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Nevsah Fidan Karamehmet: Bringing a Revolution in Breathing

Nevsah Fidan Karamehmet Exeleon

It is said that one tends to learn how to master themselves by getting out of their own way. Stripping away the inner voice that holds us back and accepting the parts that make us who we truly are.

However, self-mastery is not limited to only self-acceptance, rather it’s a commitment to lifetime of improvement; it’s a process of becoming.

Nevsah Fidan Karamehmet is an example of a visionary leader who has dedicated herself to help women across the globe find their path to self-mastery.

Moreover, Nevsah is a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor, best-selling author, and breathing coach. She is the Founder and CEO of Nevsah Institute and Breath Hub.

Her innate understanding of human behavior and self-mastery has enabled her to transform the lives of thousands of people. Fittingly, Nevsah features as the Cover of our Visionary Women Entrepreneurs issue. Herein, we look into the journey of Nevsah, her ideas related to self-mastery, and her vision for a breathwork revolution.

Understanding Human

Right from an early age Nevsah has been fascinated by the human mind. Since the age of 10, she has been reading countless books on human behavior and psychology. She explains, “I basically wanted to know more about humans, like why we do what we do and what motivates us or what triggers us and why.”

As a kid, being a leader was almost inherent to her. She remembers finding and creating new games in her pre-school years and leading her friends. Moreover, she was actively involved with different art forms like ballet, piano, poetry, drama club, and was frequently seen participating in her school activities.

Perhaps it was this inherent desire to lead and feed her curiosity that introduced her to the possibilities of breathing. She recalls, “The first time I tried a breathing exercise, it felt like I found all the answers I have been searching for.”

A huge advocate for healthy breathing habits, Nevsah realized that changing how we breathe, effectively changes the way we feel, think, and act. She discovered that healthy breathing habits lead to healthy thoughts as well as relationships, whereas unhealthy breathing habits lead to emotional turmoil and trigger negative thoughts.

For Nevsah, her brain works like that of a scientist – it longs to question everything and not jump to any conclusive beliefs. Being aware of the benefits of breathing from a young age elevated the potential of Nevsah as a leader and eventually as an entrepreneur.

This awareness about breathing facilitated a unique journey for Nevsah. She began training, researching, and reading over 100s of books on respiratory science, became a teacher, joined the Breathing Sciences Faculty, founded the Breath Coaching Federation, and even went on to legalize the job role of breath coaching in Turkey and beyond.

The Breathwork Revolution

For the last 20 years, Nevsah has dedicated her life researching, teaching, and speaking on breathing sciences. “I have been privileged to have over 40,000 people in my seminars, retreats, talks, workshops.”

But for Nevsah that number is still less compared to the number of people who are genuinely suffering due to breathing related issues.

She mentions, “I want to see hundreds of millions of people analyze their breathing habits, go on customized journeys, and change their dysfunctional breathing habits, that is sitting at the root of many of their problems.” However, she knew it wouldn’t be possible to make this transformation with her lifestyle business.

With Nevsah Institute, she has been able to invest in some of the most amazing projects, build wealth and social influence, live a high standard life, and so on. But she adds, “I can have all the wealth in the world but what would it mean if I hadn’t been able to share this miraculous tool (breathing) and let the whole world know about it.”

To address this, Nevsah founded Breath Hub. Through Breath Hub, Nevsah intends on being part of a global revolution – The Breathwork Revolution.

According to her, it is imperative for us to work on our breathing habits and take a step towards a better life. “Humans living in the 21st century deserve to reach sustainable health and wellbeing. It is time to level up. And I am certain Breath Hub will be one of the major platforms they will be able to do that.”

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Nevsah Fidan Karamehmet Breath Hub

What is Breath Hub?

Breath Hub is the World’s Largest Breathwork Community with a fast growing, guided breathwork app. The app enables one to easily practice breath work from anywhere and anytime at affordable pricing.

In just a short span, the company has created an amazing community and the users are equally motivated to help build the Breath Hub platform. The platform schedules regular meetings and surveys with its users, tracks data, and provides custom solutions.

Nevsah mentions, “We can create unlimited content, innovate in endless ways, and find solutions to any breathing related problem. We can be The Platform people go to for preventive health. That is our goal.”

Moreover, the Breath Analysis system on Breath Hub makes it stand out as one of the premier platforms for breathwork. The platform is a result of over 20 years of research, data, and insights from over 40,000 people. “We can understand exactly how people are breathing by asking them some questions that are backed by our behavioral sciences algorithm and lead them into fully customized journeys.”

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Breathe Better, Live Better

Nevsah emphasizes that we are unable to comprehend the impact and influence breath has in our lives. She goes on to mention, “We take our first breath, come to life, we breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, out, again and again and again, TO STAY ALIVE, and we give our last breath and die.”

She continues, “Life in its simplest form equals the number of breaths we took in and out. And not everybody is breathing the same. Some people have serious breathing issues they are not even aware of.”

As per one research, 80% of the global population are using only 30% of their full breathing capacity. In order for one to attain a healthy mindset, let along self-mastery, it’s essential for one to breathe properly.

Breath is the gasoline to our body. If it’s not enough, we do not have enough energy to function. She passionately points out, “Most people don’t even have the energy to continue their daily activities. And I am not even talking about the fact that all of our cells rejuvenate themselves with breath. If you are not using your full breath capacity, your cells will die faster, and you will get old faster. Your immune system will crash, your organs won’t have the food and energy they need to function properly, and people do die if they cannot breathe.”

Although breathwork hasn’t yet been part of medical sciences, Nevsah believes that in the long run the situation will change. In fact, she is committed to do everything in her power to bring the Breathwork Revolution in front of the public. “It will sooner or later happen.”

Acceptance and Reliance

Nevsah claims that for a woman to be powerful, it essentially boils down to two factors – self-acceptance and self-reliance. “I think a woman reaches her true power, only when she is fully independent and when she fully accepts and embraces herself.”

Considering we all have our own unique gifts, abilities, knowledge, and experience, acceptance is a key factor for one to attain success in life. Nevsah explains that we can only fully express ourselves, our gifts, uniqueness, and leadership qualities, when we are fully ourselves.

“Judging ourselves and trying to change does not work and I see those habits in many women nowadays. Trying to change and get better disconnects us from ourselves and our power.”

In her journey helping over 30,000 women in the path to self-mastery, Nevsah has seen her students create global, multi-million-dollar businesses, powerful families, social impact, and more. She believes that this is a result of them fully accepting themselves.

Nevsah Fidan Karamehmet Breath Hub

Moving Forward

Nevsah notes that users use the Breath Hub platform multiple times a day, for multiple reasons – from healing headaches to boosting their energy or speeding up their metabolism. “We would like to stay that way and find new ways to support them reach sustainable health and wellbeing.”

Talking about the future, Nevsah is excited about their fundraiser as the company moves into the growth stage. Furthermore, the company is also working on Phase 2 of Breath Analysis, new sessions, challenges, and journeys on the app and also some events.

She concludes saying, “We are excited about growing X5 in the next couple of months, going to series A in 2024 and reaching $100M ARR by 2027 and IPO.” 

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