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How Can Generative AI Be Used To Improve Product Design For Online Retailers?

Generative AI To Improve Product Design

Key Highlights

  • J’evar’s generative AI tool significantly reduces manual design time, offering increased efficiency and precision in jewellery design.
  • Generative AI empowers online retailers to explore and create multiple product ideas quickly, revolutionizing the product design process and enhancing creativity.

J’evar, an online jewellery manufacturer, has harnessed the power of generative AI to streamline its product design process.

J’evar’s Innovative Approach

The AI tool enables the J’evar company’s jewellery designers to input specific details and materials for a new product, and the AI generates an image of the envisioned design. Amish Shah, J’evar’s CEO, notes that this technology saves the brand a significant amount of time typically spent on manual design work.

Streamlining The Design Process

  • The AI application is fueled by a knowledge bank, which stores a database of text, images, and material metrics.
  • Designers feed this system with information about the desired product, including the weight of metals like gold and silver, among other essential specifics.
  • Shah humorously refers to it as “JevarGPT 1.0” and “AI for Jewelry 1.0,” acknowledging its association with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

For example, if a designer wants to create a gold bangle, they can provide a text prompt to the AI, specifying the weight of gold, thickness, width, and design style. They can even request multiple iterations from a single prompt. The generative AI then generates complete design concepts, some of which are ready for production, while others require further tweaking by J’evar’s designers.

Limitations and Benefits of Generative AI in Retail

Generative AI To Improve Product Design

The limitations of the AI include its inability to produce designs involving diamond cuts that differ from traditional shapes, but Shah anticipates that new machinery will soon address this issue.

The benefits of Generative AI include:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Speed
  3. Cost reduction
  4. Precision
  5. Enhanced creativity

It allows retailers like J’evar to explore multiple product ideas in a matter of minutes, significantly faster than conventional design methods. The use of generative AI in product design is an emerging trend, offering a promising path toward innovation and efficiency within the retail industry.


1. What is J’evar’s generative AI application?

J’evar’s generative AI application is a tool that helps jewellery designers create product designs efficiently by inputting materials and specifications to produce images of the desired jewellery.

2. How does J’evar use generative AI in jewellery design?

J’evar uses generative AI to optimize design processes, improve efficiency, and explore a higher level of creativity in jewellery design.

3. What are the benefits of generative AI for online retailers like J’evar?

Generative AI enables online retailers to quickly generate and test multiple product ideas, significantly reducing design time and enhancing creativity.

4. Are there limitations to generative AI in jewellery design?

Yes, generative AI may have limitations when it comes to certain complex designs, such as those involving cutting diamonds into specific shapes.

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