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Ty Crandall: Building Enterprises by Simplifying Business Credit

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Inspiring leaders don’t just “manage” their teams. By recognizing the strengths of individual team members, a true leader empowers them to use their abilities in professional as well as personal lives.

Effective leaders also detect and help overcome weaknesses in their employees. By providing access to necessary tools, resources, and expertise of experienced team members, they enable promising employees to compensate for their weaknesses and convert them into strengths.

Most importantly, a clairvoyant leader promotes education and learning opportunities, always encouraging teams to collect and utilize the latest domain knowledge available. As a result, they always stay one step ahead in their industry, promoting and rewarding outstanding accomplishments. How does a leader ensure all this? The best way to facilitate success is to be the change that one wants to see.

Ty Crandall, the Founder and CEO of Credit Suite, attests to this fact. A role model to his company members, he uses his own personal experience to help his team members overcome hurdles and grow.

Ty’s defining trait is his focus on empowering his team and making its members self-sufficient. Under him, Credit Suite team members come up with their own unique solutions to the problems they face. Ty stands on the twin pillars of innovation and adaptability: he asks his employees to try new things, be open to failure, learn from mistakes, apply their learning to new ideas, and take calculated risks that are necessary for professional growth. He claims, “I was brought up to not get frustrated with a problem unless you have found a solution.”

Failure is another term for education

Every leader has faced setbacks. Ty is one of the few who has turned failures into epiphanies, and epiphanies into tireless, intelligent work.

When his mortgage company was decimated along with the whole industry in the 2008 economic crisis, Ty lost almost everything in his business and was pushed to the brink of personal bankruptcy. It took an adverse emotional toll on him. But as he saw many others struggle simultaneously, he realized that the potential to turn things around was not outside but inside him.

Struck by this epiphany, Ty started helping people fix the damage that the economic crash had inflicted on their consumer credit. As his new company grew, so did the number of clients who sought help with their business credit. Coming to their aid, Ty started collecting knowledge on business credit building, learning everything he could. Even though there was a paucity of information, what he did find on the subject was astonishing – with business credit, business owners could separate their liability and be exempted from personal liability for business debts.

Ty knew at once that this knowledge would save others from falling into the same predicament as he had during the mortgage crisis. In turn, he set out to become an expert on business credit and started teaching others what he had learned using platforms like YouTube. Before long, he had gained a massive following of entrepreneurs who wanted business credit. To help them in their endeavors, Ty formed Credit Suite.

Credit Suite: educator, trainer, and guide

Ty is crystal clear about his company’s mission: “At Credit Suite, we consider ourselves an education company.” He is proud to supervise one of the leading providers of business training, focusing on how businesses can gain capital.

Credit Suite stands out from its competition by ensuring three unique things: companies improve their fundability to become more lendable, get business credit for their EIN that’s not linked to their SSN, and access all legitimate funding options in one place via 1,000+ funding sources.

Ty understands that customer satisfaction is the lifeblood sustaining his business. Therefore, Credit Suite constantly solicits clients for feedback and asks what supplementary support they might need. Accordingly, it improves its services at a consistent pace.

A rollercoaster ride

Looking back at his entrepreneurial journey, Ty states that it has been a topsy-turvy “rollercoaster ride.” He has seen his share of lows and has reached the heights of success. What keeps him going? He doesn’t just do his job, he follows his passion.

In the initial years of Credit Suite, Ty used to work “16+ hours per day, 7 days per week.” But to him, it was like “having fun and playing all day!” Along the way, Credit Suite has faced uphill battles and adverse challenges. Although Ty’s team members have been pushed to their limits, now they thank him for those experiences: working through sleepless nights has turned all of them into excellent, spirited professionals.

On a personal level, experience has strengthened Ty’s conviction that he can learn his way out of any situation. Today, he imparts his knowledge to his new team members, helping them grow personally and professionally. He also learns from them and always encourages them to voice their opinions on company operations. In his thrilling entrepreneurial journey, he has learnt to be humble and take useful advice, no matter where it comes from.

A culture of preparation

Lasting leaders are those who strive never to make the same mistake twice. The failure of Ty’s mortgage taught him a lot about recessions and industry killers. Since then, he has been preparing Credit Suite for any unforeseen economic downturns.

Ty created and stored a recession version of every PowerPoint training Credit Suite has produced. This way, Credit Suite already had an entire vault of content it could easily deploy during a recession. Ty’s precautionary preparation was aptly vindicated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of reeling under economic pressure, using these PowerPoints, Credit Suite immediately started training business owners on how to accumulate capital in a changing economy.

Combining the PowerPoint guides with exponential increases in live streaming and measured cost cutting, Ty has ensured Credit Suite’s success even during an economic shutdown: “We increased our profit margins and sales, because we were able to reach out to many more people with our new customized training.”

Learning from each mistake in his career, Ty has converted them into the scaffolding on which rests his present success. What he values most today is a culture of preparation and improvement. He claims that if a company consists of people who are equally passionate about the values its leader espouses, there is no limit to what the company can accomplish!

Simplifying business credit

Going forward, Ty aims to empower entrepreneurs who devote themselves to innovation and excellence. He strongly believes that business leaders who bring unique ideas and great work ethic deserve adequate funding and banking credit support.

Through Credit Suite, business owners can better understand their fundability and the requisites regarding credit approval. Ty asserts, “We are dedicated to simplifying the way in which business owners build their business credit, and we are focused on finding funding programs/lending sources which can help entrepreneurs gain capital, even when they don’t qualify for conventional financing.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Ty has some sage advice: “You should expect everything to take twice as long as you estimate and cost twice as much money.” If one is prepared for the worst-case scenario, life will bring pleasant surprises instead of disappointments. Furthermore, Ty underlines the need to maintain access to money before one actually needs it, “because that’s when lenders are more likely to lend. By being financially prepared, you can take advantage of more opportunities.”

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