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For any entrepreneurial venture, it is the idea that kick-starts things. But then it goes on to depend a lot on teams who ensure the right execution of plans that have germinated from the idea. Teams are required for several fronts like marketing, sales, innovation, research and development, and others. However, just having them is not enough. They have to be nurtured for a better alignment of their procedures with the vision of the company.

Very few are familiar with this concept of nurturing teams. This is because it requires a visionary who prioritizes long-term gains over short-term profits. Shoreline Media Marketing is one such company. Under the stewardship of Joe Sernio, the company is creating scopes for its employees and partners so that they can prosper.

Client-Centric Moves

Joe believes that it is the clients who build a company and it is true. His focus is always on “how to make things better for them, how to grow for them.” This is the company culture as well. Shoreline Media Marketing always keeps an eye on the best technologies that are available in the market and provides its clients with unprecedented deals.

This aspect is advantageous for its employees in two ways. Latest technologies mean people in the company are getting to work in an ambiance that is better for their portfolio. They get more opportunities to hone their skills and it is good for their growth. Besides, when a company offers cutting-edge technologies, it becomes a thriving zone for other companies, which creates scope for work in diverse fields. This is crucial to build expertise in a zone of interest and increase experience.

Futuristic Methods

After the client onboarding, a lot of companies go for a solution straightaway without giving a thought to long-time consequences. Such a step sometimes yields favorable results in terms of time-to-market but they often create unnecessary reinventing of wheels. And when it happens, it is a loss of manpower, time, and money.

To avoid such a scenario, the company delves deep into the problems their clients face. It is an attempt to reap insights from the market and the industry to get the solutions first-time-right. Such methods are always good for employees who do not wish to lose their motivations in iterations. The process involves editing and re-organizing strategies and then testing them. This testing part includes involvement from the clients as well. The entire process may sound time-consuming but it is effective when it comes to getting results.

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Work Culture

Shoreline Media is always focused on growing and for that, it equips itself accordingly. It always tries to adapt to changing scenarios. As a part of this expansion, the company increases its building space every 2 years to accommodate changes and new requirements. Since its inception, the company has grown from a space of 300 sq. ft. to 6000 sq. ft. campus-type environment.

The company not just thinks about how to train their employees to deliver the best but also about how they can clear their heads to come up with new perspectives and ideas. That is why it offers offices to each of them and lounges wherein they can have a relaxing time to come up refreshed. The company has a very close-knit team and it values the contributions each one brings to the table.

The COVID-19 Crisis

Like a lot of companies across the globe, the time was tough for Shoreline Media as well. They had to come up with new strategies to keep their clients on top of their game. Subsequently, they decided to spread info and content related to it to ensure their clients stay abreast of the situation. To do that effectively, they decided to go digital as it is one of the mediums that has a substantial reach.

To explore its fullest potential, Shoreline helped its clients stay up to date with the market proceedings using various data solutions. For each client, the company developed one customized strategy and its employees helped streamlining the process. Shoreline already has garnered a reputation for being a company that serves its clients well. It has clients who are with the company for 8+ years.

When employees get to hone their skills, it is not just they who benefit but the company as well as it provides the practical scenarios where they can execute their plans. Shoreline’s plans are in line with it in many ways. The client diversity it offers, the challenging plots it has on the plate, the campus it has with leading technologies, the perks it provides to keep the people ready for the next round of the bout, the training it plans to ensure a cumulative impact on the growth of the company and its members. When one considers all these points, any offer of working with the brand becomes alluring.

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