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Kyle Bender: Building Real Estate Relationships with a Scarlett Heart

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Today’s world has leaders aplenty in all walks of our life. However, selfless leaders, who go out of their way to help people, are the hardest to find. Although rare, there are some admired leaders who are not scared to support their people all the way; who would go the distance to help others achieve success.

In the world of real estate, Kyle Bender is one such pioneering leader who exemplifies selflessness through his outstanding work. As the CEO of Scarlett Property Group and Scarlett Properties, he bares his heart in his helpful and compassionate attitude towards his clients and teams.

Kyle’s honesty, reliability, and compassion are inspirational to his agents. By encouraging new ideas, Kyle Bender strives to bring everybody together and lay focus on establishing team dynamics. Similarly, with his clients, he creates an open space where one can speak freely and build strong, lasting relationships.

Chasing the “landlord” dream

Kyle’s fascination with the mechanisms of real estate started in middle school, when he wanted to know what rent was and why his mother paid it. The realization that she didn’t own their duplex sparked a desire in Kyle; a desire to be his own “landlord” someday!

Kyle’s spark of enthusiasm quickly turned into a fire as he saw the potential income and the scope of becoming debt-free in the real estate business. Moreover, he wanted to help others get their dream property and realize their real estate goals, an ambition that he fervently follows even today.

Initial hurdles: An entrepreneur’s rite of passage

Kyle confesses that his initial days in the real estate world were full of struggles. While a lot of companies were fantastic, the commission splits were not. Always aware that his struggles were applicable to every other new talent in real estate, Kyle wanted to make the road easier for agents like him. He claims, “I wanted all aspiring agents to make a name for themselves and retain more of their money to create better businesses and lives.”

The housing market crash in 2008 was a landmark turnaround moment for Kyle. At once, he saw the urgent need for efficient property managers who would take care of a property just like an owner. With this goal in his heart, Kyle started Scarlett Properties, offering top-quality property management and real estate sales services.

As Scarlett Properties kept growing in terms of both sales and property management, Kyle Bender and his team decided to branch them off separately, creating more space for each. As a result, Scarlett Property Group was formed to focus exclusively on real estate sales.

A relationship company

Today, the Scarlett family is a booming and blooming organization that emphasizes the importance of building lasting bonds: “We are a relationship organization that happens to sell real estate.”

Considering good client and employee relationships as the backbone of business, Kyle admits that the Scarlett family would not exist without those bonds of trust. “Everyone on our team, from our assistants and office admins to our agents, all know how important it is to have a huge heart and take care of people,” explains Kyle.

Leading with care

A people person himself, Kyle wants to guide and help all his agents and clients with a selfless passion, no matter what their capabilities and needs are. Looking at his journey as a leader, Kyle asserts, “It has been exhilarating and encouraging, because it shows me that even though some people aren’t born into success, everyone can work hard to become successful!”

A living example of the rewards of hard work, focus, and financial acumen, Kyle shows the path to becoming a self-made entrepreneur in the millennial era. There will be lots of ups and downs, but Kyle has some pearls of wisdom for aspiring leaders: “Stay optimistic and focused on your professional goals. Always anticipate and efficiently adapt to market shifts by reacting quickly.”

A helping hand, an example, a business brain

As a young 20-year-old, Kyle Bender would naively think that the key to becoming a self-reliant entrepreneur was to do everything on his own. With experience, he corrected his view, realizing that mentorship and guidance are essential to making a mark in real estate. With his holistic domain expertise, today Kyle teaches his agents how to stay on top of their game!

Moreover, Kyle attributes his excellent leadership to the example he sets, which becomes a benchmark. “People see themselves in me. My optimism, my passion for what we do inspires other people to follow. Looking at my team, I believe every single one of them is a potential leader,” notes the caring CEO.

For Kyle Bender, the most integral aspect of entrepreneurial success is grouping employees into high-performing teams. A leader’s most delicate job is to gauge which people are best suited to working and achieving with each other. With his expert eye, Kyle finds people with similar creative mindsets and groups them into excellent teams. “That is the best way to kindle the fire in the hearts,” he affirms.

A future of mentorship aided by technology

After spending the better part of two decades in real estate, he states that his enterprise is a stark reflection of the industry. Scarlett Property Group is as vast and renowned as the real estate sector itself. Always a heartfelt and altruistic leader, Kyle Bender says that “I would love to keep growing with the best agents with big Scarlett hearts. I just want to continue helping more agents and clients, bringing satisfied smiles to their faces.”

In his opinion, there is a certain shift in real estate regarding its technological footprint. “COVID-19 has made it clear that the real estate industry can and needs to be driven by digitization technology,” Kyle notes.

Kyle’s businesses have already equipped themselves in this respect, with virtual promotional videos, floor plans, and walkthroughs propelling their sales more than the years preceding COVID-19. “We have achieved great success in this phase by making sure our marketing is top-notch,” beams Kyle.

It is Kyle’s passion for real estate and his belief in God that motivates him to lead and succeed more every day. His motto is simple: “A leader should love what she/he does, and the love should show. Because once you find your passion, no amount of work will feel hard enough!”

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