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Murshidah Said: Empowering Leaders, Creating Communities

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It is believed that our unique talent and gift leads us to our purpose. However, it is merely a part of the whole truth. Another significant part of this ‘purpose’ is that it grows when we connect to individuals. Maybe that’s why in any crisis, when we are struggling with ourselves and our purpose, we often choose the path of isolation. And when we bounce back on our destined path, we find others traveling beside us, on the same way reaching for the same destination — taking our collective passion to a whole new level, towards a healthy community.

Murshidah Said, Founder of the LOVE & RESPECT Transformation Centre, is one such transformational leader who strives to drive purpose among individuals and world leaders to add value to their businesses, by creating a chain of positive reactions in communities. Being an entrepreneur, corporate trainer, life coach, and keynote speaker for over a decade, Murshidah Said is transforming corporate leaders’ and individuals’ lives by guiding them and creating ripples of positive change in organizations.

Finding the ‘WHY?’

Murshidah works closely with people on an individual level to understand their mindsets, ‘WHY’ — as in their purpose — to help them in their course of life.  It is something she learned the hard way back in 2006. At the time, her husband lost his job and was not paid for the work. The situation was so severe that Murshidah was on the verge of being homeless with only $0.50 in her pocket. Not to mention, she was also taking care of her six-month-old daughter.

Her daughter thus became her ‘WHY’ factor in helping her find purpose. Making the best of available resources at hand, Murshidah stepped into her superpower and surpassed the challenging times in the fastest manner possible. In less than two weeks, Murshidah was carrying $5000 in her pocket. She realized she had all the resources; she just didn’t use them effectively.

The moment was nothing short of a eureka for her, which became the foundation bricks of her training business, transforming people’s lives for 14 years. Searching for the ‘WHY’ factor drove her to reach out to struggling people who required the much-needed breakthrough in their business and leading their communities. Soon, Murshidah found herself managing a coaching and mentoring platform wherein she helped business owners, startups, and professionals who want to grow their business and incomes, all the while doing good and creating a social impact.

Besides finding the purpose, helping people out of uncomfortable situations and witnessing a transformation also drives Murshidah. Instilling confidence, creating changes in their lives, releasing old negative beliefs, habits, behaviors, and uplifting their communities to success lifts spirit and brings peace to her.

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Up Close, Professional, and Personal

To find out the ‘WHY’ factor in her clients, Murshidah Said never opts for any shortcuts. Beforehand, she clarifies to the clients that she can best serve them by getting to know them professionally and personally. She believes that only by understanding the personal life and the clients’ mindset that she can meet them where they are in their business and personal life and help them.

With the said approach, she pinpoints why they are stuck in a situation or are facing challenges in growing personally and professionally. At first, she works on releasing the mental and emotional blocks of a client through private sessions and later with monthly forgiveness sessions. Additionally, business owners and individuals get to be a part of a community with like-minded individuals who accomplish great things and form a network with each other. The close, tight-knit community results have led to partnerships across sustainability initiatives and the growth of international business opportunities for those who were stuck state or community-wise.

Murshidah believes that when she empowers leaders, when she finds great qualities in them, backed by a strong purpose, she creates a big impact in the community.  She asserts, “When I coach people to be the leader they are meant to be, that is when they start to transform not only in their personal and business lives, they also transform their communities. I believe businesses can make the world a much better place when the profits have a purpose of doing good for the people, planet and the economy. When positive transformational leaders come out of these communities too, they create positive changes in their circles.”

Giving Back to the Community

Murshidah’s humanitarian efforts started as a weekend family activity a decade ago. She also wanted to educate her daughter to be grateful and kind to those less fortunate. So alongside her daughter, she started visiting orphanages, either contributing money and toys or volunteering time to feed orphan babies or play with the toddlers. Later, the activity extended to feeding the homeless and starting a humanitarian project. Soon, others were also keen to join Murshidah and her family in these activities.

However, upon observing, Murshidah Said realized that her efforts are going in vain, and people are still poor, homeless, or waiting for handouts. Perceiving the situation, she shifted her efforts towards educating and training them on overcoming the challenges. Success touched upon her feet when she found a breakthrough within the refugee, homeless, small business owners, and low-income single mothers’ community.

These people she led later became leaders, defining the life of others for a better community. Instances of such include a refugee who went on to become a TedX speaker and a single refugee mother who commenced her own humanitarian work for the community and beauty business.

In essence, for Murshidah, giving back to the community is not about helping members financially or handing out food and things. She raises them as leaders and supports them in realizing their true purpose and administering their communities.

The Art of Balancing Professional and Personal Life

Guiding us with her sharp analytical mind, Murshidah reveals that the secret around balancing personal and professional life is setting the priorities right, understanding boundaries, and the utmost urgent work we must focus on in daily life.

As an entrepreneur, Murshidah Said knows that she cannot create an empire herself. Hence, she would have to rely on like-minded people that complements her purpose and her vision. She dedicates her attention to her life, family, business, and beneficiaries. And when confronted with situations incompatible with her strengths, she makes sure to support the people handling the work and focus on what she’s good at.

Murshidah’s advice for young and aspiring women entrepreneurs also remains the same. She says that the entrepreneurial journey will bring all sorts of shiny objects to get distracted by. However, you must stay true to the purpose of your personal and entrepreneur journey. “Your ‘WHY’ will keep you resilient and make you go through any obstacles or challenges. Also, don’t forget to make a place in a high vibe community of other women entrepreneurs who can support you and get a coach who can guide you through the journey.”

LOVE & RESPECT for Future

Murshidah Said is stepping into the future with a vision; a vision to have more communities around the world that practices LOVE & RESPECT in their cultures, business practices, and organizations. She is also quite confident that she will create and raise more leaders who will do good for the environment, human capital, and the community through their businesses.

She concludes saying, “All this can happen when the leadership is based on LOVE & RESPECT and the goal is to make the world better through having conscious businesses which also takes care of the environment, eliminating poverty and elevating human capital.”

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