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Kevin MacRitchie: Transforming Healthcare at its Core

Kevin MacRitchie of Tactical Rehabilitation in Exeleon Magazine

Armed with over thirty-five years of experience in healthcare, government, and IT, Kevin MacRitchie, Chief Executive Officer of Tactical Rehabilitation Inc., stands as a visionary force propelling change within the industry.

Kevin not only leads the charge in revolutionizing healthcare practices but also champions a commitment to excellence and service that transcends professional boundaries.

Fittingly, Kevin MacRitchie features on the Cover of Exeleon’s Most Influential Business Leaders to Follow in 2024. Herein, we look into his story, his journey, and his ideologies.

A Career of Diverse Impact

Kevin’s career reflects a commitment to making a positive impact across various sectors. His foray into healthcare leadership was driven by a profound belief that the United States Military deserved the highest quality care, services, and products.

Recognizing the historical shortcomings in the services provided to these heroes, Kevin joined Tactical Rehabilitation in pursuit of a simple goal – maximizing the health and healing of the military community.

Kevin’s career has been anything but conventional, with experiences ranging from supporting natural and war-torn disaster response efforts to navigating the intricacies of communications, technology, and medical services. This diverse background positions Kevin uniquely, bringing a holistic perspective to his role as the Chief Executive Officer of Tactical Rehabilitation.

A Vision Born of Frustration

The story of Tactical Rehabilitation begins with its founder, David Marr, driven by a deep frustration with the lack of high-quality healthcare services available to military personnel and their families.

This frustration evolved into a vision for transformative change within healthcare systems dedicated to the heroes defending our nation. David envisioned a company that not only provided top-notch healthcare solutions but also upheld the highest standards of service and care for those who serve the country.

Established in 2013, Tactical Rehabilitation holds a clear mission – to provide top-quality products and unparalleled service to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families.

Under Kevin’s leadership, the company’s commitment to a “Battle-Tested” standard ensures that every product meets high-performance criteria towards complete healing, not merely slowing down the degradation of medical conditions.

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Tactical Experience

In the complex healthcare industry, Tactical Rehabilitation operates with a dual focus – providing the best possible patient experience while minimizing the impact of business processes. Understanding that patients’ time is invaluable, the company strives to streamline business processes, keeping the “Tactical Experience” at the forefront.

Through digital support and streamlined documentation, Tactical Rehabilitation aims to reduce the volume of business processes associated with the highly regulated healthcare industry.

The company’s dedication to patient care is evident in its commitment to making the patient experience seamless and stress-free. By keeping much of the business end behind the scenes, Tactical Rehabilitation ensures that patient care remains the primary focus. The company’s commitment to improving operations demonstrates a proactive approach to providing patients with the highest level of service.

Navigating Challenges

Venturing into the healthcare industry is no small feat, considering the myriad challenges, regulations, policies, and inspections. However, under the leadership of Kevin, Tactical Rehabilitation aimed to rectify the substandard solutions and products offered to military personnel. The company’s approach involved forming partnerships and employing retired military personnel to truly understand the needs and desires for better healthcare and service.

Moreover, the company faced a challenge in adapting to the rapidly evolving healthcare industry and its changing policies. Adapting its business model and operations to meet new policies required a strategic reassessment of its existing strategy. The company navigated these challenges by staying up to date on new policies, regulations, and industry standards, all while delivering high-quality care and services.

The turning point for Tactical Rehabilitation came in the early 2020s when the company experienced significant growth despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Strategic decisions by the Board of Directors and the CEO, including bringing in additional leadership and expertise, positioned the company for accelerated growth. This not only helped the company weather a global crisis but also set the stage for continued success without compromising its commitment to quality care and services.

Acknowledging the challenges in the DME space, the company invests in extensive training and certification for its employees, ensuring that each team member is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for their roles. Stringent product testing and review, both internally and externally, involve collaboration with prescribing physicians to guarantee the highest quality solutions for patients.

To address insurance complexities and the tendency to reduce costs through inferior products, Tactical Rehabilitation has set itself apart. The company focuses entirely on “battle-tested” solutions that promote healing. By constantly improving internal systems and processes, the company maximizes patient care time, minimizing repetitive paperwork and other processes that might hinder the fitting and education of patients.

A Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of Tactical Rehabilitation’s success lies its commitment to delivering high-quality products and services. Kevin MacRitchie emphasizes the company’s “Battle-Tested” standards, ensuring that each product undergoes rigorous testing and meets high-performance criteria. The company specializes in biomechanical, musculo-skeletal, non-pharmaceutical pain relief, and para-somnia solutions, providing doctors and patients with top-notch care.

Tactical Rehabilitation’s success framework revolves around its dedicated team, unified by a common purpose and passion for serving others. The company operates on a predictive mathematical model, identifying areas for improvement in outreach and maintaining a growth rate faster than industry standards. The cohesive team, with a shared commitment to excellence, ensures Tactical Rehabilitation remains a dependable provider for the nation’s heroes.

A Team-First Approach

Tactical Rehabilitation places high value on its team members, recognizing each individual as a valuable member of the organization. The company offers exceptional employee benefits while maintaining a “family business” ethos. The team, many of whom are themselves military personnel or veterans, bring a unique and personal dedication to the mission of providing the highest quality products and services.

Kevin MacRitchie’s journey at Tactical Rehabilitation has been characterized by a commitment to understanding the business model, connecting with employees, and earning their trust.

Reflecting on his role, Kevin expresses the joy of waking up knowing he leads the best team in the market, serving the greatest heroes on a daily basis. The trust he has earned from both the executive team and the employees exemplifies his dedication to fostering an environment where growth, opportunity, and exceptional service flourish. Kevin’s passion for employee development has fostered a culture of learning, accountability, and customer advocacy, resulting in exceptional customer satisfaction rates and a loyal customer base.

As the CEO of the company, Kevin MacRitchie believes in building diverse teams with a range of views and expertise. He promotes open communication and constructive debate to adapt to changing market conditions and meet the long-term needs of the company and its customers. While acknowledging the need for decisive decision-making, Kevin emphasizes using common sense and logic to ensure everyone understands the reasoning behind those decisions.


Looking ahead to the future of healthcare, Kevin MacRitchie acknowledges the significant changes brought about by digitization. Tactical Rehabilitation has embraced this shift, leveraging technology to enhance the patient care experience. By digitizing processes and paperwork, the company has optimized patient/provider interaction, ensuring a superior “Tactical Experience.”

While recognizing the increased demand for virtual appointments, Tactical Rehabilitation remains steadfast in prioritizing the health and welfare of its patients. Kevin emphasizes that as long as healthcare providers keep the patient at the heart of their operations, digitization can bring positive change. The company’s commitment to utilizing technology to improve services aligns with its overarching goal of providing the highest level of care to patients while adapting to the evolving healthcare landscape.

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