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Emojis: The Ugly Side of Using Emoticons


It all started way back, when some people realized they’re putting a “:” followed by a “)” It would actually debit a picture of your face smiling, even though it was horizontally rotated anticlockwise by 90°. Since then there has been no looking back on the technology of emojis or emoticons, as what we call them today. Emoticons or emojis are icons that portray the various human emotions using faces or hand gestures or symbols. A single emoji can explain what a variety of words might not. But this is exactly why emojis are turning out to be bad for us and our digital health. Let’s find out the ugly side of using emoticons:

You no longer enjoy using words:

What happens when you use emojis too much is that you no longer use the words to express your feelings and your replies. That feeling which people should be getting from playing with words and using them, is lost. Often the vocabulary decreases to such an extent, that it becomes difficult to communicate in the real life.

We do not have much faith in our recipients of your messages:

When we use an emoji to communicate with the recipient of a message, it is often the case that we believe one emoji will express our feelings much more effectively than words could do. This, in turn, means that we do not have much faith in the comprehending power and interpretation ability of all recipients. That is, a bit, insulting.

They are just motionless creatures and pseudo-faces that are damaging your English:

It is very important that we understand that emojis or emoticons are not just the only means of communication that we can use to express what we want and communicate. Recent studies involving British adults aged between 18 to 60 have reported that they believe the emojis are ruining the use of the English alphabet altogether. Of course, with the use of emojis, we are slowly being deviated from the correct use of words and collect situations, and losing our communication skills altogether.

Emojis are essentially ways of expressing, other than English or any other language for that matter. What happens when we use emojis is that we mourn extensively in the digital world.  We seem to lose our grasp on words of the language that we are comfortable with. Consequently, our vocabulary often decreases and this result is not at all good for us and our digital health. Of course emojis have advantages and efficient at what they do, but this ugly side of using emoticons should be considered before using the same.

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