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Xenon4Pay: Making the Payment Industry Better

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The concept of money being the unit of measurement has existed for more than 5,000 years. However, over the years, the evolution of cash and technological advancements have resulted in the increasing speed of trade and transactions. The conventional notion surrounding money and currency are quickly fading.

Today, advancements in the telecommunication sector has introduced us to the concept of electronic payment systems. These systems are rapidly replacing the traditional payment modes and changing the sector for the better.

One company that is playing a major role in driving this change in the Middle Eastern regions and beyond is Xenon4Pay.

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More than Just a Digital Wallet

Spearheaded by Mohammed Faisali, the CEO and Founder, Xenon4Pay shoulders the responsibility of developing Fintech and Ecommerce platforms. Its very own product, named Bookeey, is a digital wallet application, which in some parts of Middle East, especially in Kuwait, means wallet.

The breakthrough product of the company holds the potential to redefine the buyer and seller relationship. Unlike other payment apps, it is much more than just a payment processing application, it also provides users with the ability to transfer funds in real-time with other Bookeey users, pay pre-paid and post-paid mobile bills, buy and receive redemption codes for all major virtual cards, receive exclusive offers, collect reward point, and be able to pay with your wallet at a store, online site, or via an SMS link.

The idea of Bookeey wallet incepted in the mind of Mr. Faisali, who wanted to introduce an innovative new solution in the payment industry that could increase the level of customer service and offer more flexibility to payment providers.

He says, “Bookeey was designed to simplify the payment process – not only in the digital & online environment, but also on daily personal transactions – in a safe & fast way. Bookeey is the individual’s personal wallet which is with him or her wherever they go.”


Secure, Time-saving, and Convenient

The goal of Xenon4Pay is to make the mobile payment system cashless and card-less. One of the key features that makes the Bookeey wallet unique is that it is designed as per the comfort of the customer’s, thereby enabling them to load their wallet and use it as per their requirements.

“The app is designed with users in mind, we have clearly identified menus, which allows the user to navigate and take advantage of every feature.”

Due to its speed, accuracy, and security across different payment types, the Bookeey wallet stands out as a suitable mobile application for innovative small businesses. The app facilitates merchants to connect with their existing and potential customers in a secure manner by providing them with special offers and loyalty rewards. Add to this, searching and finding merchants is simple and categorized in a manner that helps the customers connect with them faster.

The app even helps customers find directions by utilizing Google maps or by using a call feature that allows the user to call the merchant from within the app. The merchant network of Xenon4Pay is growing at rapid scale. Today, the Bookeey wallet is accepted across more than 1500 local and international brands across Kuwait.

Driven by Team Work and an Efficient Workplace

Talking about being part of Xenon4Pay, the company assertively mentions “First and foremost, to become a Xenon4pay family member, you have to believe in teamwork and provide evidence of how as a team member you add value to the company and its products. Then comes the buy in to the product itself and understanding its strengths and weaknesses, and being ready to take criticism and credits in with the same openness.”

The company places its products and services on top of its agenda, and links the performance of the team members with the performance of the products. When all the team members strive to achieve the main strategy of the company, the members not only then earn a place in the company but are also given opportunities to grow and take on more challenges and responsibilities.

However, the company understands the need and importance to have a workplace that echoes efficiency. The vision as well as the direction of the company are clearly defined and each unit are given a set of targets and tools to achieve those targets.

Faisali points out, “It is the up to the individual to take advantage of the vast pool of experiences available to them to deliver.” The failure to do so are immediately noticed, as the company realizes that it might have a negative effect on other units and their targets.

Willingness to Improve and Expand

At present, the company is working on adding new services covering international bill payments, gift vouchers, and international remittance. The company announced that it will be soon including digital voucher products for the Philippine community. This will enable the user to purchase and send a digital voucher for various products and services to their family and friends back home.

The company believes that such initiatives will surely increase their customer loyalty and enrich their purchasing experience. Faisali shares, “We continue to hold regular focus groups, identify what are the various customers’ demands, and work on delivering the new features in upcoming releases.” 

The Bookeey wallet provides a new lifestyle to the customers and offers them with more than just payment services. Faisali claims, “The application is rich in products and services, which are accessible 24/7 and all in real time, users and participating merchants have full access to rich reports that supports them manage their finances and expenditure. All done through a secure channel.”

The company provides financial services to all market segments and demographics and safeguards their information and purchase behavior and endeavor to be better by continually adding and improving its offerings.

The Vision Ahead

By enhancing the role of a non-bank, online payment provider, Xenon4Pay has created a unique place for itself in the ongoing digital revolution. It has standardized the payment method by reducing the need for cash, providing low transaction fees and creating better customer satisfaction. The company always aims at becoming the first option when it comes to payment.

Speaking about the future vision of the company, Mohammed Faisali asserts “We want our customers to think of us as their trusted payment partner – Think of Payment, Think of Bookeey! In the digital world, bookeey is your digital wallet!

Xenon4Pay incepted in Kuwait, one of the leading markets in the Middle Eastern region in terms of accepting new technology and trends, however, the company aims to spread its wings and reach the rest of the GCC market in the coming years. The company has already scheduled partnerships with regional banks and international credit card companies like UnionPay, Visa, and MasterCard in 2020 in its quest of reaching a global audience.

Website – https://www.bookeey.com/

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