraging his combined skills in finance and his 11-year term as an elected North Chicago Alderman to serve municipal customers in the Chicagoland area with investment management services.

Larry served as an Alderman and was knowledgeable in the bond issue, taxation, and revenue creation. He also has certificates from the Financial Planning Association and the American Heart Association in Philanthropic Planning Solutions. Recently, Larry has joined the Carole Robertson Learning Center’s Board of Directors, which provides educational services to children and families in the Chicagoland region.

He has also lectured the Certified Financial Planning Certificate Program at DePaul University and Northwestern University as an adjunct faculty member.

Opening Doors into the Finance Industry

Larry’s advice for anyone who is willing to penetrate this enormous industry is to keep their vision insight and manage any roadblocks encountered by keeping God first and always persevering.

With his firm, Larry Hightower is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in his relationship with the clients. Coupling that with his work, philosophy, and experience, he is quite happy to disseminate his knowledge of finance to the masses. Moving forward, the future for Larry Hightower and Hightower & Boler, LLC. looks bright and very promising.

Services at a Glance

Hightower offers the following investment advisory services to individuals, trusts, estates, businesses, and charitable organizations.

  • Investment Management Services

Hightower offers its clients personalized investment advising services. This is accomplished by ongoing human contact and engagement with clients while offering discretionary investment management and related advisory services. To build a portfolio strategy, Larry collaborates carefully with each client to understand their investment goals and objectives, as well as their risk tolerance and financial condition.

  • Pension Advisory Services

Hightower provides pension advisory services for its municipal clients, specifically with Police Pension Fund and Fire Pension investment portfolio strategies, by working closely with the respective Boards of each Fund, reviewing/establishing the Fund’s Investment Policy Statements, and ensuring adherence to the State Statutes that govern these municipal fund investments.

  • Financial Planning Services

Hightower offers clients financial planning and advisory services. Depending on the Client’s goals, objectives, and financial status, services are provided in a variety of areas of their financial situation. Hightower Financial Planning offers Comprehensive Financial Planning, Basic Financial Planning, and Consultative Financial Reviews.

  • Risk Management Services

Hightower offers clients Risk Management services in the areas of Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability, and Health Care Insurance. He assesses and analyses existing coverage and, if appropriate, provides suggestions to address any vulnerabilities.

  • Tax Preparation Services

Hightower offers tax preparation services on a stand-alone basis to individuals and trusts.

Visit Larry Hightower’s Website.

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