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Jim Allen: A Stalwart in North American Real Estate

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In the real estate industry, clients are the central stakeholders around which the fortune of everyone else pivots. Thus, every individual, team, and organization operating in real estate must put their clients’ interest at the top.

For entrepreneurial leaders in the industry, finding the right professional teams that are dedicated towards ensuring optimal client satisfaction is of critical importance. No one knows this better than Jim Allen, whose client-devoted group of real estate experts have been dominating the industry in the past few years. Leaping from one successful project to another, Jim Allen Group is now considered as the #1 real estate team in North America!


Is there a secret recipe behind Jim’s amazing business success? He claims that his real estate achievements have two sources that are seamlessly interrelated.

The first factor is Jim’s special focus on each of his clients. In his professional world, the client is the most important person. Indeed, he has facilitated the success of his venture on this very premise.

Additionally, Jim takes extra care of his professional teams as well as the individuals in them. He has immense passion, commitment, and dedication towards his company and his employees. A hands-on leader, Jim constantly encourages them to thrive amidst the most challenging real estate environments.


During his initial days in the industry, Jim’s degree in Engineering turned out to be quite beneficial to his success story. His first job in the industry was in a firm which specialized in new construction as well as resale homes.

Working with the finest custom home builders in the Triangle, Jim acquired deep knowledge and experience about the real estate industry. His rapid rise in the firm attests to the quality of knowledge he gathered: striding through his first year, he soon became a sales leader therein.

When that firm was sold several years later, Jim decided to join Prudential Carolinas Realty. Prudential was a prestigious organization with a nationwide reputation and a revered relocation department.

While he shifted, Jim’s former clients remained very loyal; to his delight, far from severing contact, they showered their approval by quickly starting to refer their co-workers and friends

In the course of his enriching tryst with Prudential, Jim’s career continued its upward surge. In no time, his own team became a frontrunner in the arena of real estate sales. Since then, it has remained the #1 ranked Real Estate Team in the Triangle since 1998, as per the Triangle Business Journal. Be it a new or a resale property, Jim uses his trademark talent to delight each customer, by quickly finding the best and most unique solutions.


In January 2009, Jim transitioned his business to Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston. Thereafter, one milestone succeeded another: during his first few months in the company, Jim won numerous awards, among which was the coveted International President’s Premier Award. For him, it was an honor to receive this prestigious award, as it is the greatest accolade a Coldwell Banker agent can receive and is presented to less than one percent of sales associates globally.

Furthermore, Jim has received many other awards and established his reputation as a leading entrepreneur in the industry during his time at Coldwell Banker. These include the Mega Listing Team of the Year, the Mega Volume Leader Team of the Year, the Mega Sales Team of the Year, and the Mega Team of the Year.


Foregrounding his golden rule of real estate—customers are the #1 priority—Jim formed his own enterprise, The Jim Allen Group. With abundant domain experience, an efficient and innovative professional team, and an unflinching commitment to client satisfaction, The Jim Allen Group soon caught the limelight and since then has bagged innumerable awards.

Today, Jim Allen Group is nationally recognized and, more importantly, a client favorite in North America. Jim showers deserved praise on his fantastic team, by taking pride in his powerful team of agents, appraisers, closing managers, listing managers, and marketing staff supporting his expert agents. Each member of Jim’s team delivers exceptional customer service with the intention of putting all of their clients first.

As the President of The Jim Allen Group, he knows that his team members are as dedicated to their customers as he is. Therefore, he considers it his duty to ensure the well-being of his group by cultivating a highly driven work culture. Jim personally selects and trains all his team members, gradually earning their respect, their dedication, and their lasting commitment to the marketing and selling of new construction.


Going forward, Jim assures customers across the region that his group will never compromise on its client-centered approach, while taking their marketing to the digital realm. Just as Jim and his company are easily accessible online, so are the properties and innovative deals they offer. One can effortlessly browse through the virtual catalogs of new and resale properties while Jim and his team remain just a call/text/email away!

Jim Allen confidently states that with his highly capable group, clients can be assured of professionalism, quick call backs, and an overall willingness to go above and beyond.

Most recently, Jim Allen and his team have set multiple Coldwell Banker records nationally in terms of yearly sales. Furthermore, in 2017, the REAL Trends “Thousand Sales,” advertised in The Wall Street Journal, ranked Jim at #20 in Volume and #13 in Sales. Still, he is hungry and raring for more success.

Inviting more clients throughout the region to avail The Jim Allen Group’s outstanding services, Jim guarantees that he will overcome any and every challenge that the real estate business throws at him. He assures that by choosing Jim Allen Group, one will definitely get the most out of the Triangle’s blooming real estate market!

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