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Angela Giles: Elevating Women in Business

Angela Giles of Everyday Woman in Exeleon magazine

This profile of Angela Giles is part of her Cover Feature in Exeleon’s latest issue of Women Entrepreneurs to Watch featuring The Iconic Women from Everyday Women.

With a background that spanned over two decades in the corporate world, Angela made a bold leap into entrepreneurship to create a space where women could thrive, be visible, and make a lasting impact in the business world.

Her journey from having a six-figure corporate job to becoming an inspiration for women entrepreneurs is a story of resilience, learning, and unwavering dedication to her vision.

Herein, we delve into Angela’s journey, her strategies for building supportive communities, the vision behind the Everyday Woman platform, the significance of mentorship, and her advice for women entrepreneurs to be iconic.

Taking the Leap

Angela began her entrepreneurial journey in 2002 when she left a 6-figure corporate job to be at home with her babies. “I saw all these amazing men making millions of dollars in the online space and decided I wanted to do the same thing,” she recalls.

With no social media and landing pages in those days, Angela spent an entire summer in her laundry room to research and learn how to generate free and inexpensive leads online. Her perseverance paid off when she discovered how to generate 99-cent leads from eBay.

However, in her pursuit to learn about lead generation, she spent over 27,000 dollars in expenses on her credit cards. “Some could say it was a waste of money – I look at it differently.  It helped me learn and get to where I am today,” she clarifies.

Eventually, Angela shared her experience by writing an eBook on generating free and inexpensive leads, thus helping other entrepreneurs, especially women, in their individual journeys.

Building a Supportive Network

Angela has mastered the art of creating a supportive network and community for women entrepreneurs. She believes in fostering a warm and welcoming environment where every woman feels like she belongs to a tribe. In her own words, she shares the strategies for building this inclusive and empowering community:

Get Real with Empathy: It’s like having a good heart-to-heart. Understand what fires up these amazing women, what challenges they’re tackling head-on, and what dreams they’re chasing. This kind of deep listening helps in crafting support that hits just right.

Open the Doors Wide: Make sure everyone feels they’ve got a seat at the table, no matter what their story or where they’re at in their business journey. It’s about celebrating our differences and finding strength in them.

Spotlight the Trailblazers: Sharing stories of women who’ve already blazed a trail is super inspiring. It’s like saying, “Look at these incredible journeys! If they can do it, so can you.” Plus, it’s a goldmine of lessons and tips.

Buddy Up: Linking up newbies with veterans is like having a business big sister. It’s gold! The advice, the pep talks, the been-there-done-that wisdom—it’s invaluable.

Make Magic Together: Organize get-togethers, workshops, maybe even virtual coffee breaks—any space where ideas can bounce around and collaborations spark. It’s in these gatherings that some of the best ideas and partnerships are born.

Cheer Like Crazy: Celebrate every win, no matter the size. Got a new client? Cheers! Nailed a pitch? High five! Creating an atmosphere where everyone’s wins are celebrated makes the journey so much sweeter.

Her approach to building a supportive network for women entrepreneurs is about more than just business. It’s about creating a sense of belonging, fostering personal growth, and empowering women to lift each other up.

Iconic Woman Experience

Along with her partner, Galit Ventura-Rozen, Angela has a clearly defined plan for the Everyday Woman platform. “Our plan for the Everyday Woman platform is to share with women all over the world the importance of recognizing that visibility is important so others can find you and work with you.”

In today’s fast paced and inter-connected world, gaining visibility can feel overwhelming for any entrepreneur. To address this, the platform offers the Iconic Woman Experience, a comprehensive service designed to allow women to shine in their true essence. This experience takes care of everything, from professional photo shoots and video production to creating engaging social media graphics and lifestyle videos.

Angela’s goal is to remove the burden of personal branding from the shoulders of busy entrepreneurs. “What we do at Everyday Woman through our Iconic Woman Experience is give women the opportunity to show up as their fabulous selves and everything is done for them,” she explains.

Unlocking Potential with Mentorship

Angela Giles believes that mentorship is an essential ingredient for women on their journey to becoming iconic. She likens having a mentor to possessing a personalized guidebook, crafted by someone who has already navigated the tricky waters of entrepreneurship. “They’re like the GPS to your inner explorer, pointing out the best routes and the ones that might lead to a dead end,” Angela adds.

A mentor serves as a personal cheerleader, providing encouragement and belief in one’s potential, especially during moments of self-doubt. This support can be the catalyst that propels an entrepreneur toward her dreams with newfound confidence. She emphasizes the value of the real, lived experiences that mentors share—stories of triumphs and setbacks that offer invaluable lessons and insights, helping to sharpen instincts and fuel the journey to success.

Networking is another significant aspect of mentorship. Mentors act as connectors, introducing entrepreneurs to a network of individuals who can open previously unseen doors. This access can be transformative, providing opportunities that might have otherwise remained out of reach. “It’s like suddenly having VIP access to the coolest clubs in town, but for business.”

Moreover, she also addresses the loneliness that often accompanies the field of entrepreneurship. Having a mentor provides a sense of companionship, someone to share the highs and lows with, offering support and grounding through the challenges.

For women, in particular, mentors who have experienced breaking through glass ceilings can offer guidance on navigating and overcoming barriers in industries where gender disparities still exist.

She sums up saying, “In essence, mentorship isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s your backstage pass to the world of the iconic. It’s about growing, learning, and connecting in ways that not only propel your business but also carve your name in the stars. It’s the journey, the struggle, the triumph, and the legacy—all rolled into one.”

Another key area that she touches upon is maintaining work-life balance as an entrepreneur. She advises setting clear boundaries, prioritizing tasks, and ensuring quality time for oneself and loved ones. Delegating tasks, taking breaks, and saying no to non-essential commitments are also key strategies for maintaining this balance.

Future Plans

Angela’s plans moving forward revolve around elevating women to iconic status in their respective fields. The strategy involves a blend of inspiring mentorship, captivating visual storytelling, and empowering women to become best-selling authors. “We’re on a mission to help women shine bright in their niches and totally own their industries,” she declares.

Professionally, the focus is on further elevating the platform’s offerings. Angela plans to collaborate with renowned experts and industry leaders to mentor the next generation of iconic women. Enhancing the media presence of the platform is also a priority, ensuring that each woman’s unique story is showcased through striking visuals and engaging content.

The overarching goal is to create a ripple effect in the industry, inspiring a new generation of women to assert their presence, differentiate themselves, and pursue their iconic status with determination.

She envisions a future where professional ambition and personal passion converge, demonstrating that women can indeed have it all. “Let’s make the future ours, shall we?” she concludes saying.

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