Exeleon Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can feature in Exeleon Magazine if you are a leader. entrepreneur or associated with any business.

You can reach out to us about wanting to feature in the magazine. You can mail directly to daryl@exeleonmagazine.com

There is no cost involved to feature in our magazine, however, you can avail media benefits and extra coverage with a sponsorship cost.

Because we are one of the leading global platforms for business leaders to showcase their story. Moreover, our magazine design and quality stands out from our competition.

In a sponsored feature, you receive extra visibility, media collaterals, print copy benefits, advertisements, PR and media placements, social campaigns, and other promotional benefits.

We recommend sponsored feature as you are able to make the most out of your feature and reach out to more people.

Definitely. However, Cover Features are the most in-demand and are booked months ahead. Contact us to book your Cover Slot in Exeleon Magazine.

Yes, our contact number is +1 302-569-9387 or you can set up an appointment by clicking this link.