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115+ Most Unique Cleaning Business Names

Cleaning Business Names

Are you looking to start a cleaning business but stuck on one of the most important decisions – choosing your business name? A great business name is essential for any brand, and it can be difficult to come up with something that is unique and sticks out from the rest.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best cleaning business names from around the world. From clever puns to catchy phrases, these ideas will help to inspire you in your search for the perfect cleaning business name.

Best Cleaning Company Names

  • Clean Cutters
  • Bright & Shiney Cleaning Services
  • Fresh & Fruity Cleaning Solutions
  • Spotless and Polished Cleaners
  • The Perfectionists Cleaners
  • Team Spotless

Cleaning business names

  • Dust Bunnies Begone
  • Swanky Sweeps & Spruces
  • Mopstars Cleaning Solutions
  • Smudges Be Gone Cleaning Services
  • The Freshly Washed Co.
  • Crystal Clear Professional Services
  • Sparkle & Shine Housekeeping Solutions
  • Glisten Cleaning Company
  • Eco & Clean Services
  • Tidy Up Solutions

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Business Names

  • GreenGlow Cleaners
  • EarthSafe Maids
  • PureClean Eco
  • Clean & Green Solutions
  • BioFresh Clean
  • NatureSpritz
  • EcoShine Housekeeping
  • Herbal-O-Clean
  • GreenLeaf Maids
  • EcoWipe

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Business Names

  • EarthyMop
  • NaturalBrite
  • OxygenClean
  • PlanetCare Cleaning
  • SolarMaid
  • EcoMaiden
  • VegiWash
  • AquaCleanse
  • ReNew Sanitation
  • ZenithEco Cleaners

Luxury & Premium Cleaning Business Names

  • PlatinumMaids
  • EliteSanitize
  • Prestige Cleaners
  • LuxeClean
  • GlamourMaids
  • FiveStar Cleaning Co.
  • Regal Housekeeping
  • DiamondDust
  • OpulentClean
  • Majestic Maids
  • PremierWipe
  • Exquisite Clean
  • VelvetGlow
  • ImperialMaids
  • ChicCleanse
  • Lavish Living Cleaners
  • RadiantElite
  • A-List Clean
  • RitzClean
  • LuxMop

Quirky & Creative Cleaning Business Names

  • Spick & Spanners
  • Mop ‘n’ Pop
  • QuirkShine
  • Gleam Dream
  • DustBunnies Be Gone!
  • CleanFreaks Co.
  • WipeOut Wizards
  • WhistleClean
  • SudsyBucket
  • SqueakyChic
  • Scrub-a-Doodle
  • CosmicClean
  • LatherMasters

cleaning business names in USA

  • ZestMop
  • FlashDash Cleaning
  • MopTop
  • SoapOpera Cleaners
  • The Dusty Brush
  • Bubble Trouble Cleaning
  • MagicMopsters

Professional and Corporate Cleaning Business Names

  • ProCleanse Corp.
  • ExpertClean Solutions
  • PrecisionMaids
  • MetroClean Co.
  • TotalCare Sanitation
  • Efficient Maids
  • Integrity Cleaning Services
  • TrustWash Corp.
  • CorporateShine
  • Benchmark Cleaners
  • SwiftClean Pros
  • Elite Office Cleaners
  • Spectrum Sanitation
  • FirstClass Clean
  • ExactMaid Services
  • QualityClean Inc.
  • SecureClean

secureclean business name

  • UniMaid Solutions
  • MasterClean Co.
  • Optimal Sanitizers

Local & Community-based Cleaning Business Names

  • [Your City] CleanTeam
  • Hometown Maids
  • NeighborhoodShine
  • LocalGlow Cleaners
  • MainStreet Maids
  • TownClean Co.
  • Village Maids
  • [Local Landmark] Cleaners
  • FriendlyFaces Cleaning
  • CommunityWash
  • SuburbanSweep
  • Riverside Cleaners
  • CityScape Maids
  • LocalLuxe Cleaning
  • [Your State] Clean Team
  • CountyClean
  • Metroville Maids
  • ZipClean
  • HomeBound Cleaners
  • CivicMaid

Choosing the right name for your cleaning business is an important decision to make; it should reflect your values, goals and objectives. You want a name that will help you stand out from the competition and attract customers. That’s why we’ve put together this list of best names ideas that are professional, creative, local, and unique.

For professional businesses, you may want to opt for names that reflect your commitment to quality service. Meanwhile local businesses could find success in using their city name in the title. Creative names are also great for making a statement and letting potential customers know that you are an innovative business.

No matter what kind of name you’re looking for, we hope this list has given you some ideas to get started! Make sure to pick a name that will represent your company in the best possible way. Good luck!

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