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Laura Xiao

Redefining Organic Beauty with Scandinavian Elegance

Laura Xiao Henne Organics Interview on Exeleon Magazine

Laura Xiao: Redefining Organic Beauty with Scandinavian Elegance

Laura Xiao is a visionary entrepreneur and the Founder of Henné Organics, a luxury organic lip care brand that seamlessly blends the purity of natural ingredients with the elegance of Scandinavian design.

As the founder of Henné Organics, Laura Xiao has carved a unique niche for herself in the competitive beauty industry, championing sustainability, ethical practices, and natural ingredients.

Fittingly, Laura Xiao features on the Cover of Exeleon Magazine’s Most Innovative Women to Follow in Beauty and Cosmetics.

Early Life and Athletic Beginnings

Laura Xiao’s story begins in China before moving to the United States at a young age.

Growing up, Laura was deeply influenced by her father, who instilled in her a love for table tennis. She excelled in the sport, playing professionally and representing the US on the national cadet and junior teams. Her experiences as an athlete taught her valuable lessons in discipline, accountability, and the importance of embracing both victories and losses with grace.

Despite her success in table tennis, Laura knew that the sport was not her ultimate career path. The limited opportunities for professional table tennis players in the United States, coupled with her desire for a broader impact, led her to explore new avenues.

The Start of Henné Organics

The inception of Henné Organics is a story that intertwines love, passion, and a profound appreciation for nature and design. It all began in the summer of 2005, when a chance encounter at a sports competition in Florida led Laura to meet a ‘charming Swede’ who would later become a significant part of her life. This unexpected meeting quickly blossomed into a deep connection, and a few years later, Laura found herself relocating to Sweden.

Adapting to the harsh Swedish winters was a challenge, but the breathtaking springs and summers captivated her. The beautiful landscapes and the ease of access to nature transformed her from a city dweller into an avid nature enthusiast. Her longstanding admiration for modern Swedish and Scandinavian design found a new companion in her growing passion for natural and organic beauty—a movement that Sweden had embraced early on.

It was in 2014, when Laura and her husband moved to the Nevada desert, United States, that they both encountered a common problem: very dry and cracked lips due to the arid climate. Despite trying various lip balms, none seemed to work effectively, and their aesthetic appeal left much to be desired.

This predicament, coupled with Laura’s growing restlessness and lack of inspiration in her current work, ignited a spark. The idea of launching her own line of organic products had been a lingering thought since her early 20s, but she had always felt the need to wait for more experience and financial stability.

In 2015, Laura’s passion for Swedish design and organic beauty coalesced into a tangible idea, and eventually, a business venture. The concept was clear: to create a line of organic beauty products that not only performed exceptionally but also exuded the elegance of Scandinavian design. Laura envisioned products that she would proudly display on her bathroom counter or carry as a chic accessory in her luxury handbags—products that defied the stereotype of “eco” products being visually unappealing.

Recalling the challenges of starting Henné Organics, Laura mentions “The overall process was a bit difficult since everything was new to me. I’d never created a physical product before, so I had to learn how to source the packaging, ingredients, get trained and learn how to properly formulate, get certified organic by USDA, etc.”

The brand’s inaugural product, the Luxury Lip Balm, was a direct response to Laura’s personal need for an effective and aesthetically pleasing lip care solution.

Henné Organics was born out of this vision of “true ecoluxury beauty.” The brand is a testament to the belief that organic and natural beauty products can be both highly effective and aesthetically pleasing. It’s about embracing the best of both worlds without compromise.

For Laura, this venture is more than just a business; it’s a family endeavor that holds a special place in her heart. She invites everyone to join her in celebrating the beauty and elegance of Henné products. Together, they can redefine the standards of organic beauty and prove that it can be as luxurious and stylish as it is effective.

Crafting Luxury

At the heart of Henné Organics lies a fusion of organic luxury and Scandinavian design, a reflection of Laura Xiao’s deep-seated passions. The brand embodies a harmonious blend of the purest organic and natural ingredients, many of which are sourced from the Nordic regions, with the sleek, minimalist aesthetic of Swedish design. This unique combination sets Henné Organics apart, offering a touch of elegance and simplicity in the world of beauty.

Henné Organics is more than just a beauty brand; it is a tribute to Laura’s Swedish connections and a celebration of women. The name ‘Henné,’ meaning ‘Her’ in Swedish, underscores the brand’s dedication to empowering and pampering women every day. It’s a reminder that luxury isn’t just reserved for special occasions; it’s something that can be woven into the fabric of everyday life.

Over time, Henné’s philosophy and vision have naturally evolved, but the brand has remained true to its core ethos. In a world where fast fashion and fleeting beauty trends dominate, Henné Organics stands out for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and timeless elegance.

Laura believes that creating a truly remarkable product requires careful thought, time, and attention to detail. This dedication to excellence ensures that each product is not only luxurious but also meaningful and necessary. Henné Organics is not about quantity but about the quality and significance of what it brings to the table.

As Henné Organics continues to grow, it does so with a clear vision and unwavering commitment to its principles. The brand’s journey is a testament to the power of staying true to one’s values while embracing change and growth. It’s a celebration of organic luxury, Scandinavian design, and the everyday moments of pampering that every woman deserves.

Expanding the Brand

Under Laura’s leadership, Henné Organics has expanded its product range to include lips, hands, and facial products. Each product is meticulously crafted to ensure it meets the brand’s high standards of purity and efficacy. Laura’s dedication to sustainability is evident in every aspect of the business, from sourcing ingredients to packaging and shipping.

She mentions, “When you have a Henné product in your hand, you’re truly holding a labor of love. From formulation to branding to production to packing, every Henné product is created with the utmost care and attention, and all of it is done in-house by our small but mighty Henné team in the quaint and nature-filled city of Wilmington, North Carolina.”

For Laura, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. She believes that beauty brands have a responsibility to minimize their environmental impact and contribute positively to society. This philosophy is reflected in Henné Organics’ commitment to using recyclable packaging, supporting fair trade practices, and donating a portion of its profits to charitable causes.

Laura Xiao of Henné Organics

A Visionary Leader in the Beauty Industry

Laura Xiao’s success with Henné Organics is an indication of her entrepreneurial skills and her vision for a more sustainable and ethical beauty industry. She is an advocate for transparency in beauty products, believing that consumers have the right to know what they are applying to their skin.

Laura Xiao’s leadership extends beyond her business. She actively supports environmental and social causes, using her platform to raise awareness and drive change. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, as she has been recognized as a trailblazer in the green beauty space.