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Nabhit Kapur: Leading Global Well-being Diplomacy

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Millennials and Gen Zs make a big part of today’s working world. Though anxiety and other mental-health issues are felt by people of all ages, the most affected are the young generations. Moreover, these unresolved feelings can migrate from your daily activities into your workplace and life. Invariably, it becomes more important to address the root causes of stress and find helpful ways to empower yourselves.

Breaking the stigmas and taboo around mental wellness is a passionate global advocate and crusader of mental health, Prof. Nabhit Kapur. His path-breaking work and relentless endeavors have created waves of transformation in several parts of the world. Nabhit’s efforts are focused towards mental health advocacy, well-being diplomacy, international affairs, diplomacy and global peace.

Mr. Kapur is a successful author, TEDx speaker, globally recognized mental health professional and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Peacfulmind Foundation and World Leaders for Mental Health — his initiatives created with the intention to promote well-being diplomacy. He says, “With time and experience, I did diversify my passion from one corner to another and now to a more macro level where I am actually analyzing policies and terms of global mental health.”

As a Nobel Peace Prize 2022 Nominee, he has been able to stir up conversations around mental health and psychological well-being with over 70 global leaders and policymakers. He also serves as a senior advisor to the governments of Somaliland and Liberia. He fulfills these responsibilities in the capacity of an Advisor to the Vice president of the country. Diplomatically, his functions also extend as a high-ranked representative to the International human rights foundation in Spain, a well-recognized institution with over 800,000 followers globally.

His distinctive & dynamic journey

Nabhit’s path towards success hasn’t been easy. He first learned about psychology in high school and later received an honors degree in applied psychology from Amity University and a postgraduate in counselling and psychotherapy from IBMS Chittoor.

Along the way, numerous setbacks in his life routed him towards life-long lessons which enabled him to introduce impactful improvements in many regions of the world. This was charged with his extraordinary vision, tireless determination, and enthusiastic ambitions.

Mr. Kapur was the only independent Indian candidate for United Nations Secretary General elections 2021. Although Nabhit couldn’t secure a nomination in the UN elections, he and his team did not lose heart. In fact, they are more committed and driven than ever to make their next nomination in 2026 a striking reality.

Nabhit is always ready to take on any challenge head on and is grateful for his team including his official spokesperson who has never left his side from the beginning, Mr Ashutosh Pattanyak and the new policy adviser, Mr Parth Raman. He adds, “We will be enlarging the team with a few more research associates on the ground who will help us to make our vision a reality.”

He has absolute faith and trust in his team’s competence, and this pushes his confidence to grow because of the productive changes that he aims to bring on a larger scale. Hailing from a non-political background, his focus is to curate a vision that will impact all the global stakeholders.

According to him, “mental and psycho-social well-being demands and deserves attention and robust initiatives.” Nabhit has distinguished himself as a compassionate, persistent, tireless and devoted advocate of well-being diplomacy. In fact, he takes up every opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of mental health — at both macro and micro levels— particularly in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Revolutionizing mental wellness

As a diplomat, Nabhit Kapur takes pride in his ability to be a person of adaptability. Cultural barriers have never been a hindrance to him because he has taught himself to embrace every aspect of every culture — Indian, Western, African, Middle eastern — gracefully. Moreover, he has committed to selflessly serving the communities, especially the vulnerable ones in the context of making mental health a household name.

During the months of March and May 2020, Nabhit successfully trained nearly 154 Volunteers who were named PMF COVID-19 envoys. The vision was to accelerate their reach through digital platforms by engaging in psychological well-being help. Nabhit also created history by being the first-ever person in New Delhi to initiate this distinctive concept for which he was featured by Forbes India in April 2020.

While the country was battling the second wave of COVID-19, Nabhit did not back down. It was his undeterred leadership that encouraged PMF to curate mindful counseling sessions for more than 1500 people, including the Delhi Police.

Nabhit also initiated the “Free stress management center” on World Mental Health Day in October 2019, a collaboration of PMF and Municipal Corporation of Delhi which specifically catered towards employees’ well-being and work life balance.

Yet another heartwarming step that Nabhit took was in 2021, when Afghanistan was in dire straits. He chose not to become a mere spectator and instead took initiatives for their improvement. After coming across the whole scenario, he called the people who were from Afghanistan residing in India and assured them of complete support.

He and his peers made sure to help the victims in every way. As the founder of the Peacfulmind Foundation, he guaranteed psychological aid and special counseling to Afghans along with various helplines to make their lives less chaotic which is indeed an invaluable service to mankind.

Exceptional proponent of mental peace

Standing strong and clear on the ideology “with great power comes great responsibility,” Nabhit drives immense inspiration from this. As a diplomat, he prioritizes his time and effort to understand the issues and thereafter work towards a strong redressal mechanism.

Born in the country of fearless leaders who challenged injustice and inequality like Mahatma Gandhi — the light bearer of peace around the globe, and Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru — a dynamic leader who taught the Asian Subcontinent about peace and diplomacy; encouraged Nabhit to fight in the face of adversity and transform several lives.

His diplomatic past propels his futuristic vision around the binding and practice of The United Nations Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, The Hague Conventions, and all possible codes and regulations.

Additionally, his experience as a diplomat also enabled him to coin a new terminology called well-being diplomacy. This is a relatively new development in the diplomatic arena as this is his sincere attempt to innovate the traditional essence of diplomacy.

This is especially important because of the consequences of a global pandemic. Consequently, this will only promote building coalitions to unify their voices for peace and eventually, a prosperous and sustainable future.

As a relentless change-maker in uncovering the stigmas attached to mental illness and well-being, Nabhit Kapur hosts prominent global policy makers and encourages discussions around its resolutions and impact. Rooted by his nature to serve, he has provided several initiatives with his invaluable assistance in areas such as collaborations, humanitarian assistance, education, and peacebuilding.

Empowering the future of diplomacy

Nabhit has an endless list of notable recognitions to his name, including the Ghana Peace Award awarded by the Ministry of Interior. During his time in Nigeria, he was presented the African Peace Laureate by the African Union and African Child foundation in 2018. Moving ahead in the same year, Sri Lanka’s Centre of Peace studies also honored him with the Peace Ambassador.

Later in 2019, Nabhit Kapur added another feather to his hat by garnering the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award by the Tamil Nadu government, India. Thereafter, he received another honorary as the Leader in Mental Health Advocacy by Rashid Center for determined ones, UAE in 2019.

Further, in 2020, he was commissioned as Colonel Highest civilian honor by Government/Governor of Kentucky State, USA. In 2021, he was recognized by the international association of world peace advocates UN ECOSOC as the Peace ambassador and a peace fellow. Impressively, he is also nominated for the ‘Nobel Peace Prize 2022’.

Nabhit’s achievements and accolades are a courageous reminder of his ambition and persistence as a leader, and he aims to contest for the UN elections in 2026, again.

Additionally, his appointment as Honorary Consul of Republic Ivory Coast ( côte d’ivoire) for Chandigarh, India to facilitate more fruitful relations between 2 nations is underway. He says, “My vision has always been the well-being of one another at both micro level and macro level.”

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