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Kate Paine

Empowering Women Leaders Through Online Presence

In recent years, the digital landscape has become increasingly complex and cut-throat. It has become a place where attention spans are fleeting, competition is fierce, and the lines between success and obscurity are often determined by a few clicks and scrolls.

Amidst these complexities, it’s compelling narratives that cut through the noise, capturing hearts, minds, and, ultimately, the attention of online audiences.

Kate Paine is no stranger to this convoluted world and has established an impeccable reputation for her focus on storytelling to Stand Out Online.

As the Founder and CEO of Standing Out Online, Kate empowers entrepreneurs and executives to carve out a distinctive space for themselves in the digital world.

Through a strategic blend of personal branding strategies, storytelling, and targeted online positioning, she guides them in crafting an authentic and compelling narrative that captures their unique value. According to her, this approach not only enhances their visibility but also establishes their authority and expertise, setting them apart in the crowded online marketplace.

Herein, we look into Kate Paine’s journey as an entrepreneur, digital marketing, and LinkedIn expert, and as an empowering woman.

The Early Roots

Growing up in Vermont, Kate looked up to her father, a successful insurance agent and entrepreneur. She admired his connections in her small town as well as his national prominence within his industry.

It was this admiration that planted the seeds of entrepreneurship and leadership in Kate’s mind. She recalls, “I always thought I’d want to ‘be like him someday’ with my own business and traveling on business trips.”

During her junior high school years, Kate developed a keen interest in broadcast news. She remembers watching “60 Minutes” every Sunday night with her father, sparking her interest in reporting and broadcast journalism.

“That urge never left me and all through high school I was the class photographer, served on the yearbook committee, and even wrote for the school newspaper and radio station in college.”

After graduating from the communication arts program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Kate found herself at the crossroads of her career. Her internship at the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather was an amazing experience, one that revealed that corporate broadcast wasn’t her ultimate calling.

She eventually entered the Public Relations industry, and it went on to become the cornerstone of her professional journey. “The PR industry incorporated storytelling and marketing and I was immersed in both even up until I started my own business.”

A New Direction

Kate’s first business venture was a PR-focused firm – Kate Paine Associates – wherein she worked with business owners to help them get earned media in radio, TV, and print.

Alongside her business, Kate served as the Executive Director of the Women Business Owners Network in Vermont for three years (2010-2013). She mentions, “During that time, women entrepreneurs would come to me to ask about marketing, having a presence online with a website, and other strategies to get their message out to attract their ideal clients.”

She quickly realized the need for small businesses to have a resource to create their brands, their brand messaging, and their overall image – both online and offline.

Inspired by this realization, Kate pivoted to establish Standing Out Online in 2014, with a renewed focus on branding, storytelling, and using social media as a marketing channel, especially LinkedIn.

Balancing Life

Talking about her daily routine, Kate mentions that a typical day for her starts with self-care.

Having worked with multiple business coaches, she has ensured to inculcate habits of self-care in her daily life. This can range from attending a Pilates class or taking focused time to journal her thoughts in order to give her best to her work and clients.

Kate further credits her incredible team who help her keep track of her business operations and client requirements, while enabling her to spend time with her friends and family. 

The Path to Empowerment


Empowerment, as Kate Paine defines it, is about equipping individuals with the tools, confidence, and platform to shine in their unique brilliance. It’s about nurturing an environment where women entrepreneurs can uncover and articulate their personal brand and story, which are the cornerstones of their business identity.

In her work with clients, Kate integrates this philosophy by guiding them through a discovery process that uncovers their distinct values and strengths. She helps them craft a narrative that resonates authentically with their audience, ensuring their message isn’t just heard but felt. This process often leads to a transformation not only in how they present themselves online and offline but also in how they view their own potential. It also builds trust with their audience or clients, which is critical to building connected relationships.

By focusing on their personal brand, Kate empowers these women to position themselves as the go-to resources in their marketplaces. According to her, it’s about more than visibility; it’s about creating a presence that is both impactful and lasting.

Kate encourages her clients to own their expertise, which in turn, fosters a sense of self-empowerment that permeates every aspect of their business. In doing so, they become beacons in their industries—visible, known, and respected.

This commitment to empowerment shapes Kate’s leadership style. She strives to be a catalyst for confidence and clarity, ensuring that each client she works with feels emboldened to take their space in their industry and to do so with a voice that is unmistakably their own.

Moving Forward


As Kate enters the ninth year of her business, she envisions significant changes ahead. She is in the process of building and expanding her team to offer more targeted branding and digital marketing options to her clients. Moreover, she is excited about the reintroduction of her PR services for women entrepreneurs aiming to elevate their businesses.


Over the years, Kate has realized that PR is her true passion and believes it plays a vital role in today’s media landscape.


She explains, “PR isn’t just a distributed press release on a newswire that you hope will be picked up by a media outlet; it is now more customized. Editors, producers, and podcasters want to be pitched by the people – the individual – that they want to feature in a story.”


Kate’s new service equips entrepreneurs to pitch themselves effectively to media outlets, creating opportunities for them to shine and build their industry authority.

Advice for Emerging Women Entrepreneurs

When it comes to making a mark in the world of branding and standing out online, Kate advises emerging women entrepreneurs the following pointers:

Prioritize Authenticity: Building a personal brand that genuinely reflects your unique values and personal story is paramount. Authenticity resonates with audiences and creates meaningful connections.

Maintain Consistency: Consistency across all relevant platforms is crucial. Ensure your online presence aligns with your values and industry. Engage with your audience consistently and provide valuable content.

Leverage Your Network: Building relationships and connections is essential. Networking can open doors to opportunities and collaborations that enhance your visibility.

Know Your Slice-of-Life Story: Understanding how your personal story relates to your work and resonates with your audience is a powerful tool for building connections and trust among your ideal clients.