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Bloomberg vs Forbes Magazine: Breaking Down Which is the Better Platform?

Bloomberg vs. Forbes Magazine

When it comes to news and business magazines, Bloomberg and Forbes are both respected names in the industry. However, each publication caters to different audiences with their own unique style of reporting. So, when asking which one is ‘better’, the answer necessarily depends on what you’re looking for.

Bloomberg vs Forbes: Overview

Bloomberg has built a reputation for its comprehensive coverage of business, technology, and finance-related news. The topics it covers range from Wall Street and the markets to national politics and business trends. Bloomberg has become known for its data-rich approach to reporting, often featuring detailed analyses of particular sectors or industries in addition to more general reports.

On the other hand, Forbes is a bit broader in its coverage and is known for creating rankings of the world’s wealthiest people and most valuable companies. The magazine also covers topics such as business trends, investment opportunities, health care, and lifestyle subjects.

Forbes is less focused on financial market news than Bloomberg, but it often delves into the personal stories of entrepreneurs and CEOs to bring a more human element to their reporting.

Magazine Quality

In terms of magazine quality, Bloomberg and Forbes both have excellent production values. Their print editions are well-designed with high-quality paper stock and lots of visuals. The digital versions offer the same level of detail in their articles and also feature interactive elements to bring readers closer to the content.

Both publications provide exclusive access when you sign up for a subscription, including exclusive content and special offers. They also have a variety of existing deals that make it easy to access their content on different platforms, such as mobile devices or tablets.

Content Difference

The main difference between Bloomberg and Forbes in terms of content is that Bloomberg provides more in-depth coverage of finance and business news, while Forbes offers a wider variety of topics catering to multiple audiences.

Overall, both Bloomberg and Forbes provide informative and valuable content, so it really comes down to which type of reporting you prefer. Both publications offer subscriptions that can help you stay up-to-date with their latest stories and reports.

Subscription Pricing

When it comes to subscription pricing, Bloomberg and Forbes have slightly different approaches. Bloomberg offers both digital and print subscriptions, with the former costing significantly less than the latter.

Forbes is a bit more expensive overall, but its subscription packages come with added benefits such as exclusive access to certain topics or events.

  • Forbes Monthly Subscription costs $6.99

Conclusion: Bloomberg vs Forbes

Ultimately, choosing between Bloomberg and Forbes comes down to personal preference. Both publications offer top-notch quality when it comes to their reporting and production values, so it really depends on which type of business magazine you’re looking for.

If you’re focused on financial markets or business news, then Bloomberg is the better option. However, if you’re interested in a wider variety of topics and exclusive access to certain content, then Forbes may be the better choice. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either one as they are both considered among the best business magazine in the world.

Exeleon Magazine’s Take

As one of the emerging business publications, Exeleon Magazine considers Forbes to be the leaders in the industry, especially considering its wide range of contents. The platform offers value to established and emerging entrepreneurs and business leaders, while also highlighting the up-and-coming of the world of business.

Forbes have established a readerbase and loyal brand value that is unmatched in America and beyond. Moreover, considering the publication was launched over a century ago, it has continued to evolve with time, demands, and technology to still stand out as one of the undisputed pioneers of the industry.

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