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Tarik Aziz – Restoring Buildings To Restore Peace

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The diversity of what people experience each day is baffling. As neuroscientists suggest, in just 2-3 seconds that an average person spends to read a single sentence, he gets bombarded by almost 10 million pieces of information. If one is conscious enough, then around 40, he will recall. But can he make them useful?

The trick is to fetch the right one, get it scanned for minute details, and then mold it as per the need. This is something very generic, but not many can convert that little piece of information to build an organization with a prospect to achieve a nationwide presence in just a few years. That is something extraordinary and only a man, with the right motivation, can find such a source of inspiration.

Tarik Aziz, Founder of Nationwide Restorations, is a true example of the same. In an exclusive interview with Exeleon Magazine, the dynamic entrepreneur shares his journey and his vision moving forward.

What according to you makes for a dynamic entrepreneur? How do you integrate the same thought into your leadership?

Someone who is able to look at a situation and be able to strategize multiple options to resolve hurdles, all while keeping their focus on the end goal.  Understanding that there is more than one way to finish the race demonstrates, thinking outside the box, when considering all variables of a job. As an entrepreneur, you have to look at all aspects and determine how to best move forward with the team you have.

At one time in my life I tried to hire those who were “like minded” and parallel to my work ethic and thought patterns. I realized that wasn’t what the company needed in order to grow. You need a diverse realm of individuals who bring different unique strength to the table. Not everyone needs to have the same strengths, just the same vision with the end goal.

What prompted the inception of Nationwide Restorations?

I experienced my own water loss in a high end home where we had brought in a restoration company to do the work. After analyzing the process and quality of work that was done, it dawned on me that if we were able to provide higher quality service, better pricing and better customer services we would excel in their business.

What has the journey been like for Tarik Aziz over the years?

The journey has been surreal. When I moved to Canada it was a whole new world. I knew from a young age that I wanted to stand apart and provide a life for my family that I never had. It became very evident at a young age that I was unemployable as I had a hard time following the path of others. I constantly found myself creating more efficient ways of doing things outside the box. Realizing I was meant to create my own path in life, I started my first business at 24 years old and haven’t looked back.

Building my first business created a “snowball effect” as I branched off from home building into restoration work and further more into small and large commercial construction work.  Every venture presented a new opportunity within the construction field.

Looking back, what would you have done different when starting out?

I’m a firm believer that the setbacks I have endured provided me with the experience and growth I needed to further lead myself and my team in the right direction. I have learned from my mistakes in which came in many forms of trial and error.

However, character building is great and we all need it to evolve, but I will say that I could have avoided some partnerships that never served for the greater good. I went into partnerships thinking I would have someone who was going to work as hard as myself and I would be able to pass the baton creating an equal partnership. Unfortunately that was never the case for me. I realized you have to accept people for who they are and know that not everyone will have the same vision and work ethic as you.

What has been the biggest driving factor for you as a leader and entrepreneur?

My greatest motivation is my family. Not only my wife and two children, but my extended family as well. I love walking into the office and seeing my team / employees growing with the business and doing well in each of their departments. Their personal growth in the company contributes to the growth of the business.

Being the owner of multiple organizations, how do you ensure a work life balance?

I can’t say I have achieved work/ life balance. My wife understands our vision/goal which requires the long work hours for a better future. However, when I do come home, I try to enter the house with the headspace of being a husband and a father until the kids go to bed, then continue with responding to e-mails in the evening.

What is the process followed by Nationwide Restorations when offering its services?

Nationwide Restorations is 24/7 emergency service provider that consist of cliental that have just endured some type of unexpected loss. The first and foremost concern of ours is the client’s safety. When approaching a client, it’s important to empathize their loss, stress, frustration and concerns. Once assessing the loss, it’s important to ensure the clients’ needs are met as they are functioning in distress. Letting the clients know that our professional staff of certified technicians and project managers of 5+ years will quickly and efficiently get their place back to pre-loss condition all while keeping them up to date throughout the process.

We ensure optimal satisfaction by encouraging the client to contact the project manager at any time if any questions or concerns arise. In closing, we do customer sign offs and follow up calls once the job has been completed to make sure our clients’ needs were met and they are happy with the services that were provided.

What has been the biggest roadblock during your journey?

The biggest roadblock I found myself running into was, learning to deal with different types of people in business. Everyone has a unique way of doing things and they have different expectations followed by different levels of communication skills. Learning how to adapt to each caliber of individuals, has truly been a learning experience.

What is the future like for Nationwide Restorations and yours?

The vision for Nationwide Restorations is to expand across Canada while providing high quality services with excellent client satisfaction in all provinces.I would love to see myself take a step back and have management take the reins and run the day to day business while I oversee management.  This way I am able to spend more time with my family.

Finally, what do you think is the most important trait for an entrepreneur and why?

I believe the most important trait as an entrepreneur is to be optimistic. Understanding that there are going to be good days and bad days. Bad days and setbacks are not signs of failure or signs to give up. They are signs that encourage you to either re-set or reassess. Don’t be afraid to take risks and put in the hard work. With setbacks, comes experience and growth. Be willing to roll with the punches. Take what has been given to you and run with it.

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