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Rainstar Capital Group – A One Stop Solution

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Running a business in itself is a time-consuming process. It takes a lot of brainstorming sessions, going back to the drawing board, browsing the market, getting updates on trends, and so on to get one step closer to the desired result. Hence, it is ideal to opt for choices that would surely save some time.

In the financial sector, saving time in execution means more time to think. It helps the borrower in thinking and weighing his options before making a decision. Kurt Nederveld, the CEO of Rainstar Capital Group and an eminent name in the market, was quick to realize this as an opportunity. And its perfect outcome was the birth of Rainstar Capital Group in 2014.

Since then, the company has emerged as a one-stop lending platform for commercial real estate, business, and equipment. Over the years, Rainstar has joined hands with 250+ registered lenders and become a leading growth debt advisory firm, wherein they assist clients in expanding commercial real estate portfolios and increasing business by getting access to debt capital to grow companies and commercial real estate investors portfolios.

The Journey

After Kurt identified the scope, the core team spent hours, which only got intensified after Rainstar Capital Group came into being. The beginning saw efforts through “early mornings, late nights, nonstop travel, speaking events, capital markets conferences,” and all these were part of the idea of creating relationships with clients, lenders and referral partners that would last long.

Today, Rainstar is one of the premier companies in the market. It has diversified lending platforms, streamlined processes, working capital blueprints, released over 700 educational webinar videos on the internet, and a magazine called “Rainstar Capital Group’s Ultimate Lending Guide.”

Moreover, it has created a leading lending platform that provides holistic support to clients. In their endeavor to understand how they can provide their clients with a positive outcome, they walk the extra mile to comprehend the background and “transaction they are looking to complete.”

The Future 

Under the leadership of Kurt Nederveld, all the divisions, including HR, sales, marketing, accounting etc. are running smoothly. Backed by his vision and experience, Kurt has spearheaded the company towards massive success.

Rainstar Capital Group offerings include educational content, videos, webinars, branding, and social media presence, which gives them an edge over their peers. In the future, the company wishes to grow its client base and reach a loan volume of up to $1bn per year. This plan focuses on growing existing client’s commercial real estate portfolio sizes and businesses revenue by accessing debt products.

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