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Christy Whitman – Unleashing Creative Power Through Transformational Leadership

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We experience changes every day in our lives – be it our schedule, our mood, the weather, or a sudden shift in mindset. The only thing that we know, will happen with certainty, is change.

One interesting element that is indispensable to be wildly successful is to be adaptable to this change. This means re-inventing the essence of our old-world views. A true leader harbors these challenges and understands the need to be transformational. This personality trait pushes them to direct their thoughts and attitude to dream bigger and affect the lives of people.

Christy Whitman, a dynamic visionary, has embodied the absolute meaning of being a transformational leader. For over twenty years Christy has donned multiple hats; from being a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and Law of Attraction expert, to being the two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch.

Christy has weaved her life experiences through several meticulous processes that has helped her apply the concepts universally and eventually knock off the ‘state of lack’. She also believes that her particular attitude is centered around helping people to shift from a lack-based mindset to an abundant consciousness.

This impeccable understanding of transformational tools and techniques helps her guide people by giving each of them a glimpse of renewed range of possibilities while unleashing their untapped potential. This drastic change was only possible because of multiple shifts in her life, thereby making it possible for her to aid and mentor others to uniquely equip this type of transformation.

The dawn of her spiritual journey

The roots of transformational leadership take their own sweet time to develop and become strong. It takes a strapping source of inspiration to unfold a riveting spiritual experience. Christy believes that being raised in an upper-middle class family was a moving part of her growing up years.

“My family was steeped in what I would later understand to be a mindset of lack, where nothing was good enough and it was all about the next acquisition,” she recalls.

This resulted in an atmosphere of unfulfillment and dissatisfaction that engulfed the early years of her life. Christy knew that grappling with this mindset would mean inviting more unpleasantness and it was pertinent for her to reach to the source. Her desire to untangle the causes, effects, and remedies guided her mind to eventually walk on the path of this spiritual journey.

Her insistent mission

More often than not, discoveries happen by chance. It’s when you least expect things that mark a momentous change in your life. Christy had no plans to coach people. It was only after a lot of people found value in her services that she incorporated her own academy – Quantum Success Coaching Academy. This allowed her to understand energy mastery and use her own approach to transform the lives of people. Her mission, in her words, is “to teach others to use and apply the energetic laws of the universe to create their lives on purpose and make their dreams come true.”

Christy’s approach is always to focus on the alignment of energy. “When energy alignment is present, we manifest our desires easily,” she says. Her Desire Factor coaching specifically shows people how to apply the seven fundamental principles of energy mastery to achieve their desires: Alignment, Focus, Having, Loving, Joyful Expectation, Surrender, and Action.

Cruising through her spiritual journey

Christy’s guiding force during her life – personal and professional – is distinctive. She brings with her the confidence, resilience, and serenity by conquering her lack of consciousness. Her receptiveness to the energies in the universe creates a steady stream of abundance for her. Invariably, this amalgamates into a clear, resolute conscience which she pours then into her business.

Despite the rough terrains on her road to success, she takes every challenge in her stride. Her mindset to not lower her states of consciousness and keep it at high levels hasn’t come easy for her. The commitment to keep going, attract love, create a beautiful lifestyle, and serve others is what makes her life truly humbling and fulfilling.

Adding daily inclusion of positive empowerment in one’s life can make a remarkable difference. Christy believes that incorporating physical exercise regularly helps her unplug the toxicity and reinvent her state of well-being. Spending adequate time with oneself by being in touch with the inner self is crucial and this is where her meditation sessions keep her in harmony. Family time together is another great bonus point in aligning her energies. She makes it a point to start her day on a positive note and all of these helps her to play her role of a coach effectively.

Powering through her downturns

Smashing your self-confidence into pieces and rupturing your mission in this process, is a fair possibility. The biggest roadblock, according to Christy, has been her biggest learning.  She says, “I’ve been imprinted with messages of lack, struggle, and limitation, and applying the energy mastery tools to transcend that lower frequency.”

History, seldom, provides a dependable blueprint for the future outcomes. If one could go back to undo and fix different facets of their lives, things would’ve been starkly different. Christy Whitman believes she would have given herself permission early on to listen to her own inner guidance, rather than feel pressured to follow the advice of marketing gurus.

Christy is very optimistic about the opportunities that the future holds for her. She sees herself bearing the torch of coaching and helping more people out. She also wants to channel the Council of Light, teach energy mastery techniques, and facilitate healing events for the purpose of uplifting people by gifting them the tools they need to create an “outrageously successful life.”

Decluttering the noise

True spirit of entrepreneurship is infallible. Repeated setbacks, struggles, and unforeseen hurdles unlock promising doors of possibilities. These learnings could be gathered either from your own lived experiences or from other people’s anecdotes.

Christy’s words of advice for young leaders and entrepreneurs is golden. She urges one to not underestimate the power of authenticity.

In her words, “Be yourself; don’t try to be like someone else. Make your primary intent be to connect more with your inner being, your inner guidance, and your unique wisdom.”

In an age where the internet rules the world beyond boundaries, there is cut-throat competition to beat everyone and be better than the best. There’s too much noise to raise your volume and represent your true identity. Christy suggests, “Don’t worry so much about making your service marketable. Trust that you have a unique contribution to make, and that those who are looking for what you have to offer will find their way to you.”

In order to be memorable, don’t let your voice be drowned in the sea of clamor. Finding your own ground and standing tall will bring you closer to your one true purpose. She concludes, “Find a deeper purpose to connect to. The strength of your connection to Source is what makes you magnetic.”

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