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A Conversation with Jonathan Azouri of CatchCorner by Sports Illustrated

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Navigating the dynamic journey of a CEO requires a unique set of qualities for one to lead their companies towards success.

In this exclusive interview with Jonathan Azouri, the Co-Founder of CatchCorner by Sports Illustrated, we explore the key attributes that make a successful CEO and gain valuable insights into the platform’s exceptional growth and unique approach in the market.

In your experience, what are some of the essential qualities a successful CEO should possess?

As a CEO, the entrepreneurship journey is always changing with the challenges and successes of the company. When I think about the essential qualities for this dynamic role, several attributes come to the forefront: leadership, delegation, adaptability, a pragmatic mindset, and above all, very decisive action. Knowing when to stay the course, when to pivot, how to approach tough situations – these are all qualities acquired by experience of being a CEO.

As well, the role of a CEO is to lead by example in creating a positive, supportive environment. This journey can come with many disappointments and growing pains, but remaining on an even keel is vital for the success of the company and the confidence of those around you. In my case, this oftentimes requires reminding myself of the initial vision we had for our company, CatchCorner by Sports Illustrated, by noticing how far we have come and the amazing things in store for the future.

What sets CatchCorner apart from other similar platforms in the market? How does the app provide a unique and valuable experience for users?

CatchCorner by Sports Illustrated is the first of its kind platform for renting sport facility venues. Our aggregate hub has modernized the booking experience and allows users to select from a diverse portfolio of facilities. We offer something for everyone. Together with our partners at Sport Illustrated, our company approach is focused on user experience, product customization and scalability.

As a CEO, what leadership strategies or principles do you attribute to CatchCorner’s success in processing over $20 million in bookings and gaining a significant user base within a relatively short period?

We launched in 2019, and not even five years (and a global pandemic) later, I am in awe of the incredible growth we have witnessed. We first saw success in the Toronto market, we then replicated and refined our formula across other cities in North America, and we now have over 350,000 listings available for rent. Our unwavering focus on quality is what has allowed us to scale. We center our efforts on delivering an exceptional product, partnering exclusively with top-north facilities and collaborating with impactful brands. We are proud to work alongside the most trusted name in sports – Sports Illustrated – to maintain our commitment to the quality of the CatchCorner experience.

Along with your sister and co-founder, Maya Azouri and Ryan Mintz, how do you foster a collaborative and motivated team environment within CatchCorner?

Maya, our third Co-Founder Ryan Mintz, and I take great pride in working with an incredible team of hardworking individuals, each fueled by the same company goal. Our company thrives on collaboration and motivation, cultivated naturally because of carefully selecting to work with like-minded and determined people. By assembling a team of all-stars, the dynamics flow well because the foundation of our interactions is based on trusting each other’s abilities. The part that requires work is ensuring that there are proper communication channels in place between the correct departments, so that each link can uphold the strength of our entire chain.

Looking ahead, what is your vision for CatchCorner? What are you most excited about?

We are incredibly excited to continue to partner with a variety of facilities across North America. Specifically, we just launched in eight new cities and have very exciting upcoming partnerships to launch, both in Canada and the US. We work closely with each of our esteemed affiliate partners and are always ecstatic to witness the massive revenue increase our platform helps with. It is the incredible people behind these awesome local facilities that makes everything we do worthwhile and fulfilling.

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