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Quickly Boost your Small Business with 3 Social Media Platforms

quickly boost your small business

If you are a small business and you have a marketing strategy in place and a team that generates a constant flow of quality content, there are three platforms where your efforts will be paid off the most. Keeping up with such business and tech news is important, and hence we have brought this list of social media platforms that can quickly boost your small business.


if you think that Instagram is not a place for serious business, and you are dead wrong. This is a platform whose user base is growing almost as equally as any other big platform. And add to that you have the advantage of a marketing friendly algorithm. Shift some of your online marketing funding from Facebook to Instagram paid ads and you’d be surprised at the hits you are getting!


Why is the most professional social media platform often overlooked by strategists? The answer still remains in the dark. However, advertising your brand on LinkedIn can help you gain a quick following of people who are actually interested in your product or service and are not simply scrolling by.

There is a downside that LinkedIn doesn’t have a huge user base, but it does provide you with organic hits that are mostly likely to convert.


YouTube was originally meant to be a social media platform, and it still can be used like one. So, in this age of video friendly marketing, the usage of a platform that can provide you with a ton of video viewing audience seems like the best place to go for any start-up or SME.

Start with an explainer video and then go onto details and build your own playlists for your subscribers. YouTube offers a ton of such marketing friendly options and they should be used to quickly boost your small business growth. YouTube Shorts have become a current trend on YouTube because of short-form video popularity. You can use an AI shorts maker to effectively engage with current and potential customers, enhance your online presence, and promote your products or services creatively and cost-effectively.

Hopefully this list will help expand your social media marketing capabilities, and come back to Exeleon for more such business and tech news!

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