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Jacob Rabi: Revolutionizing the Phone Repair Industry

trufyx Founder Jacob Rabi

Technology unlocks possibilities to connect, change, and contribute to the world in impactful ways. Gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi devices optimize life by pushing ahead global initiatives and wellness within moments. These advancements have heightened the importance of gadgets in our daily lives. However, the fickle nature of technology is such that it can go wrong at any instance, thereby causing time-consumption and hassle in repairing and maintenance.

Jacob Rabi, the Founder of trufyx is on a mission to fix this very hassle of phone and tablet repair nationwide.

Being an ambitious leader, dynamic leadership is second nature to Jacob. He believes in encouraging people to discuss their failures openly and not be afraid to fail. He says, “if you’re too scared to fail, you’ll never try anything ambitious.”

He feels it’s important to celebrate success together and give credit to those who earned it. He adds, “As a company leader, you need to have enough courage and confidence to embrace others and give them as much credit and respect as possible.” Leveraging the very same idea, Jacob Rabi is spearheading trufyx to heights of success.

Budding leadership traits

During his younger years, Jacob Rabi was brought up with the idea to live an ideal life: being employed in a 9-5, providing for your family, and being happy about it. “I tried it, for a while, but I was never really happy,” he says.

His first job was at his college, where he had the opportunity to lead 50 students. He led them through their challenges and hardships and enabled them to cross the finishing line.

This experience left a mark in Jacob’s mind. He was motivated to help others, light up the way and lead others safely. “I felt like I’m doing what I was born to do,” he recalls.

Later, in one of his positions, he finally let himself dream big; he chose to change how an industry was functioning and make a lasting impression.

His strong will to fix the repair gap

When Jacob’s phone broke down in the middle of the pandemic, he discovered the inconveniences of getting a phone repaired. “My experience went from bad to worse and messed up my schedule for 2 days,” he recalls.

This led him to check the market and the limited options available for a quick fix. He thought post-pandemic lifestyle increases the demand for this change, but thus far it was practiced only by individual local technicians/labs. This moment made him decide that it’s high time to help everyone reach local techs and help those technicians source local repairs without the hefty marketing costs. This, prompted the inception of trufyx.

trufyx as a platform claims to offer quick repair at your location. It doesn’t derail your plans to hang out for lunch with friends or reschedule meetings. The trufyx technician reaches out for an on-the-spot repair within no time.

Jacob feels blessed to work with his amazing co-founder who handles the technological aspect of the business, thus enabling him to focus on company growth. He adds, “I was blessed to partner up with a great co-founder, Ruthy, who completes me in many ways. We manage to balance each other with our strengths in different fields and push each other through hard moments.”

Jacob’s vision — both short-term and long-term — includes building the best team and raising funds that will allow them to grow and improve their customer experience.

The promising brand story

The idea behind the name of the company is fascinating. The name – trufyx –  reflects the trust-building aspect with customers along with its true transparent culture. Jacob mentions, “33% of our repairs are referrals or returning customers. We’re grateful for our customers and their feedback, and we keep improving every day. That’s probably why we have straight 5-star reviews across all platforms, google, yelp, and Facebook.”

trufyx’s business philosophy runs on three simple yet promising words: transparency, accuracy, and speed. The company eliminates the possibility of any doubt by offering a 90-day warranty for all repairs.

It’s a known fact that customers don’t like staying in a void. This is why the automated system notifies the customer of every step of the repair request: a confirmation through technician outreach and updates for any changes, if needed.

To top it all, customers can communicate directly with the technician, not through a representative. Hence, when the phone or tablet is repaired, quick and accurate answers are promptly delivered.

His pertinent lessons

When you visualize a big idea and it’s all on paper with no proof of concept, no team, and no funds, it’s very difficult to cross the first bridge. Jacob recollects that “every step in the first segment can be considered a roadblock.”

One of his biggest learnings for him was to surround himself with a great team that he can trust and lean on.

His humble advice for young entrepreneurs rings loud and clear – “Dream big and work hard to achieve it.” Jacob emphasizes on not paying heed to people who turn you down. Moreover, he insists on looking up to those who failed multiple times until they made it. “If you don’t let yourself fail, you will never reach success,” he suggests.

If he could look back and point out on what to do differently, Jacob says, “don’t be afraid to dream big and work on your awesome vision, and don’t be ashamed to get help from friends and connections to take you to the next level.”

He also believes that meeting the right people has a long-lasting impact in your life. “I met so many good people on my journey, who were willing to help with time, advice and connection. Utilize it and don’t take it for granted.”

A brighter and bigger future

trufyx’s vision is to offer a one-stop-shop for phone owners, with big plans for consumers and businesses. The website even has a DIY hub for self-troubleshooting, a helpful blog with tips and tricks, and even a free calculator to check if a repair is worth the investment based on the current market value and repair cost.

Currently, trufyx is operating in the NYC greater area – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, and Nassau County. “We’re working on our first out-of-state expansion out to NJ in the beginning of 2022, and planning on enlarging that service area more and more in the coming months.”.

Lastly, Jacob Rabi and his team are working on a business platform to create a one-stop-shop for phone care with special features for businesses. “We’re working with many partners to educate consumers about the new option for phone repair (some of them simply can’t believe it could be this easy!) and increase our reach,” he concludes.

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